Morning Light

It is early morning.

I am headed out soon, on my way to catch a flight to New York City.  In fact, I am on my way to see Kate.

I just finished my bowing meditation practice.  Today is the 249th day in a row of doing this and I have my sights set on 300 days. I have made this commitment to myself for self-cultivation, and have so enjoyed the transformation that has taken place.

When I bow, I have a chance to reflect on myself and look inside.  It is a purification process. Upon finishing I feel lighter and more open.

As I wait for my ride to come pick me up, I opened Ilchi Lee’s new book, “Solar Body,” and I was instantly struck by this short explanation of what I experience everyday:

As your consciousness turns inward, your lost sense of balance and self-control will be revived and your power to examine your own thoughts, emotions, and habits will improve. When your communication with yourself deepens in this way and you develop the power to observe and choose, you will have the power to create positive change—not only in your health but in all areas of your life, including relationships and self-development.

This morning in particular I am aware of a deep habit that I have to kind of sabotage myself, to put myself in the dark, to focus on my lack and therefore create failure and lack in my life over and over.  This pattern is slowly coming into awareness as I practice, and I can see how this deep sense lack  – which once began as a fundamental lack of self worth –  has permeated my life since I was old enough to remember.

But now, when I calmly shine the light of my consciousness on this habit, I can recognize that beneath it there is a bright Soul that never stops smiling. There is a sense that “Everything is ok”; a feeling of Absolute Value, which my teacher often speaks of.  I feel a soft joy and love rising up from my heart.

With gratitude, I choose my Light again.


solar body


Note: This book has not yet come into print but I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy for reviewing.  More info on it can be found on under Solar Body: The Secret to Natural Healing 

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