My Seu-Seung Nim

This blog certainly wouldn’t be a complete scrapbook of my heart if I did not properly introduce my teacher.

Sometimes I fumble around for the right words whenever I reference him.  You might hear me call him ‘Ilchi Lee’, or sometimes just ‘my teacher’. When I use a more close-to-my-heart term I like to address him in Korean as “Seu-Seung Nim” which, to my understanding, means spiritual teacher.

It has been an amazing, awe-inspiring, sacred blessing to have met him in this life.  Words can hardly express the meaning of it to me.  It has been a very special meeting – one that I think only a person who has a spiritual teacher in his or her heart could understand.  Perhaps you who are reading are one of those people and understand me!

On a worldly level, he is a truly admirable person who works tirelessly for the betterment of humanity.

On a spiritual level, he has touched me, awakened me, opened me, healed me, brought peace to me, illuminated me, given hope to me, empowered me and enlightened me with his great love,  great wisdom and great light.

From time to time I may share his messages that have sunk deep into my heart or woke up my brain.  I am endlessly grateful to have access to these powerful messages that sometimes feel like vitamins for my Soul.  And I am endlessly grateful for him – for his sincere pursuit of his vision & dream – that have brought so much hope and healing to the lives of thousands of people.  I have been forever inspired.

I am sharing one of his great poems with you today.  It is one of my favorites.

This “Prayer of Peace” was presented by Ilchi Lee at the United Nations ‘Millennium World Peace Summit’ in August 2000, as a vision of peace that transcends religious, racial, and national boundaries. I found it posted at  I hope that you enjoy it with your heart 🙂

Prayer of Peace

I offer this prayer of peace
Not to any one god nor to many gods
Not to the Christian god
Nor to the Jewish god
Nor to the Islamic god
Not even to the indigenous gods of many nations
But to the divinity within us all
That makes us all brothers and sisters
To make us truly One Family
In the name of humanity.

I offer this prayer of peace
To the cosmic Oneness that is our birthright
Our privilege
And our strength
That should we let it shine and show us the way
Will guide us to the road of peace
Not the Christian peace
Not the Jewish peace
Not the Buddhist peace
Not the indigenous peace of many nations
But the human peace
That has a place in the hearts of all people
To allow us to truly fulfill our divine potential
To become children of one humanity.

I offer this prayer of peace
To allow us all to realize
The truth of our existence
To discover
The sanctity of our lives
To seek
The spirituality of our beings
Please allow us to experience
With all our hearts and our souls
The intimate connection to the divine
Which we all possess inside
For our bodies are the temples of worship
And our souls the altars
Upon which we shall stand tall
And live out the true meaning
Of our existence.
I offer this prayer of peace
To declare a revolution
Of the human spirit
I wish to announce that
It is now time
For all of us to spiritually awaken
And become enlightened
That the time for an enlightened few is over
That the age of elitist enlightenment has passed
For how long will you seek for prophets
To come down from mountain tops
And tell us what to do?

We all must become enlightened
To recognize our divinity
To raise our consciousness
And proclaim out independence
From blind reliance on long ago sages
And draw the answers from our own well
Of spiritual wisdom.

We must ourselves become the enlightened ones
We must ourselves realize our Oneness
I declare that we must all become ‘Earth-Humans’
Of the earth
And not of any religion, nation, or race.
But of this earth, for this earth, and by this earth
To create a lasting peace
On earth.

I offer this prayer of peace
For the United Nations
In which we stand today
To lift itself from the quicksand of politics
And live out its distinctly spiritual goal
To eradicate the disease of war
And create and equitable and peaceful world.
Let us hope that the UN finds
The strength and the will
To speak on behalf of all people and the earth
And not just for a few privileged nations
Let us wish upon them the wisdom to become the beacon that we can all follow
To the promised land of love and peace
I pray to thee
God of all gods
Divine spirit that lives within us
And connects us in One Life
That you grant us the vision
To establish a Spiritual UN
That will guide us into the next millennium

I offer this prayer of peace
With all my fellow ‘Earth-Humans’
For a lasting peace on earth.

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