Mind & Body

Your body is like your house.

Your mind is like the owner of your house.

A long time ago, that owner left the house and has been wandering around looking for health, happiness and peace everywhere outside.

However, to find true health, true happiness and true peace, the owner must come back home.  It means, your mind must come back to your body after it’s many many years of wandering around, focusing on what other’s want, say and do, focusing on a myriad of entertainment and external stimulation, friends, lovers, roles & responsibilities.

The mind must come back to the body in order for healing and self-development to happen.

To heal oneself, is to know oneself.  The only way to know oneself is for the mind to come back, and to come inside.

When you come back to your house after such a long period of being gone while the doors and windows were all left open, what do you think your house will look like?

You must begin a process of cleaning from that time.  There have been so many unwanted creatures and critters, bugs, dirt and cobwebs inhabiting that house since you have been gone. They have come to believe that they are the owners of your house.  That’s why we lost the ability to control our minds and to control our bodies as we intend.

We need to recover ownership.

The cleaning process is not always easy but it’s much needed.

Everyone accepts that we have to clean our skin and hair in the shower everyday, but few people realize how important it is to clean the inside of your house as well.

Through cleaning, your mind can return comfortably to your body and enjoy being there. This is being present.

I have been practicing this process for years and years.  Because, at some moment 15 years ago I became so sick and tired of being ruled by the bugs and dirt in my house.  So I made a commitment to this process of cleaning – to this process of inner growth.  It is certainly not easy but it has been amazingly rewarding.

I teach this to my students nowadays in our advanced Self-Mastery class.  I love to watch them going through the process.  At some moment, they begin to feel how they can change themselves, their lives and even their moments to be more of the way they truly want them to be.  This is the beginning of becoming the creator.

I believe we all want to be creators of our lives.  We are creation itself so of course we are most happy when we are creating too. However, so many times we are creating unconsciously, blocking ourselves from conscious creation because we don’t know how to manage our own minds. And we don’t know how to truly love and own this process, recognizing our lives as great gifts for the unfolding of it.

That’s why it is a very happy thing for me to watch my students as they begin to practice – as they begin to realize, to choose and to create.

I hope that all people can recover their innate power.  It begins with the mind coming back to the body.

….Where is your mind??? ….

14 Thoughts.

  1. Would love to learn what this process actually entails. Do you have to be an advanced student to learn it? Managing my mind sounds puzzling. Can’t control what thoughts come, but maybe how I respond to them or give/not give them credence or power over me. Whether I mentally grab on or let them pass like boats down a river.
    Looking forward to class in June. Charlene

    • Hi Charlene!

      The details of the process are easier to follow the more advanced you get in the practice. However, it’s important to start at the basics, and those can be done at any level.

      First step: To bring your mind back to your body, you have to stimulate your body. Let me recommend my videos on body tapping, dahn jon tapping and vibration exercises. The first step is the most important. we have to come back to our bodies and feel our bodies continuously and more and more deeply if we want to use our bodies as great tools to manage our minds 🙂

      Yes, I’m looking forward to it as well!

  2. At times this process can get tedious for me … but through learning the hardway I realized like brushing your teeth this is an EVERYDAY practice for me… I have just one of those brains :).

    • I’m so happy to hear about that realization, Jesse 🙂 Yes, you are right. It’s a constant practice. And whenever you feel bored, that’s a good signal that it’s time to go deeper! As far as the class goes ~ haha I would love to have you there 🙂 I will contact you directly about it…. Thank you for your interest! Love to you ~~~!

    • I’m sorry to hear that Taya. I know that the mind can be a difficult thing to manage and times and feelings can be very confusing. I hope that you feel better soon ~

      • I’ve mentioned regression before and I know that is what is going on. I don’t like it because it makes me feel when I’m going through it like I’ve taken about 50 steps back. The mental confusion part of regression always throws me for a loop. I always know when it’s going to happen though. I know the sign.

        • When you feel regression try to pay extra focus on your breathing and try to hold onto the present moment. This time will also pass and new and better feelings are coming again in the future. Practice trusting the flow of the Universe.

          • I’m scared… This isn’t me. I don’t know what to do. I can’t control the aura that occurs right before a regression, nor can I control the regression itself. I have to let it run its course however long it is. I’m surprised I can even describe this happening. I’m sorry if I’m bringing the post thread down.

          • You’re not bringing it down, Taya 🙂 This is life. It goes up and down. I understand and I’m sorry for your struggle at this time. Try to breathe through your fear ~

  3. Dear Taya,

    You are NOT alone. And defenitely not a downer. You asked for help, well done!
    I think it’s very good that you can put into words what your feelings are and what happens. How small the steps feel that you are taking, you are still taking them.

    You ARE good enough.

    And indeed, just as Danielle says: BREATH.

    Wishing you love and strenght to get though this.

    *big hug*


  4. It’s so hard. I never know how long it will last when it hits. Regressions can last days, weeks or months long in a worst case scenario. Each person with it is different. And I never know how I will be left when it does go away…..

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