Sedona Mago Garden!

I just returned from Mago Garden, located in a valley of red rock in Sedona, Arizona.

I consider this place to be the earthly home of my Soul.

In 2001 I did an intensive six month Healer School course where I went back and forth to Mago Garden three or four times.  Each time more powerful and healing than the next.  One very memorable experience  during this time was when we practiced “water healing.”  The goal was to hold up a glass of water in front of our eyes, about shoulder height, and keep holding it for one hour.  We were directed to choose a person in our minds for whom we were making this healing water and we were to pray for them for the entire hour.  As soon as the Master Trainer said “Now choose your person” I knew instantly that it was my mother.  I knew it as if I had always known it, as though there were no-one on the planet who I wanted to heal more than her.  At that moment I realized that I had spent an entire lifetime wanting to heal my mother from her emotional agony, and it had led me to that very moment where I was sitting,  becoming a healer.  Warm and soft tears streamed down my cheeks as my brain literally changed.  It was if a thought process re-routed itself in my synapses.  That thought process which had previously said “My mother is mentally ill –> so I feel sad –> so my life is difficult,” had at that moment transformed into “My mother is mentally ill –> so I always wanted to help her –> and because of this I could wake up the healer inside of me and live for creating a better world –> I am so grateful.”  It was a profoundly beautiful and healing shift.  One which changed my mind completely from there on out.

Another time I stayed up late to walk under the stars.  It was a cold night and the sky was so clear.  I decided to stop in a spot looking out at Secret Mountain.  I stood there in the cold, bouncing my knees up and down, doing vibration exercise.  On that particular night, this was my way of praying to the Heaven and Earth.  I just kept bouncing and looking out at the mountain and suddenly it was as if I disappeared.  “Oh!” I thought “I am not me, I am the mountain itself!” but as I kept bouncing my feeling changed and I thought again,”No, I’m just the space in between.”  It was an amazing moment to feel myself as this vast pure space, knowing that this is what I really am –  pure cosmic energy.

Healer School was such a beautiful time of transformation. When the six month program was over, as I drove slowly down the very long, very bumpy and windy Bill Gray Road, I felt as if Mago Garden were my womb and I was travelling down the birth canal, being born as a healer into the world.

Since then, I have visited Mago Garden often – usually several times a year if I can.  Whenever I return there, I am refreshed and renewed, returning to my womb to be fed and nurtured again with the amazing healing energy that this stunning land provides.

Even better than that, I am able to now return as a trainer myself, which gives me the opportunity to share my love and put into action all of the many awakenings I have discovered along the way of my path.

This weekend was a wonderful opportunity to gather together with 30 like-minded Souls who touched my heart very deeply.  This group was the HEROES – people from the ages of 20- 40 years old who want to grow and develop themselves and contribute to the raising of Earth’s consciousness. We danced, we sang, we laughed and cried, we squeezed and stretched and breathed and jogged around in the desert rain – discovering ourselves through becoming One with myself, One with my partner, One with the Earth and One with the entire Universe.  It was truly a happy time for me.

I hope to write more about Sedona, since it has been such an important and influential part of my journey.  For now I’ll finish here with Ilchi Lee’s poem from “The Call of Sedona”:


Sedona Message

Whatever the path that brought you here

There is a reason why you came,

Though you may not realize it now.

Therefore, please open your ears.

Listen to the message that Sedona has for you.

The old juniper standing tall in the golden sunset

just might tell you the reason.


Whatever fork in the road of life you stand at now

There is a question in your heart,

Though you may not realize it now.

Therefore, please open your ears.

Listen to the message that Sedona has for you.

The red rock that resembles the face of a Native American

just might help you remember that question.


Whatever the question growing in your heart

You can find the answer to that question within yourself,

Though you may not realize it now.

So, please open your ears.

Listen to the message that Sedona has for you.

The rushing water of Oak Creek, shimmering under a full moon,

just might give you the answer.

When the long howl of a coyote weaves its way

through a night sky brimming with stars

When the afternoon monsoon shakes Thunder Mountain with thunder and lightning

There is a message from Sedona that calls to you with a roar far greater.


There is a world all living creatures have dreamed of together ever since the earth came to be.

There is a world dreamed of by Mago, Mother Earth,

and human beings, the heavens and the earth, the mountains and the sea.

The old juniper tree, the red rocks, and the rushing water of Oak Creek share a dream.

Oh, friend who has come to Sedona, take this dream with you.


This dream is the reason why you have come to this place,

and it just might be your question

and your answer.

This dream just might awaken the greatest things

within you.

A new heaven, a new earth, a new people, and a new life path,

A world of peace in which all life is harmonious

in a sacred heaven and an abundant earth.

Though you may not realize it now,

you are a being that has come to the earth

to turn this dream into a reality.


pic of sedonaSedona Mago Garden

2 Thoughts.

  1. Hi danielle I originally thought to reserve my thoughts for the entirety of this blog to form one thought but seeing what you had written about: (my mother has a mental illness you can wake up the healer inside of you and make the world a better place ). You have taken something destructive and turned it into something positive but how have you released your own pain. I may just not be looking at this statement in the correct way but isnt this just a transfer a distraction instead of solving your own feelings?

    • Hi Sarah! Welcome to Healingtree 🙂 I am happy to meet you here! So, to answer your question – I am not a fan at all of just distracting oneself with positivity to avoid pain. In fact, I have many times moved slowly and reluctantly toward the light because I don’t want to fool myself or lie to myself in that way. I also I see a small danger/downside in affirmation work because of that very point. Instead, I think it’s better to just look at the issue, head on. Face it completely. And then, when you are no longer fearing it or fighting it, when you fully accept it (which happens when you look directly at it), then it transforms. It melts away, it shifts, opens up, new perspectives appear and the sun behind the clouds emerges. I have repeated this over a million times in my life so far with each and everything thing that I have ever struggled with – from the greatest pain to the smallest daily issue. I am still actively in the process. I share and teach the discoveries and awakenings that I have made along the way. I hope this answers your question 🙂

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