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There is a passage from the Author’s Introduction in Ilchi Lee’s new book, The Solar Body, The Secret to Natural Healing, that I really want to share with you.  It’s quite long, but it really strikes a chord in my heart. It says it all so perfectly. So, here it goes:

‘The Great Life Force Within

We are learning new things everyday as we live in a world where we can obtain information more quickly and easily than ever before. The medial arts are gradually developing, and the number of hospitals, doctors, and medicines is increasing.  Yet around us, more and more people are sick. Our possessions and knowledge are growing, but we’re losing our connection with the great life force that dwells in all things.  This life force is the power that makes sage into sage, the power that makes human beings human, and the power that enables each and every one of us to realize our own value and become who we are truly meant to be.

Losing our connection with this power means losing our connection with ourselves. And as this has happened, we’ve gradually lost our healthy life rhythm and self-control. We’ve come to depend on hospitals and medicine for everything instead of respecting and relying on the natural healing power within us, and working to maintain and recover our own health.

This tendency extends beyond us as individuals to society and the earth as a whole. As our relationship with the life force connecting all things has weakened, our relationship with other people has become superficial.  We’ve come to the point of competing and fighting rather than helping and protecting each other. This goes for our relationship with nature, too. Our natural environment is being destroyed ruthlessly because we’ve lost much of our ability to sympathize with other life-forms and with earth itself – the foundation of our lives.

What we can be thankful for is that this life force itself continues to exist perfectly, despite the fact that our connection to it has weakened. Our bodies have a system for providing support, enabling life to maintain itself in optimum condition and to perfectly express its values.  If we just avoid getting in the way, good health manifests itself as an obvious and natural phenomenon. A body that has lost balance wants to return to good health, because health is the most natural state of life.

Restoring our connection to the great life force and recovering our natural healing ability doesn’t mean simply becoming physically healthier.   It means restoring our purest and most natural essence.   In the most fundamental sense, it means recovering the true, original nature of humanity.  When we are reconnected with the absolute power that brings balance and harmony to all things, we find that our own sense of harmony has been revived within us.

I believe the key to solving everything from individual problems to the global environmental crisis or political and religious conflicts is to be found in restoring this link with the great life force.  By recovering our natural healing ability and the goodness of human nature, we can create a truly peaceful, sustainable world.  And I don’t believe that these are things that social institutions or prestigious experts can do for us: they must happen within each and every one of us.’ – Ilchi Lee


I feel so inspired by this cause.  I want to help all of us reconnect with this life force inside.  These days I am very much enjoying to meet so many new people who comment here and post at my facebook page – people from all over the country and the world.  I have imagined for so long people all over this planet connecting with each other and turning on the lights inside of each other, returning hope to humanity.  The only way to truly do that is to develop ourselves into our potential selves, to cultivate our shining human character.  Or, to simply return to who we truly are.

So, I started thinking about offering some kind of solar body online class where I could teach and share some of these energy principles and practices of breathing, exercises, meditation, self-awareness and self-development.  If you are reading this and might be interested in partaking in such a class, please reach out and respond to me by commenting here or messaging me online.

I feel a fire rising up inside – a desire to put all of our small lights together and make a bigger light.  That fire inside helps me to maintain my own solar body 🙂  And it makes my heart smile.  I look forward to hearing from you.



The Solar Body Book is now easily available at 

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  1. Danielle, I am definitely interested in joining such a class if you were to offer it. By the way, since I am in Canada, I was curious to see if Ilchi Lee’s books were available at Chapters/Indigo and all of them are, including this one which others can also preorder. 🙂

    • That’s great Taya! Thanks so much for your fast response 🙂 I’m going to see how the other responses go and the best way to host a class, so I will be in touch with you as soon as I pull it together. In the meantime, yes I recommend pre-ordering the book. Actually, if you haven’t ordered it yet and you can do it through that will be great because then I can track it. The only cost for my initial class will be the ordering of the book so it will be helpful if I can track it. Or, are you saying that it’s not possible to get onto this site because you are in Canada? What exactly is Chapters/Indigo – is that a bookstore?

  2. Yes it is a bookstore, well bookstore chain actually, with stores such as Chapters, Indigo and Coles under the Chapters/Indigo chain name. It’s the Canadian equivalent of Barnes & Noble. I don’t use a credit card so it’s hard for me to order internationally. I have a limited income being on a disability pension.

    • Thank you for asking Taya. Yes, I plan to walk you through some steps, tools and principles that can help you to better manage your mind/emotions using your body/breathing etc. Depending on how many people are there I can give more or less individual attention to your individual needs. I will help you to understand and experience ki energy which is a powerful healing tool for body and mind. I believe it will give you new perspectives and new tools for the work you have been doing on yourself. I have not decided yet exactly how many sessions I will offer and am in the midst of figuring out what modality is going to be the best online meeting place for us. I hope that I have answered your question and please let me know if you have more ~

  3. I might be interested in your class. Left you a message on Facebook but perhaps It didn’t go through. Charlene

    • Hi Charlene ~ no I didn’t get it. Please feel free to try to message me there again if you’d like to talk about it further. I’d love to meet you there 🙂

  4. The issue is facebook says a message has been sent successfully but there’s no way to know for sure until the intended recipient is able to see it. I sent a message as well first of all to see if it would go through and also as I don’t want to flood your blog.

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