Your Perfect Refuge

This message is for my online group who is taking the Solar Body class with me.  I found it in Ilchi Lee’s Calligraphic Messages book and thought of you.  Enjoy your home work this week!


Your Perfect Refuge

Set your body down comfortably. As you control your breathing, let your mind watch your body. tell yourself, it’s all right.  Then your soul will become more comfortable, and your body will gain new comfort and strength along with it.

You can obtain genuine strength and rest within yourself.  Your body is your refuge and your energy generator.

Your perfect refuge is inside your body.

WHen you’re shaken and confused, go into your body.

If you relax your body, control your breathing, and tell yourself , It’s all right, with those words your soul will gain strength.

You cannot find true rest outside yourself, no matter how far you may drag your body.

Our souls gain greater strength from comforting ourselves than from being supported by others.


Oh, and I just found one more……

Even with Sunspots, the Sun Shines

Although we all have dark spots, we are all, at the same time, the sun. Though it has sunspots, the sun shines its light on the universe. We have many human weaknesses, but our divine nature shines like the sun despite all those things. We can love and practice Hongik (widely-benefitting all) through the power of that divinity.

Once you start watching your unfiltered self, it can occasionally be very painful.  To grow, however, you need the courage to look unflinchingly at who you really are.

We first must learn how to be pure and true like young children.  The truth has power because it is truth, no matter how small or insignificant.

Once you face the truth, you needn’t be troubled, even if it’s not what you wanted to see. Cheerfulness and strength are not the only things we have inside us.

Much that is dark and many weaknesses are in there too. It’s courageous to look at that darkness and those weaknesses without adding or subtracting anything.

We grow humbler when we can look at our inadequacies. We must first become true if we would truly grow. All we have to do is begin with those truths, no matter how small they may be.

Don’t be a fake, trying to look bigger and better to others.  Instead, strive to be genuine, even if in small ways. All you have to do is become a little genuine, and then gradually develop that truth.

Our innocence is pure gold requiring no plating. Don’t waste your precious time and life gilding yourself, such a coating is bound to fade sooner or later, no matter hoe solid and magnificent it may appear.

~ Ilchi Lee


Love, enjoy & appreciate all parts of yourself, everybody!  When we do that, we are getting closer to the joy and freedom that we crave.

More on Forgiveness…

Forgiveness seems to be a re-occuring topic, and one that I have been meditating on for some time now.

I showed Louise Hay’s movie, “You Can Heal Your Life” to my students the other night in our Self-Mastery class.  Have you ever seen it? I think this movie is a great example of how important it is for us to love ourselves. It speaks of the incredible healing power of positive thoughts, words and perspectives.

Although I have seen it several times, this particular time a line popped out to me that I hadn’t paid attention to before.  It was spoken by Wayne Dyer, who was quoting Mark Twain on the topic of forgiveness.

It went like this:

Forgivenesss is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that crushed it.

I wrote it down in my notebook and repeated it over and over again.  Somehow, I feel a great warmth and melting feeling in my heart at the thought of that little violet’s depth of compassion and love.  And it doesn’t come out of any heroic act of courage on the flower’s part, it is simply it’s true nature.

Yes, this is very beautiful.




It’s been a long time since I have written.

My life has been quite busy.

However, when I talk with myself honestly, then I know that the truth of the matter is that I have been making different choices these days.  Choices to use my time in different ways.

I say this simply because it is a good reflection on choice.  Everything is choice. If I forget for even one moment that everything is my choice, then quickly and easily I can fall victim to the circumstance.  I can even fall victim to my own life.  How sad.  I don’t want to live that way.  I want to be truly alive each moment, not a victim to each moment.

But still, when I observe myself closely, I can see how it is a very fast and easy road that quickly leads to excuses, self-justifications, blaming and complaining.  Can we even call that a road?  It’s like a step.  One small step and there I am!  If I don’t pay attention closely, I might keep going in that direction for a long time.  I might go for so long that I begin to even defend my own excuses and victim consciousness as if it’s some kind of Truth.  That’s so frightening to me.  Ilchi Lee once said, “There is a small worm that eats away our conscience. That is the worm of self-justification.” I believe that in order for me to live as the person I truly want to be in this world, I need to really pay attention.

I think the same thing goes for the times in life when we feel “hurt”. As I have said before, I had a hurt in my life, not too long ago, that I haven’t been able to fully digest yet.  I am almost there, but I’m still chewing on the last bits of it 🙂 I have turned it over and around again and again and all it does is back me up against the same wall.  And the only way out of that corner is choice.  It is ultimately my choice if I want to respond to other people’s choices, behaviors and actions by being hurt.  And it is certainly my choice if I want to keep holding onto that for a month or a year or a lifetime.  It is 100% my choice.

I heard this story once.  I don’t remember where I heard it but it has always stayed with me.  It is the story of a Tibetan monk who was imprisoned by the Chinese government when they invaded his country many years ago.   This monk was unjustly imprisoned at that time, and proceeded to remain in jail for 20 years.  Finally, when he was released, someone from the media came to see him.  The media person asked him, “What did you feel in there?”  And do you how the monk responded?…..

He said, “I felt that I was in danger of becoming angry.”

This is such a  powerful example of choice.  The monk had that much strength to stay separated from his own emotions and was able to continuously choose to refrain from falling into the illusion of his own anger.  He refrained from becoming a victim of his own circumstance, even in the most extreme situation.

Of course, we are not all like the monk who had an extremely high capacity for self-observation, and that is OK!  But the point is, we all really do have choice.  Every moment we have a new choice.  So, even if we fell into our emotions and victim mentality last week, yesterday, 5 minutes or 50 years ago, we can choose again right now.  That is the power of being a human being.  We have a new choice every moment.

But where do our choices come from?  That is important.  For me, I want to choose for my Soul and from my Soul.  And through that, I want to create myself to be a Solar Body and my life to be a Solar Life.  A bright & healing life.  Otherwise my life could become an endless loop of choosing for my thoughts and emotions, which will only lead to more thoughts and more emotions.  Whatever we choose, grows.

In this chaotic world, I choose to grow my Soul.



3 Bodies

Did you know that you have 3 bodies?

I bet you thought you only had one, right? 😉

Actually, inside of this Physical Body that we can see and touch and feel, we also have an Energy Body.  The Energy Body can be sensed in many ways by those who sensitize themselves to ki, however it can be felt by everyone through emotions.  Yes, our emotions flow in our Energy Body.  They are always there, flowing like the weather.  This is how most people already know of their Energy Body.  Although you cannot see or touch your Energy Body, I am most certain that you have felt your emotions.

Deeper than the Energy Body is the Spiritual Body.  The Spiritual Body holds all of our ‘information’. This is not easy to describe because we have such a fixed idea of what the word ‘information’ means, but it is our body where we hold all of our memories, our stories, our preconceptions and beliefs.  We cannot see, feel or touch this body but we can be aware of it through the habits we have formed, the way we live our lives, and even through the habitual emotions that we struggle with.

At the center of our 3 bodies is our Soul.  Ever-existing, waiting quietly and lovingly for us to meet with It, live with It, and grow It to It’s completion – until we can be completely One with our Divinity.

In my experience, in order to grow my Soul and live my Soul’s life two things have been required: 1) Having plenty of time and many experiences feeling my Soul and feeding it with adequate amounts of Love, Light & the healing Laws of the Universe.  2) Developing the ability to navigate my way through all of the layers of preconceptions, stories, emotions, memories and pains that exist in my 3 bodies.

My life changed completely when I met with my Soul.  Then, it changed again when I met with a process that enabled me to begin to actually manage the wild world of my thoughts emotions and unhealthy beliefs that had completely taken over my house.  I have grown to love this fail-proof process.  Simply, it goes like this:

1. AWAKEN – Stimulate your physical body until the sensation is stronger than the power of your mind, and the sensation of your physical body pulls your mind back to it.

2. FEEL – Now that your mind has come back to your body through the process of step 1., feel everything that’s there honestly (physically, mentally, emotionally).  In this step, don’t avoid your feelings.

3. WATCH – Identify these feelings WITHOUT judgements.  This is where it all starts to get tricky!  The problem people usually have is that they begin to judge what they feel, determining it to be good or bad, right or wrong, then immediately and even unconsciously begin to react to it.  That takes the mind out and you have to start from the beginning again 🙂  The key in this step is to just identify as if you are taking an impartial inventory of everything in your house.

4. ACCEPT – If you can watch well, then naturally you will begin to accept everything that you have.  Without judgement, it’s easy to accept.  This is the time when we must embrace everything that we have as my own, take ownership of myself and rid ourselves of blame. Blame both to myself and to others.  During this step, you will begin to recover your self-love.

5.CHOOSE – If you can accept, then you can calmly make a healthy choice for yourself.  If I watch my anger and accept my anger then I can choose to not react to it by berating myself, or shouting at someone, but instead I can choose to walk away, or to breathe out, or even to smile, or perhaps to listen more…there are infinite choices.  This is the moment when we begin to become more conscious creators of our lives.

6. ACT – The actions that follow our choices will set new habits in motions and create new directions for our lives.

7. EVALUATE – While we are taking healthy actions that we have chosen consciously, many more obstacles will likely arise.  Therefore we just need to begin the process again of steps 1- 6, keeping our non-judgemental eye on our goals.

8. CREATE – When you pass through all of the steps successfully then you will be able to create yourself as the person you want to be and create your life as the life you want to have.

These steps are part of the practice of Brain Education. They take a lot of practice.  They are not a one-time thing.  It takes time to re-condition your brain to have healthy patterns.

I practice every day.  I’ve done it so long that some of it has become second hand.  At the same time, some of it requires me to go to deeper and deeper parts of myself to find solutions to long-standing habits and problems.

Although sometimes painful, it is a deeply satisfying process and I have come to really enjoy the study of myself!  It has brought me tremendous healing and empowerment which continues to unfold, so I really wanted to share it with you 🙂

I teach these practices in my weekly Self-Mastery class.  It takes time to really get a sense of them, which is why we practice together regularly.  However, just knowing that they exist can bring a great deal of hope to those who struggle with their emotions and their unruly minds.  If you give the steps a try, you might be surprised by what you discover about yourself!

My hope is that we can fill this world with beautiful people who are the bright, healthy conscious creators of their own happiness and their lives.  What a vibrant, joyful and harmonious world it will be!!