It’s been a long time since I have written.

My life has been quite busy.

However, when I talk with myself honestly, then I know that the truth of the matter is that I have been making different choices these days.  Choices to use my time in different ways.

I say this simply because it is a good reflection on choice.  Everything is choice. If I forget for even one moment that everything is my choice, then quickly and easily I can fall victim to the circumstance.  I can even fall victim to my own life.  How sad.  I don’t want to live that way.  I want to be truly alive each moment, not a victim to each moment.

But still, when I observe myself closely, I can see how it is a very fast and easy road that quickly leads to excuses, self-justifications, blaming and complaining.  Can we even call that a road?  It’s like a step.  One small step and there I am!  If I don’t pay attention closely, I might keep going in that direction for a long time.  I might go for so long that I begin to even defend my own excuses and victim consciousness as if it’s some kind of Truth.  That’s so frightening to me.  Ilchi Lee once said, “There is a small worm that eats away our conscience. That is the worm of self-justification.” I believe that in order for me to live as the person I truly want to be in this world, I need to really pay attention.

I think the same thing goes for the times in life when we feel “hurt”. As I have said before, I had a hurt in my life, not too long ago, that I haven’t been able to fully digest yet.  I am almost there, but I’m still chewing on the last bits of it 🙂 I have turned it over and around again and again and all it does is back me up against the same wall.  And the only way out of that corner is choice.  It is ultimately my choice if I want to respond to other people’s choices, behaviors and actions by being hurt.  And it is certainly my choice if I want to keep holding onto that for a month or a year or a lifetime.  It is 100% my choice.

I heard this story once.  I don’t remember where I heard it but it has always stayed with me.  It is the story of a Tibetan monk who was imprisoned by the Chinese government when they invaded his country many years ago.   This monk was unjustly imprisoned at that time, and proceeded to remain in jail for 20 years.  Finally, when he was released, someone from the media came to see him.  The media person asked him, “What did you feel in there?”  And do you how the monk responded?…..

He said, “I felt that I was in danger of becoming angry.”

This is such a  powerful example of choice.  The monk had that much strength to stay separated from his own emotions and was able to continuously choose to refrain from falling into the illusion of his own anger.  He refrained from becoming a victim of his own circumstance, even in the most extreme situation.

Of course, we are not all like the monk who had an extremely high capacity for self-observation, and that is OK!  But the point is, we all really do have choice.  Every moment we have a new choice.  So, even if we fell into our emotions and victim mentality last week, yesterday, 5 minutes or 50 years ago, we can choose again right now.  That is the power of being a human being.  We have a new choice every moment.

But where do our choices come from?  That is important.  For me, I want to choose for my Soul and from my Soul.  And through that, I want to create myself to be a Solar Body and my life to be a Solar Life.  A bright & healing life.  Otherwise my life could become an endless loop of choosing for my thoughts and emotions, which will only lead to more thoughts and more emotions.  Whatever we choose, grows.

In this chaotic world, I choose to grow my Soul.



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  1. Hi Danielle,
    I love this post, such a great reminder of our own human power. My husband has lived with chronic pain for the past 14 years and every day he chooses to live his life with kindness, compassion and generosity rather than being embittered and angry. I marvel at his ability to do this and try to emulate his example, but don’t always succeed:) I’ll keep trying. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for your sharing Beth. Thank is very beautiful. Thank you to you and your husband for your strength and courage to bring light into the world despite all odds 🙂 Best wishes for both of you ~

  2. I like this very much. And I will keep it as a constant reminder whenever I’m about to walk into this trap again. Which might be often. 😀 I think it’s necessary to think about it time and again. Thank you for pointing it out.

  3. I would like to thank you for not being a cliche the more I read these and you take us on this journey I think about how much courage you have to talk to strangers about 1. your journey 2. how you overcome with positivity 3. consistency over time. thank you for opening this channel it is inviting we all have stories, pain, courage, light …starting to see although i always had an open mind.

  4. so i have just finished reading your blog and id like to affirm how insightful this entire blog has been for me. Acceptance. I did not come into this comparing a fiction to my own life with yours I studied your emotional reactions to my own to emotional reactions in a different way. My first post from sedona mago to now when I am finished after reading your response. I am contemplating my inner pain and now how my lack of true acceptance has lead me to where I stand today. While no one will ever truly be able to understand my innert emotional pain I feel today like there is hope. if i could just bottle up your strength and take it with me that would be great. not worldly strength because I think I have plenty of that I have conquered many of lifes trials and tribulations but I am not a “people person” over this last year and a half I have touched many different lives in business I work as a leader in a corporate company, I still have not mastered myself I have parsed a few things that I believe in to get me through all life situations everything happens for a reason and mentally preparing myself for humanity to which I have always guessed right to what human nature decides. I would like to say it is very humbling to find a person like you to share with I believe you are very reflective and it has gotten you through an incredible amount of turmoil I thought about your journey and how I would feel emotionally if those things happened to me and then I understood why you do what you do not as a distraction for a passionate heart thinks about all of the people in the world who havent gotten to be at peace or to find a calm within the storm. I hope I can next begin to reassess and read through some of these books you have referenced here. i would also like to share that growing up my mother has suffered with bipolar, depression, which resulted in fits of anger she could not take back. It ripped apart our family she was my mentor and took away my business in 2003 with slighted business tactics that I would never unleash on family and ultimatly rocked my entire world. if it werent for my like mother i would not have been able to come back from that experience and still hold this pain daily. i have also degraded any hopes at the moment of being promoted at work because i am not enough of a people person but that would mean breaking down my boundaries when everytime i do i am usually right and people let me down. I have become highly decorated in my company shelf full of achievements but mostly id just like to find the inner peace you have for my livelihood is business and i grew up in business but my emotional journey is the small girl who was untouched by the pain i have endured in my life and struggle to not let it change who i am. alao i would like to say this, this is not a cry for help this is just something that ive been reflecting on since i completed reading this blog and if there is one thing i can say in this world it is that its the small group of people that i hold most dear to my heart in my life and im beginning to think how comfortable this voice is to listen and also to respond to. also your a wonderful person and i hope if i am allowed to continue sharing in this way here. it is my bright light when i dont have to put on my tough demeanor out in the real world but funnily enough if people knew me theyd know im a very sentimental emotional person who cares alot about people. some of my team members i was leading i molded into becoming a force to be reckoned with in the business world so maybe i am a people person just selectively so. even though i just met you its funny this is a very personal scrapbook to your heart, yourvery brave and i consider you a spirit friend. maybe one day i can be at inner peace like you are. inspired today. -sarah

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