Your Perfect Refuge

This message is for my online group who is taking the Solar Body class with me.  I found it in Ilchi Lee’s Calligraphic Messages book and thought of you.  Enjoy your home work this week!


Your Perfect Refuge

Set your body down comfortably. As you control your breathing, let your mind watch your body. tell yourself, it’s all right.  Then your soul will become more comfortable, and your body will gain new comfort and strength along with it.

You can obtain genuine strength and rest within yourself.  Your body is your refuge and your energy generator.

Your perfect refuge is inside your body.

WHen you’re shaken and confused, go into your body.

If you relax your body, control your breathing, and tell yourself , It’s all right, with those words your soul will gain strength.

You cannot find true rest outside yourself, no matter how far you may drag your body.

Our souls gain greater strength from comforting ourselves than from being supported by others.


Oh, and I just found one more……

Even with Sunspots, the Sun Shines

Although we all have dark spots, we are all, at the same time, the sun. Though it has sunspots, the sun shines its light on the universe. We have many human weaknesses, but our divine nature shines like the sun despite all those things. We can love and practice Hongik (widely-benefitting all) through the power of that divinity.

Once you start watching your unfiltered self, it can occasionally be very painful.  To grow, however, you need the courage to look unflinchingly at who you really are.

We first must learn how to be pure and true like young children.  The truth has power because it is truth, no matter how small or insignificant.

Once you face the truth, you needn’t be troubled, even if it’s not what you wanted to see. Cheerfulness and strength are not the only things we have inside us.

Much that is dark and many weaknesses are in there too. It’s courageous to look at that darkness and those weaknesses without adding or subtracting anything.

We grow humbler when we can look at our inadequacies. We must first become true if we would truly grow. All we have to do is begin with those truths, no matter how small they may be.

Don’t be a fake, trying to look bigger and better to others.  Instead, strive to be genuine, even if in small ways. All you have to do is become a little genuine, and then gradually develop that truth.

Our innocence is pure gold requiring no plating. Don’t waste your precious time and life gilding yourself, such a coating is bound to fade sooner or later, no matter hoe solid and magnificent it may appear.

~ Ilchi Lee


Love, enjoy & appreciate all parts of yourself, everybody!  When we do that, we are getting closer to the joy and freedom that we crave.

6 Thoughts.

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m so happy that you’re taking time out of your Mondays to guide us on our journeys. I hope you know how much you are appreciated.

    • Thank you for saying so Robin 🙂

      I am very happy to do it and only wish for it to help you and your life is some way! That alone is very rewarding for me.

  2. Dear Danielle, Taya, Charlene and Robin,
    The song that has been in my head since days is “Let it be” (John Lennon). I think it says it all. What is, is, not good, not bad, it just is. The meaning that we think it has is given to it by ourselves, what we believe it is. By just letting it be, it looses significance and meaning. And then we can let it go.
    So far my theory, in my mind I know it. But it’s still in my mind. Trying to find a way to lead this to my heart.
    And the times when it gets there, it’s peaceful, warm and safe.
    I like the words of being your own refuge, because that’s the only place where we are truly safe.
    The word I want to give to you all (and to myself of course 😉 ) is gentleness. Be gentle to , in your mind and your body. Accept your limits and approach them with gentleness.
    Warm love and gentleness to you all!


  3. Found this poem today entitled the ‘one who keeps vigil with no candle’. It touched me. And I wonder who is the ‘one’ that keeps vigil. The observer? Soul? Enjoy all:
    As still as a silent, breathless dusk,
    as calm as a dove of settling into night
    You need no candle to keep vigil with us through the darkness of problems and the gray months of heart ache. In days and years of extended illness,
    And in situations with no resolution, you are an attentive eagle on her nest watching like a mother with her children
    Encouraging us not to fear the unseen.
    Rainer maria Rilke

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