It’s All In Your Perspective

Recently I received a question from a fellow adoptee.

She asked me, “Do you ever feel like a mistake?”

I think this is a very good question, and I was so happy to receive it from her.

Yes, it would be very easy to feel that way.  I think that deep in my heart I have had to just accept the fact that I actually was a mistake.  I mean, the people who created my physical body did not intend to and when they discovered that they had accidentally created me, it was a big problem for their lives.  That is just the reality.

However, there is always more than one perspective on all things.

Having walked a spiritual path for the last 15 years of my life, I have come to see things a different way.  I have met with my Soul and felt that I have a very determined Soul.  This Soul was coming to the Earth despite all odds!  She had a mission to be here, she grabbed her opportunity, and even with so much opposition she arrived.  She is a real fighter!

So being a “mistake” has given me a certain strength, tenacity and will power.

At the same time, it has of course caused me a great deal of shame – carrying around the feeling of being unwanted with me for the last 38 years.  But I can also say that this shameful feeling has been a driving force to uncover more true peace in my heart.  I think if it had not been for that deep shame, I would not have sought to the bottom of myself to find the place where I am infinitely loved and infinitely embraced.

All strengths come with a weakness, and all weaknesses come with a strength.  It all depends on how we want to look at it.

From another perspective, I was certainly not a mistake to my parents who adopted me.  I was long-awaited, long-dreamed about, long-wished for.  Rather than being their mistake, I was their gift.  That knowing has always been a soft cushion for me to lay my weary head on whenever the inner turmoil became too painful for me.

And most importantly, I am not a mistake to this Earth.  I am one of her children whom she has loved and welcomed into her magnificent bosom.  My teacher often says, “You have come to the Earth because the 21st century Earth desperately needed you.” He goes on to explain that if you choose to live your life this way, then you will know your unconditional worth and value.  You will be inspired to live a life of greatness and leave this world a better place.

It’s all in our perspective.  And our perspective is our choice.  I really want to say to all of the adopted and orphaned children across the world:

Let’s choose hope! We have the Great Life Force within us. We are manifestations of Life Itself.  We are as important and as loved as anyone, and the world needs our bright Souls 🙂 If you find yourself feeling worthless due to the way you came into the world, then create your worth right now!  Humanity is waiting for you.

Please watch this video and listen to the words of the song carefully, and know how precious, powerful and wanted you are!

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  1. For solar body participants: Read this quotation about the soul from a book called Anam Cara by John O’Donohue. It just seem to fit with last night’s perspective shared by Danielle Enjoy: ” once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back. From then on, you are inflamed with a special longing. You can suffer from a desperate hunger to be loved, can search long years in lonely places, outside yourself. Yet the whole time, this love is but a few inches away from you. It is your soul, but you have been blind to its presence. Nothing else can fill up your emptiness. If you trust that this well spring is there, you will then be able to invite it to awaken. It is waiting for you”.

    • Yes, it’s true. And it’s beautiful Charlene, thank you 🙂 And so funny ~ I was planning for my next post to be on the topic of Love 😉

  2. Thank you for this post. I have four adopted children (all the same birth mother and father). They are a gift to me and I love them to pieces, but I’ve had to learn that their story started out sad and that, even though their story is happier now, they still carry great sadness and regrets within them. They long for their birth parents (especially their birth mother with whom we have a great deal of contact) and for their birth family to be healed and back together again, while at the same time loving us and understanding that they are safer in their present situation. I hope that some day they are able to put things into perspective, as you seem to have, and in the meantime we just keep trying to guide them and love them and help them to become the men and the woman they will someday be.

    • Thank you for your comment Kathy. It is very touching to me to know that you are out there, doing what you’re doing. I have a tender place in my heart for people who adopt…and you have adopted four!! I think parents who adopt are beautiful self-less Souls contributing to the betterment of this world by parenting unwanted children. It’s true, you also have to embrace the good and the bad that comes with that act – the love as well as the heartache. Please just be aware of the wounds they might be wrestling with deep in their heart and just try to help them discover their true values through love, acceptance, trust and understanding. If you ever feel there is anything that I can do to further support you or your children, feel free to reach out 🙂 Blessings to you and your family!

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