In James Joyce’s book, Ulysses, there is a sentence that reads “Love loves to love love.”

I don’t actually remember much else about this book, but this sentence stood out so strongly to me.  I wrote it down in my journal and said it to myself over and over again.

Love loves to love love.

Yes, it’s so true.

Love loves to love, period.

Isn’t that the very nature of Love?  Isn’t it the nature of who we are?

For me, as I examine myself, I have spent a lot of time in my life fooling myself.  I thought I was loving, but really I was just loving others in order to get something from them.  Some attention, perhaps?  Some recognition.  Some love back.

Whenever I love like this I am always left feeling empty and unsatisfied.  True love, the love of my true nature, just loves to love.  Without anything in return.  It is unconditional by it’s very nature.

By I have spent a lot of time confusing my ego’s small desires for love.  My small wants and needs.  My insecurities.  My loneliness.  I have followed such things when I thought I was following love.  And it always led to hurt and pain.  No wonder!

Love must start with me.  When I am full and whole within myself, then I am free to truly love.

These days I have begun calling to my Soul.  My Soul who I chose to live for so long ago, are you there?  How are you?  In the grand waves of life, I so often forgot to make time for communicating with my Soul.  My Soul too needs to be picked up and dusted off so that I can reunite with all of it’s purity and magnificence again.  My Soul loves to be seen by me.  I feel that the first and most important relationship that needs tending to in my life, is my relationship with my Soul.

When I feel the great light of my Soul, it’s very easy to Love without need.  Just love for loves sake.

I found a message from my Seu-Seung Nim in his Calligraphic Messages book that speaks exactly of this. It sung to my heart.   The truth of the message resonated with me and led me to go through a time of deep inner reflection about myself and how I have been living.  How I have been loving.  I hope that as you read it, you will also take the time to do the same for yourself.  As our love grows bigger, our light for this world will shine brighter.


The Law of Love

The human Soul grows through love. It’s important to realize that you can create love infinitely instead of wandering in search of someone to love you.

Love grows more greatly when you give it than when you receive it. This amazing fact is the Law of Love.

If you want to live a life full of love, first give it without striving to receive it. If you keep trying to get love, your love will constantly grow smaller.

Because you’re trying to receive love, you will constantly feel sad and inadequate when the love you want doesn’t come. You will become endlessly sadder and lonelier. And you will come to mistakenly believe that you don’t have love yourself.

If you think about it quietly, you’ll realize that you’re happier when you give love than when you receive it.  To use a knife as a metaphor, the one trying to get love holds a knife by the blade, while the one trying to give love holds the knife by the handle.

Those who keep trying to get love are anxious and worried. “What if my love leaves me?” they ask. “What if love never finds me?” On the other hand, people who give love to those around them have confidence.

Everyone has the power fo love. If you want love, you must use love. If there is no one close you can give love to, then love yourself first. Once that love fills you, all you have to do is give it to others. That’s how you begin.

There is love inside us. However, we can’t experience that love unless we use it. We can’t trust it unless we experience it.

Love is like a spring that never runs dry. The more we use it, the more new love arises.

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6 Thoughts.

  1. Thank you again for posting this. Thinking of love and finding love has been on my heart many times lately. The old saying “it is better to give than to receive” is so true. When you are giving, the other person/thing/entity becomes the focus. You almost forget yourself in the true nature of giving. Love coming to you then seems natural and not forced. Thanks again!

  2. It makes me think of the promise I made myself when I was about 18. I will only love another person, when I love myself.
    Till today, and into the future. I will keep on living by that promise I made for myself.
    And I love myself too much to do anything else.

  3. Wow, this post truly spoke to me! I think, well for me personally, love is so often talked about and said to be needed that searching for love has become a timed game and not something magical. Wanting love and needing love are completely different. I need to love myself, the rest is optional. I truly love what you wrote! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Hello Chrystal, I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post! And I really love how you put it “I need to love myself, the rest is optional.” Well said! I agree!

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