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After reading Charlene’s comment from my recent “Letting Go” post, I thought of this message by Ilchi Lee.  My teacher’s words resonate deeply for me so I wanted to share them here as well.  Letting go is not easy for any of us.  In my opinion, we let go more easily when we are able to feel the unchanging presence that we can hold onto.  I hope these words shed even more light on the subject.


The Blessings of Life & Death

In the world of the finite body, death is the extinction of life and the end of everything. However, in the infinite world of energy, death is an illusion, and there is nothing but the cycle of life.

The waters of the river of life flow endlessly. No one knows when those waters began. And no one knows when they will end. The waters of that river flow endlessly, and our lives, too, flow on. But just as the waters of a river meet the sea, so too our lives, in the end, will meet an ocean.

People speak of it as the “Ocean of Death.” For those who know energy though, it is the “Ocean of Life.” It is a beautiful sea filled with infinite life energy. Life is not a voyage to the Ocean of Death, but a journey to encounter the Ocean of Life.

When you awaken to the world of energy, you realize that even the death that comes after life is another extension of life. Death is not the end, but a new beginning and birth.

With death, the human body and soul welcome another birth. The body is reborn as countless other lives in the great cycle of nature, and the soul returns to the source whence it came. Energy, the source of life, is not extinguished with death, it simply moves.

The moon waxes and wanes with the size of earth’s shadow, but the moon itself remains a sphere, unchanged. When the darkness of night comes after the setting sun, which had shone its bright light on all things during the day, the sun itself is still shining on the other side of the globe. In the same way, human life is merely marked by the phenomena of life and death.

Just as with life, death is a beautiful gift.  Since we know that our physical life is finite, we struggle to overcome the transience of existence brought by death. We have developed a thirst for eternal truth because death exists, and we have come to know the world of energy and the soul linking life and death. So death is a mechanism for enlightenment and a blessing for the completion of the soul.

We have been given the blessing of life and the blessing of death. We have no reason to worry or be anxious, for we have the void, the eternal world of energy to which we will one day return.

Rooted in the void, a brilliant vision in our hearts, we live resolutely in the eternal now.

~ Ilchi Lee, Calligraphic Meditations


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  1. Decided this week, to let go someone I love. What we had, was nice, but not good. Not for our mind, our energy or our heart. To be precisely, I was “the other woman”. And that is simply not enough for me. After a long time I choose to end this situation.
    Because sometimes it’s better to feel sad and hurt, than to keep on suffering, hoping and being hurt.
    And by cutting choking strings, I regain my freedom of heart, mind and body. May life treat him kind.

    • I completely understand Yvonne. I think you made a good choice for yourself. I applaud you for your strength and courage to love yourself.

  2. Thank you Danielle, for sharing the words of your teacher. I was able to find a used copy of the book and look forward to exploring it. His words about death reminded me of the same perennial truth echoed by other Masters. It resonated deep within me. I think this is because these truths lie deep in the soul of each of us, but have been forgotten and hidden. Much to ponder.
    Awake my Soul!

    • That’s great Charlene ~ where did you find that book? It’s relatively new so I am happily surprised to hear that it’s circulating out there somewhere 🙂 Enjoy! It is rich with perennial truth and wisdom!

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