We did it!

We finished our first Solar Body online class!  We had 4 lovely participants from all over the country and world 🙂  I would love for them to post their sharings here!  Thank you ~

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  1. The solar body class with Danielle was a very rich experience. The underlying themes for me were the exploration of our inner landscape, the rediscovery of our pure essence or soul, and the identification through the body of blocks that prevent us from experiencing and believing this loving true eternal Self that exist deep within us. Danielle is an excellent teacher. She communicates clearly, is very perceptive, And is obviously very experienced and knowledgeable. She gently challenges when appropriate. There was homework every week and an expectation of sharing during class. I will continue to use the tools and practices that I learned in the solar body class. I would highly recommend it if it is offered again I thank Danielle for her generosity of time and spirit. I am most grateful.

    • Thank you Charlene for your openness! I’m so happy that it was beneficial to you. Enjoy the healing process as you continue to use the tools!

  2. This class was a very interesting experience to say the least. Many challenges presented themselves through the different exercises, one for myself being quite dangerous so it was offered to me to concentrate on breathing rather than tapping in my current state. The regression is still there but through this class, Danielle has helped me to slowly break free of it. I have to say that this is the longest regression period I have had to date. Urges for other things as a result of being challenged in this state have arisen but by continuing to work through the issues by means of the steps we have been taught, it is possible that I can break free from even the aforementioned urges. When one is challenged to love themselves and the life force within, it can be hard for the person to power through it. But Danielle and the other participants were very encouraging and supportive of me and my emotions. If I needed to cry, I could cry and they told me it was okay to cry and it was normal for that to happen. I can honestly say that Danielle and the others are now kindred spirits to myself and I am honored to be able to call each one a friend. If another class is offered, I will gladly accept. Thank you, Danielle for taking the time out of your busy schedule to offer this class to us.

  3. It’s so utterly mesmerizing that this life force I learned to listen to is in every one of us. That even in moments of despair, anxiety, self doubt (and self “corruption”) this force, my own force, is always there. It’s always by my side and I can always count on it. Never thought that this force was so strong. This is such an comforting and peaceful feeling. There is no difficult way to it, it’s there, I just have to listen to it.
    The most thankful I am Danielle for the simple words for self forgiveness and trust in our life force. How precious we are to ourselves, but also to other people and the world around us.
    Getting up at 2.45 AM and practice body tapping and meditation became a focus of the week. I looked forward to it, and to see and speak with Danielle, Charlene, Taya and Robin.
    We were thousands of miles and timezones apart, yet so close.
    Thank you, all of you.
    I hope our paths of life will cross again.

    * Strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet*


    • I’m so happy to hear your sharing, Yvonne, and so glad to know that you had such a powerful with the life force inside of you.

  4. Danielle’s Solar Body class was a great experience. I was not at all familiar with any kind of Yoga, so I was a little worried that I would be totally lost. But Danielle made it all very easy to understand and walked us through everything. She was a great teacher. Patient. Open. Gently helping us discover our own paths.

    Through the class, Danielle taught me how to begin to accept and observe my feelings without judgement. Not to make them go away. The feelings are still there – good and bad. Observing them more objectively which takes away some of their power over me. I chose how they will affect me. I choose what to do with them. Like Ilchi Lee writes in his Solar Body book, “Our bodies respond to what we believe.” I don’t need anything external to make my life “better” or make me happier and healthier. That power lies within me. It’s always been there. I just didn’t know how to tap into it.

    The concepts of apologizing to myself, forgiving myself and even loving and trusting myself were foreign to me. Not easy things to do since I have spent many, many years disliking myself. But, using the methods Danielle taught us, and a lot of practice, those concepts become a little easier. Being kinder to myself is still some times difficult, but the exercises and the lessons I learned remind me how important it is. My body responds to what I believe. I believe my life is richer just having “met” Danielle. I’m so grateful that she shared some of her time and experience with us. And I’m very happy to have made some wonderful new friends.

    • Thank you for your lovely sharing Robin! And thank you for your sincere effort to practice and feel how the principles of the exercises affect your life. I am very happy to know that these tools have helped you along your path!

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