Sunny in Seattle

I had the opportunity to be on a local radio show called “Sunny in Seattle”.  It’s a show that airs every Friday morning from 9-10 am on a station called Alternative Talk.   I was just happy to find out that there is such a station!

Ironically, it wasn’t a very sunny day in Seattle last Friday while I was sitting up in the broadcasting station, looking out at the big billowing gray clouds.  But it was bright in our hearts as we sat around and chatted about Body & Brain and becoming a solar body.  For me, it was very enjoyable and impressive to see how Sunny herself had done her research and put the information together so well, and to see her interest in it and enthusiasm about it.  That alone brought me much joy!

I wish that all the radio stations in the world were discussing such things!  I like to really imagine that world sometimes… the possibility brings a smile to my face.

Anyway, I think that this one hour show turned out to be a great little intro to being a Solar Body & I wanted to share it here with all of you ~ Enjoy!


Opening It Up

Dear Readers,

I noticed that my last post which had a small blurb about Kate in it brought a spike in my viewership.

That made me chuckle, but it also made me want to open up my blog to any of you who might have questions for me.  I am happy to speak to anything regarding Kate, being adopted, or anything on the topic of body, mind & spirit, healing or making the world a better place.

Have I said this before?  I can’t remember.  It came to mind again so I thought I would put it out there.

Of course, I can just keep talking about myself here from time to time, but I am happy to talk with others too 🙂

If I were more internet savvy I’d probably post all kinds of videos and have some sort of ongoing talk show or class or some place where we could all converse on the topics of healing that touch our hearts and Souls.

I think the time of humanity has really come where we need to communicate more and build bridges between us as to feel the interconnected web that we all exist within.  We can co-create a brighter planet this way.

My teacher always says we are really just living in a small Earth Village.

I will finish here with a beautiful and relevant excerpt from Ilchi Lee’s Calligraphic Meditation book.


Indras’ Net

Nothing in this world exists in isolation.  All life on the planet is connected through heaven, earth, and the empty space in between. From this knowledge emerges a heart of hongik, which seeks the good of all life.

Raise your right hand and look at your fingers. At first you’ll see only your hand. Gradually move your eyes to your arm, shoulder, trunk, and entire body. Feel your body, which connects your limbs as one.

Now expand your field of vision to feel the empty space surrounding your body. Taking it further, try to feel the people, buildings, and nature around you in the same space.

The stars in the sky seem to be separated from each other, but they’re connected as one through the void.

The maple and fig trees in my yard are far enough from each other that the small leaves of one don’t even brush against big leaves of the other, but deep underground their roots are touching the same streams of water.

There is a very beautiful metaphor in the Hwaeom [Huayan] school of Buddhism.  It is said that an endlessly wide, infinite, and transparent net, Indra’s Net, is spread out in the palace Jeseokchun, the land of the Buddha. Hanging from each knot of this net is a transparent jewel, and these jewels reflect clearly everything in the universe. Each jewel also reflects all the other jewels, so that a wave arising in any one spreads to all the others, and a sound coming from just one reverberates among all the jewels hanging from the net.

In a world of beings interconnected like Indra’s Net, there is nothing unrelated to me. Each life is different from all others in all sorts of ways, but, in their essence, they are all interconnected.

In their source, all are one.  People create differences from that one. And they end up  confronting each other because of those differences.  Since you and I are different, since you are not on my side, goes the insane logic they create, it’s OK for me to harm you.

From knowing that all are one comes a heart of love for all.

New York!

I recently had a trip to New York.

It was a special occasion because I had the opportunity to see my teacher, Ilchi Lee, in the beautiful setting of the Catskill Mountains at Honor’s Haven Resort in Ellensville, NY.

I hadn’t seen him for about 2 years, and I was very much longing to see him during his visit to the U.S. this time.  He comes a couple times a year and the last few times he was here I didn’t have the chance to attend any of his lectures or training sessions.  I prayed for the opportunity to arise and at the very last moment it came unexpectedly ~ it was truly a gift and a blessing for me!

During the meeting I felt connected with the great Light of Life, had a wonderful time exploring the forest and taking in the holy energy of the land, and felt a deep deep stirring in my heart.  My heart was literally trembling for two days…what was that feeling?

It was a longing from deep within my Soul that is always there, I just cannot always feel it. A longing for a Truth beyond the “reality” that this material civilization presents to us.  A Truth that I have met with in my heart and always yearn for it to infiltrate every corner of my life and ultimately the world we live in.

It was a hope for the bright potential of all of humanity and for a future where our consciousness is centered on the health, happiness and peace of the Earth and all of her living creatures.

It was a desperate wish that I myself can be my best self and contribute to the creation of this beautiful Earth that I dream of.

Yes, seeing my Seu-Seung Nim brought much healing, purification and rejuvenation to my Spirit!


From Honor’s Haven I got a ride to Manhattan where I went to visit Kate, my birth mother.

I have a love/hate relationship with Manhattan.  This is the city where I was born and given away.  It is also a city where I have loved and lost love.  Pulsing with the vibrant energy of human beings, the colors of cultures, the cab rides, the Ubers, the streets filled with shouts and honks and so many languages, so many dreams, so many stories….This epitome of material civilization is like my second home.  Sometimes I feel as if I have lived a parallel life here in an alternate universe, if that makes any sense at all.  It’s romantic and exciting, complicated and eery – this feeling that I have whenever I am in Manhattan.

Also, seeing Kate is always an adventure in and of itself.  First of all, her personality is so different than mine so it is a whirlwind of conversation and drama ~ sometimes very entertaining, sometimes very heart- warming, and other times quite painful.

On this particular trip I was reminded that our first relationship with each other in this lifetime was a difficult one, filled with hurt and confusion, guilt and denial.  And unfortunately it just makes sense that this continues to play itself out in our current relationship in strange and sometimes subtle (sometimes not-so-subtle) ways.  This is just a fact that needs to be dealt with.  The more I face this fact and accept it, the less I suffer.

Again, I was thankful for all of the inner work that I have done that has helped me to identify what’s happening and process the storm of emotions that sometimes take flight inside of me when I am in her presence.  I thought about my sister, who does not know her birth mother, and how much I wanted to tell her “You know, knowing your birth mother is not all that easy.”  In fact, I think to cultivate that relationship we have to be quite strong, so for some it may not be the work their Souls what to do in this lifetime.

Anyway, nevertheless I was happy to have the time to spend with Kate and the happiest moment for me was that I was able to arrange a time for her to meet one of my beloved students, Jesse, who is a die-hard Captain Janeway fan.  It was SO JOYFUL for me to give him the opportunity to finally meet with this person who he watches on the television screen, sometimes episode after episode.  I am infinitely thankful to Kate for opening herself to him and giving him a boost of energy & encouragement.  I felt that we all have our special roles to play in the making of a better world – one beautiful person at a time.

So at the end of this dynamic trip I was reminded again that everything is choice.  And I choose Love.

I love you Danielle.  I love you Kate.  I love you Manhattan.  I love you Jesse. I love you my Seu-Seung Nim.   I love you Life.

And, I love you my life; my journey, my story, my struggles, my memories my perseverance, my heartache, my possibility, my path, my truth, my hope, my dream, my road ahead.  I love all of you.

pic of jessekateme


Han Sae Gae

These days I am feeling really hopeful and excited about the possibilities.

What possibilities you might wonder?

The answer is:  The possibilities that I can create.

Sometimes I get so bogged down by outside information.  I used to be even worse about this, I’m certainly much better now, but still it happens.  What are my people saying or doing? What is my horoscope today? This year?  I better pay attention to the influences of my sun sign, rising sign, enneagram type, the psychic reading I received when I was 25 years old,  my blood type, my genetic traits, my childhood…ahhh it’s so tiring!   I honestly feel that the real prison that exists in this world is the prison of my own information.

There is a great, beautiful master in Korea who wrote a lovely book of poetry called “Seventy Stories for a Healthy Soul.” The messages are short and sweet and simple.  Here’s one along the lines of what I’m talking about today:


A Fixed Idea

It is not because of your repetitive and tedious life

That you feel unhappy.

It is because of the fixed idea that you have about yourself,

“I am an unhappy person,”

That makes your life tedious.


We are simultaneously the prisoners and the holders of the key to freedom. Isn’t it great?!

When Kate wrote her book and I began this blog, what I wanted most was for all children who were adopted like me to know this Truth.  Sometimes we are just handed things in life that we didn’t seem to ask for, which effect us in profound ways.  However,  even so, we have the power to choose how we will go forward.  I am reminding myself of this everyday these days, and I feel my will power rising up as I do so. That’s why I am also reminding you who reads this message.

Ilchi Lee says in the Brain Declaration, “I have the right to accept or refuse any information according to whether or not it is good for my vision.”  This is so empowering to me.  In my life, I struggled immensely with this.  Someone once described me as a pot with a broken lid.  This means, anyone can put anything into my pot at anytime and anyone can take anything out as well.  The time has come for me in my life where I finally have a handle on that lid! This is so liberating for me.  It makes me want to have a party for myself 🙂

I encourage all of you to find the things that you want to have parties for yourself about.  We need to celebrate ourselves more and celebrate this life more.  I just read another great quote by Ilchi lee this morning.  He said, “How will you operate your brain? I’m telling you to slightly reduce the negative shocks you receive and to greatly expand on the good things that happen, storing them in your head and really choosing them. How great would that be if your brain became so flexible?”

It’s so true how much we shock ourselves on a daily basis.  We put ourselves into fight or flight mode constantly!  And you know the brain doesn’t know the difference between “Oh my god a bear is chasing me!” and “Oh my god I forgot to call so and so back, oh my god why did I say that to this person, oh my god I’m so overwhelmed there’s too much to do …”  The brain doesn’t know the difference, and it sends the same alert message to the body, and the body reacts as if it’s being chased by a bear either way.  When we tense up like that, our blood pressure goes up, our livers secrete glucose raising our blood sugar, and our digestion goes bonkers.  If we don’t know how to release and relax, these symptoms start to accumulate over time and health problems occur.

It’s high time we make a peaceful world within our brains first 🙂  It’s inevitable that our world as a whole will follow.  I believe this completely, that’s why I put so much effort to make it happen.  If you believe it too, please become the great builder of a beautiful world inside of your brain!!

The Koreans talk about Han Sae Gae.  This means, Harmonious World or World of Oneness.  This world can only be built by each and every one of us, one step at a time.  The people who will create it are those who make a harmonious world inside first, and recognize that bringing benefit to this planet is the greatest purpose of a human being’s life.

The dream of Han Sae Gae shines brightly in my heart.  I believe that we are heading in that direction.  The world is changing.  Great possibilities are ahead of us, if we only but choose to create them.