Sunny in Seattle

I had the opportunity to be on a local radio show called “Sunny in Seattle”.  It’s a show that airs every Friday morning from 9-10 am on a station called Alternative Talk.   I was just happy to find out that there is such a station!

Ironically, it wasn’t a very sunny day in Seattle last Friday while I was sitting up in the broadcasting station, looking out at the big billowing gray clouds.  But it was bright in our hearts as we sat around and chatted about Body & Brain and becoming a solar body.  For me, it was very enjoyable and impressive to see how Sunny herself had done her research and put the information together so well, and to see her interest in it and enthusiasm about it.  That alone brought me much joy!

I wish that all the radio stations in the world were discussing such things!  I like to really imagine that world sometimes… the possibility brings a smile to my face.

Anyway, I think that this one hour show turned out to be a great little intro to being a Solar Body & I wanted to share it here with all of you ~ Enjoy!


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  1. I had the opportunity to listen live, even in Canada. I couldn’t be more proud of you. I listened to the very last second, then I had to run to the March of Dimes Office. There are many different aspects of Alternative subcultures, ranging from being a free spirit to the Gothic, and punk subculture and lifestyle. I had found Yoga, Tai-Chi and other forms of Martial Arts, as well as Dahn Yoga. It was interesting to see the Alternative aspects collide, especially for me. I identify with being Goth, though I don’t always dress stereotypically as such. I usually clip my hair, color it purple and spike it, sometimes wearing dark makeup.

    People assume that if you are Goth, Punk or whatever, that you worship the devil. But even in the Wiccan religion, being Satanic or using black magic is seen as evil, so don’t do it. In that religion, Mago Gaia and Cerridwen are one and the same. Many will assume that the Horned God is the devil, but he is an Elk spirit. Wiccans and Pagans denounce and stay away from anything evil, nor believe in the devil. They prefer to worship the Mother Goddess and Her Creation which is the Earth.

    While this has been going on, I feel emotional and mental confusion. I sense that regression is on the horizon. I try to stop it but I don’t think I can. I did state that if it happened again, I know where to turn. I don’t want to bring the thread down. 🙁 I can’t help but have the feeling like I’m bad, but that may just be me.

    • I’m glad you got to hear the show Taya 🙂

      Hang in there, don’t worry, and if you find yourself struggling with regression just email me anytime 🙂

      Love~ Danielle

  2. You know, I read your newest post via email and I went looking for a way to listen to the interview, but couldn’t find one. So, I came here and left you a short reply… and *then* I scrolled up and found that you had also posted the interview. LOL Guess I should have checked that first. 🙂

    Anyway, I *loved* the interview. I listened to it yesterday and then again today. I feel like I really learned a lot. And, you know, I’ve been coming to your blog for… hm, I don’t know… a while now, well before I ever decided to start commenting. And I kept browsing your posts but not really understanding everything because a lot of the terminology was unfamiliar to me, like “solar body”. And I even did research via the Internet, but I didn’t find any truly helpful explanations online. But this interview, Danielle – it finally cleared a few things up for me and everything kind of snapped into place.

    A lot of it was things I had been taught already or had learned somewhere down the road, but had been given a different name. This is especially so because I was taught by a curandera, so I have Spanish words with English explanations and the practices are all native in origin. So, your interview was really what helped me to fit all the pieces together, to see the similarities between the two ancient forms of healing, to match up vocabulary, etc. So, it was all really fascinating to me. And it actually filled in some of my missing pieces. For example, natives do practice a form of energy healing, but it was never explained well to me why it was important or why it had to be done in a certain way. (My focus was always more on herbs, diet, massage, and exercise.)

    There were two things that I found particularly fascinating. The first was when you talked about breathing. I remember… and this probably sounds really silly… when I was small (maybe 7-years-old) that there was an episode of Wonder Woman that I watched, and in the episode a man was able to stay under water for a long time – longer than five minutes – because he was able to control the speed of his heart. I was absolutely fascinated by this. I remember going to bed that night and concentrating on my heart and working to get it to slow down. And I remember that I did it. I slowed my heart down. And I did it by controlling my breathing.

    As an adult, I’ve been able, to do the same thing with my daughters. I have one daughter who is prone to electrical problems with her heart. It used to be a really bad, to the point where her heart would be changing speeds – fast to slow to super fast to slow again – and she would be in a panic (obviously) and there is really not a whole lot that can be done about this. So I would cuddle her up against me, her back to my chest. And I would wrap my arms around her and just start breathing very slowly and I would focus on my heart, controlling the speed of it, and when I controlled my heart, hers would follow suit.

    My other little daughter – she has anxiety attacks and depression and anger. One night she was having a “come apart” and I made her come to me and I gave her a hug. She didn’t really want a hug because she was really upset, but I made her and then I didn’t let go. I just held her in my arms, and I breathed very slowly and just concentrate on having a calm heart, and after about a minute, all of a sudden her whole body went lax and she was calm again.

    The kids tell me, “That’s, like, magic, Mom.” I explained that it is a natural human ability, that humans bodies naturally sync together. I used the example of a husband and wife sleeping in bed and how after a while their breathing and heart rate syncs together.

    But I never connected how breathing plays a role in this, how it’s this very slow, deep breathing that puts the brain into a state that enables healing. That was absolutely fascinating to me because that is such a big piece of the puzzle that had been missing all this time.

    The other thing that I found really interesting about the interview was about body temperature. I know when the thyroid malfunctions it affects body temperature. I know that lower body temperature adversely affects the immune system. And I know that a hundred years ago the normal human body temperature was a degree or two higher (I forget by how much). But never once did I ever think that I could control my body temperature. It never occurred to me, which is crazy because if I can control my heartbeat then why couldn’t I control my body temperature. It was just this complete epiphany “Hello!” kind of moment. Why did I not realize this before? LOL

    Anyway, needles to say, I loved the interview. You did a fantastic job. You explained everything really well. You gave really vivid visual analogies. You explained some of the terminology really well. It was fantastic.

    And now I need to go buy Ilchi Li’s book so I can learn more. ☺

    • Hi Kathy!

      Thank you so much for your response! I loved reading all of your sharings and feelings. I think you are a beautiful healer with your children and that is very touching and comforting to me 🙂

      ‘m really glad that you enjoyed the interview and that you resonate with the principles of Solar Body. I love it too and it was such a joy for me to do the interview and get to talk about it for one hour! I know that I’m kind of late on my response here but if you haven’t already found the book you can easily buy it through …. I know you will really enjoy the book.

      Your response reminded me that yes I have really been writing this blog like a book. Originally that’s what I had wanted to do but then switched to the blog so that I could get started more quickly and easily amidst the busy-ness of my life. But yes it does kind of read best when seen from the very first thing I ever posted. Well, at least that makes it all make sense. But I’m so glad you have navigated your way around and hopefully found many delicious things to chew on in the meantime 🙂

      Be well! ~ Danielle

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