A student sent me the cutest little picture the other day and I want to share it with you.

happiness pic

To me, it perfectly embodies the most important principle of life:  That I am a creator of my own life!  Therefore, I am a chooser and creator of my own happiness, despite my circumstances.

Remember the Tibetan monk who was unjustly imprisoned for over 20 years?  Upon his release he was asked how he felt in there all of that time, to which he answered,

“I felt that I was in danger of becoming angry.”

He knew this simple truth!  I am the creator of my own happiness. And it is this truth that provides us with great freedom and great hope, and at the same time causes great agony.  Because it is sometimes so painful to look at oneself so honestly and realize that I, myself, am the one choosing to be unhappy.  It can be so difficult to really face the fact that I do have the power inside to create my moment however I want it to be, but I am habitually programmed to react to my circumstances negatively or with drama.

We all have to stop once in a while and take a good honest look at what we are doing.  Not to beat ourselves up or blame ourselves in anyway – no!  This is human nature and we need to accept ourselves and love ourselves for everything we have and all that we have experienced.  However, there is one more step after that and it is to make a new choice and a new action and to create a new a beautiful life accordingly.

I find this a truly joyful process.  It is a process that is not without suffering, but the unraveling and transformation of self is joyful.  When we look at ourselves with a bigger mind and perspective,  we can see with new eyes.

One of my most favorite mentors always reminded me that everything is a process.  He spoke of a Korean phrase “Dae Ki Mahn Sung”.  I have heard several different translations of the phrase but the one that was so simple and clear to me was this:

A container that is big and wide takes a long time to fill up and overflow.  We are living our daily lives and doing our inner work with diligence, but sometimes it seems that nothing is happening, no change is taking place, no greatness is being unveiled.  However, that water is filling up, little by little, with every drop of effort, with every choice.  This is true devotion.  And one day you suddenly have a lush and abundant, transformed Self.

Let’s never give up this journey of transformation!

I hope that you all create a happy day!

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      • Taya,
        I listened to your theme song and the words are full of hope and strength: “I’ve realized maybe I should search inside”, “I’ll be fine cause there’s a voice inside of me” etc. keep listening, keep trying, and stretching, to personify those lyrics and make them your own . If you have chosen this song as fitting you right now, you are stronger than you feel and realize. There is a reason why you identify with it. It is because that inner voice knows the lyrics are true for you .
        Keep karoke-ing😉 Peace to you, Charlene

        • The whole point of the song was the character, Catty, a pop star, had lost her music. She always sang about love without truly having “that music in her heart and felt like a fake” as a result. She goes from saying she “can’t find the light” to sayig she did by the end of the song. She does find both her music and love near the end of the movie. It’s funny that they describe it as Karaoke but it’s really not, it’s just teaching kids the lyrics with the full version of the track.

          Lyrics like “I’ll be fine ’cause I can find it deep inside”, “I’ve realized maybe I should search inside” is something Danielle always tells me to do. It is a very hard and tricky thing to do though.

          • Dear Taya, thank you for sharing this sweet song. I have been away from my blog for a while and only just now had a chance to listen to it. I smiled a lot imagining that it would sound really wonderful with you as the singer! (since I know that you have such a pretty voice). And the message is a good one for anybody of any age. “Maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong place” is a great line. I think we all search for our love outside when it was always right there inside of us. I hope you seek to listen to that voice inside of you more and more and more. Much love!

  1. I love, love, love this little cartoon. I’m going to print it out and stick it on my fridge. Maybe share it with my friends, too. It’s cute, but it gets the point across really well.

  2. That darling little picture is now making its way around Facebook. I saw one of my friends had posted it today. I don’t know if your student drew this herself or not, but if she did you should tell her that the little doodle is going to affect a lot of people’s live. ☺

    • I know! Isn’t it funny? I don’t think she actually drew it, although I’m not sure where she found it. She’s very creative. I’m so glad that many are having the opportunity to be inspired by it 🙂

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