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Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the Finding True Self workshop here in Seattle. Usually I am the trainer for this program, but this time I took the role as a staff and was able to experience some parts of the training as well.

I have been leading this workshop since 2006 – almost every month or every few months.  It’s always a beautiful and miraculous process for the attendees, as well as for the staff and trainer too.

Yesterday I got a chance to close my eyes and feel my Soul again speaking to me so loudly.  Of course I am living my life for the growth of my Soul, but from time to time I get to really sink in deep and have an experience that is beyond my day to day living.

It was so beautiful.  My Soul simply said, “Be with me.”  I could feel my deep longing to be connected to my Soul and stay connected always, and how much my Soul wants to be with me too.  It’s like having a love affair with myself!  At that moment I could not think of anything I wanted more than my Soul or any place I’d rather be more than in the soft, loving cocoon of my pure Soul.

The experience rejuvenated me and filled me with gratitude.  I feel so thankful for my path and all of the choices that I have made.

At the end of the day the trainer talked about a Korean term “Jung Sung.”  He said this is hard to translate into English but the best way would be if you combined the words Consistency + Humbleness +  Never Give Up.  I felt so moved by that message.  “Jung Sung” – like a sincere devotion to go to the very end for the promise and commitment we make to ourselves.

It’s so easy to break our own promises with ourselves.  No one is watching.  It is only the silent eye and mind of the cosmos that is watching the promises we make to ourselves -the ones that no one really knows about, or that others don’t even understand or agree with.  It takes such strength of character to keep committed to those promises.

As we keep our promises to ourselves, our Souls grow.  We need to keep that inner conversation going and we need to stay on track with our promises and commitments to ourselves that we make deep inside.

We need to check ourselves from time to time to see if we have drifted away from ourselves and how far we have gone, then quickly return again.

Let’s not miss the opportunity to encounter the amazing treasure that lives in all of our hearts.

Thank you, my Soul.


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  1. Dear Danielle and all,
    I had a very powerful and Graced experience today when I read this poem and felt like my Soul was speaking directly to me these exact words. The message touched me deeply and remains with me as midnight approaches I felt that this poem was meant to be shared:

    Do you need to me? I am there.
    You cannot see me, yet I am the light you see by.
    You cannot hear me, yet I speak through your voice.
    You cannot feel me, yet I am the Power at work in your hands.
    Only in absolute stillness, beyond self, can you know me as I am. I am not strange visions. I am not mysteries.
    Yet I am there. Yet I hear. Yet I answer.
    When you need me I am there
    Even if you deny me, I am there.
    Even when you feel most alone, I am there
    Even in your fears, I am there.
    Even in your pain, I am there
    I am there when you pray and when you do not pray. I am in you and you are in me. Only in your mind can you feel separate from me.
    Empty your heart of empty fears
    When you get yourself out of the way, I am there.
    I am assurance.
    I am peace
    I am oneness.
    I am the love that you can cling to
    I am your peace
    I am one with you. I AM.
    Though you fail to find me, I do not fail you. Though your faith in me is unsure, my faith in you never waivers
    because I know you, because I love you.
    Beloved, I AM there. Beloved, I AM here.

    I am there-James dillet freeman-1947

    • Thank you so much for sharing this poem Charlene, it’s very beautiful. I can see why it stayed with you. It made me think of this song that I had posted here in my blog a while back. I thought I’d share the link with you again because you might enjoy listening to it. I listened to it a lot when I was having a difficult time in life. It’s so comforting to know that my Soul is always there. In fact, one very great Dahn Master recently said, “I used to think that ‘I have my Soul’ but then I one day realized that actually,’My Soul has me.’ I was very surprised about this!”
      When I pondered his words I also felt something very powerful. I felt humbled and so deeply grateful at the magnificence of it all. Thank you for your beautiful Soul, Charlene ~ 🙂 Enjoy this song titled “I AM”

  2. I like this idea of Jung Sung. It’s a rather unAmerican idea, isn’t it? Western philosophies teach us that we, as individuals, are all-important, that we should have anything we want, that we deserve it. But the truth is, if you want something, you better work hard to earn it. Consistently working toward your goal and never giving up – that’s what it takes to reach a goal. But couple that with humbleness? Well, that would give you the right attitude and keep you from forgetting the people around you and help you to remember that they matter, too; and it would also keep you from being so focused on your goal that everything else takes second place, even the world around us. I really like this idea.

    • Yes you’re right – it’s very unAmerican and, at the same time, ironically I think it is what we Americans need most!! There is a beautiful mind inside of this term Jung Sung. I agree with your reflection. And most importantly, we need to keep recognizing our likeness and oneness , which is hard to do when we focus too much on isolating and being independent. When it comes to these issues, I believe we need a balance of east and west to build a better world together. Isn’t that what we are for?! 🙂

  3. Even though I am in this regression (it’s hit a month), I just wanted to let everyone know that I love you all. Kathy, I haven’t gotten the chance to get to know you yet, but you seem very in tune with your empathic senses. Charlene, you are an old soul with so much knowledge and I adore you. My dear Danielle, what to say about you? When my mind is clouded as it often is during each regression, you have been here for me. I know you have heard me singing and you think my voice is pretty. I guess I just wanted to tell you “Nan dangsin eul sojunghi” (I cherish you in Korean for those who don’t know). In discussion about one’s soul, I can honestly say that my soul was meant to find you, Danielle nim and fellow kindred spirits I have had the honor to me through this blog and the Solar Body Class.
    I keep getting emotional about this and I have never been able to explain it to anyone. What could it mean?

    I wanted to share a little surprise I have been preparing for you all and I hope you enjoy it. I worked really hard.

  4. Thank you so much Danielle for posting the link to this most beautiful song, I Am. I had never heard it before and I have not read all of your blog so I was most grateful that you gave me the link Tears flowed from my eyes freely while I listen to the song. It, like the problem, moved me deeply

  5. Poem, not problem**.
    Taya thank you so much for the gift of song and your kind words It seems so fitting to have those lyrics sung with your voice. May your regression soon pass.

  6. Thank you, Taya. I feel like I’ve stumbled on such a special little community here, where we, as healers, as free to talk and be understood and I am deeply grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful, amazing people. I may specialize in native American medicine, but I am very, very interested in all healing modalities and learning how they work together. I very much want to broaden my knowledge. You’ve all welcomed me with open arms and let me be part of this and let me learn with you and from you. Thank you. Warm wishes and love.

    • I’m so glad that you have found that healing community here Kathy ~ I am always so happy to hear your comments and feel your warm heart!

  7. Finally I have found the strenght in myself again, after 2 months of hard struggle. I chose medication to help me get on track again. Since I allready took other medication which I had to take less of.. The big mind playing games began (physically, mentally and in the end also spiritually). It went as far as not being able to feel what was real and what wasn’t. I didn’t trust my body and I didn’t trust my mind, to be more accurate: I didn’t trust myself. And other people didn’t recognise me anymore.
    At last the medication kicked in after a grueling month, and my brain chemicals were in balance again. It was so frightening to realise how much your brain chemicals (and te balance thereof) determine how you feel. In my case, how much my medication determines how I feel. I am not my medication.. Am I? It still is hard to think about this and figure it out..
    So I decide not to focus on what was, but what is and can be.. Finally The Force Awakens again! Oh, how I missed that feeling! It took some fight with my heart against someone who has been a dear friend, a lover and finally the one who made me realise we all have to fight our own wars. And I can not and will not fight for him anymore. That realisation brought back the fire within, because I got so angry.. it egnited something within me. I know in the end, I still care about his wellbeing, but my task with him is done! I wish him all the best.
    In the meantime I can warm myself with and at my own fire.
    To get back to th promises I made myself and keep committed to them.
    I still miss you all so dearly, and hope you are ok.
    Dear Taya, don’t forget you are a beautiful sparkle of life!! Don’t let anyone ever dull that. Wish you peace of mind and warmth in your heart. We are here for you!

    I have recently (… today :)..) started a blog. But I have not yet posted anything. As soon as I do, I will let you know. I hope this will be the path to one of my promises to myself.

    • I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better Yvonne. I have wondered about you and I’m glad you are ok. You are definitely NOT your medication 🙂 I think the hardships of our lives are opportunities to drive us deeper to discover who we really are, and who we really are not. I believe that this is that kind of time for you and I’m so happy to know that you are finding your strength. And good luck with the blog! I hope it is a wonderful avenue for expression and healing for you. I am sending much love and blessings!! ~ Danielle

      • Dear Danielle,

        It is nice and heartwarming to be wondered about, to be in someones thoughts, mind or heart.
        I should realise that more often, that I’m always in someones thoughts, heart or mind.
        Not to get approval, no just be and exist there.
        Thank you!

  8. Dear Yvonne,
    I too have been thinking about you, and was so glad to hear that you are OK and have regained your equilibrium I have missed your presence on this blog Your medications are only a tool to provide your brain for what it needs to stay in balance. Please stay connected. My best to you. ❤️ Charlene

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