I am grateful

There is a lot of hype about gratitude this month! Ok, let’s use the holiday well ~ let’s practice giving thanks!

I am grateful for my path

I am grateful for the light that shines in my heart

I am grateful for my body that works so hard for me

I am grateful for the choices I have made, that have led me to where I am

I am grateful for Seattle rain that refreshes my spirit

I am grateful for the Sun that still shines in the sky, even when the clouds are covering it.

I am grateful for my life

I am grateful for my fears and doubts that chase me towards my enlightenment

I am grateful for my Teacher, and my students.

I am grateful for my healing community

I am grateful for my family who raised me as well as my family who made me

I am grateful for my enduring mind that never gives up

I am grateful for my glorious Soul

I am grateful for my Mother Earth and all of her Love

I am grateful for you who is reading this

I am grateful for you who are not

I am grateful for the struggle

I am truly grateful for everything because it is all an opportunity for me to grow. All of it.

I am grateful for this moment here and now, this cup of tea, this blog post, this sweet smile in my heart.

What are you grateful for?


13 Thoughts.

  1. I am grateful for you Danielle, and Charlene, Taya and Robin. To be there for me at the start of a new chapter in my life. To encourage me, give me hope and to have trust me me. Thank you1

    ps: Take a look at explorersbow.wordpress.com 🙂
    Just started. Please comment.

    Love Yvonne

    • Aw~ I am grateful for you too Yvonne. I am grateful for all of you. You have lit up my heart with love and hope on may occasions! Your blog looks great!!! Sending lots of blessings your way ~~~

  2. Dearest Danielle, Yvonne, Charlene, Robin, Kathy and whoever else decides to join our healing family here:

    I am grateful for my family,adoptive or soul sisters which includes you all.

    I am grateful for my healing gift which only a few know about.

    I am grateful for Kate and her book which led me to all of you.

    I am grateful for Dahn Yoga, Ilchi Lee and Danielle, my mentor and friend, as well as Robin, Yvonne and Charlene and any new friends I meet here.

    I am grateful for my birthday on Nov. 21

    I am grateful to have the Solar Body Method (but not so grateful to gag on the Solar Herb, Sage as a result of my sensitivity to textures both on or under my feet or in my mouth)…

    I am grateful for my friends.

    I am grateful for help with my regression periods.

    I am grateful for who I was before through reincarnation and who I am deep inside as well.

    I am grateful for Mago, Cerridwen and anything else She is known by.

    I am grateful to have helped many people.

    I am grateful for all the Kindred Spirits who believe in me and help me through my regression.

    And finally, even if I repeat myself, I am thankful for all of you.

    • Since it is Remembrance Day in the Commonwealth countries, I am thankful for my adoptive paternal Grandfather who served in WWII. This is a poem that all Canadian children learn and recite each Remembrance Day, the Eleventh Day, of the Eleventh Month, at the Eleventh Hour, written 1 years ago by Lieutenant-Colonal John Mc Crae.

      In Flanders fields the poppies blow
      Between the crosses, row on row,
      That mark our place; and in the sky
      The larks, still bravely singing, fly
      Scarce heard amid the guns below.

      We are the Dead. Short days ago
      We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
      Loved and were loved, and now we lie
      In Flanders fields.

      Take up our quarrel with the foe:
      To you from failing hands we throw
      The torch; be yours to hold it high.
      If ye break faith with us who die
      We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
      In Flanders fields

      This song is played right at 11 am, called The Last Post, followed by 2 minutes silence:

      • Dear Taya, I love your gratitude list it’s beautiful 🙂 Also, thank you so much for this poem. My grandmother used to recite this poem to me when I was young and it brought a warm nostalgic remembrance to my heart when I read it. Also, I have just begun doing some private work with a Vietnam War Vet and I have been learning so much through him so the poem seemed to have an even more special importance to me at this moment. Thank you again ~ 🙂

        • It has meaning to me because Lieutenant-Colonel McCrae was born and raised in Canada. He was a poet, author, surgeon, physician, artist and soldier. He was inspired to write “In Flanders Fields” at the burial of his friend and student Alexis Helmer who was killed in the Battle of Ypres at the start of the First World War. He actually wrote the poem at the back of an ambulance, looking every once in a while over to Helmer’s grave. He then gave the poem to Sergeant-Major Cyril Alinson who delivered the mail. Most Canadians don’t know every word to the poem and get a couple words wrong in the first verse but I was taught from the start from the age of 5 in school. 6 in 1 Canadians can correctly identify McCrae as the poem’s author.

      • Thank you very much for posting the beautiful poem by Lt. McCrae. It has always been one of my favorites (and it is less than 30 years older than myself!). I can’t remember if we were required to memorize this in school — we were required to memorize many poems and essays, but this is one that has remained in my otherwise leaky memory. And thank you especially for including “The Last Post.” I have not heard this for many years, and it is such a fitting tribute. Although I am a US citizen, I lived in areas close to Canada at times (North Dakota, New York, Detroit) and have spent many enjoyable hours in your delightful country.

  3. I already feel overwhelmed by the overt commercialism of the season, so this post was a wonderful reminder to give thanks and focus on what matters most. Thanks for the reminder:) BTW…beautiful photo!

  4. When I first read this topic, I thought, ‘What a beautiful topic.’ And some of the things that you personally are grateful for are very moving.

    Then my second thought was of the things I am truly, deeply grateful for and how some of these things make me overwhelmingly sad, like having the mother I was born to – the one who raised me – and how very grateful I am to have had her in my life, but, oh, how much I miss her now that she’s gone (March 6, 2014 – metastasized breast cancer). And so I had a good cry and decided I couldn’t handle being grateful right then. LOL

    But I didn’t forget about the topic. And I read everyone’s replies as they appeared in my inbox, and they were all deeply lovely and beautiful. And I continued to think about gratitude and the things that I personally am grateful for. Each day that passed I was a little less sad than before and I began to realize what a healing exercise this is.

    So here it goes…

    I am grateful for all three of the women who mothered me in my life: (1) my birth mom, who raised me and from who I inherited so many things – my love of crafts and doing genealogy and music – and who taught me what it means to be a wife and a mother, (2) my paternal grandmother, who really took over in my teen years, teaching me, over the summers I spent with her, how to clean a house and how to do yard work, how to take care of my hair, how to sew, and with whom I was able to have frank discussions about sex, and who encouraged my love of reading and my faith in God, and (3) the woman I met 13 years ago who became my adopted mom (not legally, of course, but the mother of my heart), who was there for me to lean on through some of the toughest, most heart breaking and difficult situations of my life, who listens to me when I want to talk, who has been my shoulder to lean on, who has been the model of strength.

    I am grateful for God, who has never ever let me down, who always hears me when I talk to Him, who created this beautiful earth and all the human beings and creatures and living things that dwell upon it, who has held my hand through all the tough times, and who unfailingly loves me.

    I am grateful for my father – my wonderful, amazing father – who is a pillar of strength and courage, who took care of my mom’s every need through her long sickness and who held her hand as she died, who instilled in me from an early age to love gardening and nature and animals, who taught me how important family is, who gave me a strong sense of right and wrong, and who taught me about God and the Bible.

    I am grateful for all seven of my kids – (1) the two from my husband’s first marriage, who are so vibrant and interesting and different, who welcomed me into their family and let me be a part of their life, and (2) the five I still have at home, who have given my life meaning and purpose, who make me laugh and cry, who are always in my dreams at night and in my thoughts during the day, who inspire me to be a better person, and who love me. I can’t imagine my life without any of my kids.

    I am grateful for my husband of 21 years, who has been so good about putting up with my quirkiness and eccentricities, who loves me despite the fact that I’m constantly trying to bring new pets home (LOL), who lets me be me and doesn’t try to change me, who brought to this beautiful mountain on which we live, and who has been a great dad to our children. He has taken such good care of me, and I love him to no end.

    I am grateful to the assortment of creatures who have made their ways into and out of my life, who entertain me with their adorable antics, who give me unconditional love and trust, and who break my heart when it is time for them to leave.

    I am grateful for every person who has come into my life, (even those I have only ever met on the Internet) whether they stayed or left, whether they remained my friend or whether we had a falling out, whether they healed my heart or hurt me. I have learned something from each of them. I am a better person for having known them. I love them all.

    • Thank you so much for your heartfelt sharing Kathy, it’s truly beautiful. Your grateful mind will always heal your hurts, lift your spirits and guide you to bright places!

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