Life Particles

My heart sank when I heard about the shootings in Paris.

Immediately, I started to imagine what it must have felt like to have been there. How frightened those innocent people must have been.  I imagined the agony and suffering of all the people who have lost a friend, a parent, a sister, a child.  My heart goes out to all of them.

And even though we don’t always hear about them, we know that these kinds of things are happening all around the world, everyday. It’s easy to feel so helpless about it all.  It seems as though the world is in a  state of chaos, and there isn’t anything that I can do about it.

I am reminded of something that I heard Ilchi Lee once say.  It was on September 16th, 2001, just five days after 9/11. He was in Boston speaking at MIT University as part of his “Healing Society” book tour.  I was there staffing the event. A young student stood up and, with despair in her voice, she asked him ‘What can we possibly do now?’

I’ll always remember what he said. To paraphrase, he simply explained that in the energy world, strongest energy wins. The fact that such a tragedy had taken place was evidence that the stronger energy that was winning over our planet was the energy of anger, hate and fear.  In order to offset that energy, the only thing that we can really do is to raise up the healing energy on the Earth, until it wins.

Here we stand today, fourteen years later, and it’s obvious what kind of energy is still winning in our world.  I find myself checking myself first- how much have I really raised up the healing energy inside of myself and helped to bring Light to those around me?  There is still so much work to do, but I am invested in the project….I can’t stop until the world is a bright enough place where human beings no longer inflict pain upon each other.  It is in our truest nature to love and protect each other.   I will keep seeking the Light…to feel the Light, to be the Light to share the Light… until all of humanity can remember who they really are.

“Life Particles” are the tiniest elemental particles – they are what all Life is made of.  They are particles that heal and restore the Light of Life wherever they flow.

Today I would like to send the Light of Life Particles to Paris and to all of the people affected by this tragic event.  From my heart.  And I would like to recommit to my promise again.  My promise to be ever brighter, to love more, to awaken more, until the day that we can truly live together in peace as a harmonious Earth Family.





1 Thought.

  1. Darkness cannot drive out darkness,
    only light can do that
    Hate cannot drive out hate,
    only love can do that
    ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

    So let us be the light
    let us be the love
    Let us keep the promise
    that we don’t stop having faith
    and hope for humanity


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