Every morning I try to read one message from Ilchi Lee’s Calligraphic Meditation. I just open the book at random and take the message into my heart as something I needed to hear or reflect on for that day.

Today’s message was so beautiful and I found it very appropriate for this moment of time.  I couldn’t help but share it with all of you 🙂


Your Luminous Soul

The sun shines when the clouds clear away. The divine mind, luminous as the sun, seeks it’s own light.

We have within us a mind bright like the sun. It’s hard to always maintain that mind, but it’s very important to know that this mind is our true, eternally changeless form.

This is because, when you feel and know that this mind is there within you, you long for this mind, and are willing to search for it.

Our emotions and environment change constantly, like the seasons and the weather, but our souls are always there shining like the sun.

Knowing that you have a soul bright and clear like the sun, perceiving and feeling that soul, you will realize that it is very precious and beautiful. When you consider yourself important and precious, you will begin to feel the same way toward other forms of life and toward the world.

Our souls are truly beautiful. Each of us, having a beautiful soul, is truly precious.  Open your eyes to yourself. Discover yourself and develop your value.

Even in the darkest despair and pain, be moved by and praise your noble soul, which recovers your mind,, right and sining like the sun.

Like the shining sun, let your bright soul illuminate the world.


sun between the branches pic




4 Thoughts.

  1. It seems very fitting for you, Danielle nim, because you radiate light wherever you go and all who meet you are enthralled by you. You are an amazing friend.

    • Thank you Taya that is a very sweet thing for you to say. It has been my goal for a long time to become Light to help the world to be a brighter place. I feel I still have a long way to go to develop my Greatness, but I am enjoying the journey. Along the way I have met so many other beautiful Lights, including you. I appreciate you and encourage you to keep shining your Light!

      • I feel like you are already there. I feel like we were meant to meet. When you find the right people to be friends with, you know. Everyone has family that is blood or adopted, but sometimes you find those special friends who are soul siblings, so to speak. This may just be me and my opinion but I honestly feel like you are one to me. We haven’t even known each other that long.

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