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I hope that everyone had a Happy, restful, joyful Thanksgiving Day.

I recently came across this quote somewhere – I can’t remember if it was Facebook or Twitter … or something like that 🙂

Anyway, I liked it so much that I really wanted to share it here.  It touched my heart and made me feel truth.  I felt that it belonged on my blog 🙂  Enjoy!


People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.

If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway.

If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway.

The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway.

For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.

~Mother Teresa



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  1. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yourself. Mine happened last month in Canada so I celebrated before you but I do have family members and family-of-choice in the United States (yourself included in the list 😉 ) but I spent that time with my family, our cats (we have 4 altogether collectively) and my twin sister who is a Paralympian and her boyfriend. Her track season is over until next year. As you know, my birthday just passed and it was nice to see all the birthday greetings on my page. Despite things I have been dealing with, it is nice to know that I have friends and family (including all here) that love me. I’m happy you liked the latest song I sent to you. You know I worked very hard on that. One of my favorite quotes will always be “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.” Some things are meant to be and are fate and others are not. But everything happens for a reason.

  2. Earlier this year I listened to a recording on Utube entitled “the peace that surpasses all understanding” by Dr. James Finley.
    The questions and soul dimensions he explores are terribly profound and have not left me all of these past months. I am still exploring them in my own depths. And I wonder what you all will make of them:
    -what is the joy that death does not have the power to destroy and how might I discover it?
    – how not to let the conditions of my mind and heart be determined by the external conditions I am presently going through?
    – what is the happiness that is not dependent on the external conditions of happiness that are conducive to happiness(eg. Good Health,
    Satisfying job)how and where do I find such happiness?
    I think we must dive deep to find The answers. Some of which have been alluded to in this blog.

    • I agree with you Charlene, these are very profound questions. I find them to also be the most important and most interesting questions of life – perhaps this is why I have pursued a spiritual life. Nothing else seems quite so rich and fulfilling to me as the very answer to the questions, as well as the quest to find it, and the effort to live it in this world.
      I feel that because I have had the opportunity to discover such a profound practice, path and teacher, I have been able to taste the answer. It feels like a tiny taste but even that taste has been life changing. I would say it is quite difficult to describe if not impossible, although I try in my own way through sharing the enlightenment of Ilchi Lee and my own personal awakenings on the journey.
      However, I can say that I do feel that the answer to all three questions is the same answer – the same one thing. It is about knowing the Source of Life and discovering the zero point of our existence. It has been described infinite ways throughout history, but it can’t be known intellectually. It can only be found and felt deep deep inside of one’s being.

    • I like that second question: “how not to let the conditions of my mind and heart be determined by the external conditions I am presently going through?” Granted, many people suffer from depression or anxiety or the like and struggle with this, but I think for the most part and for most people that happiness is a choice. We need to choose to be happy. We need to look for things that make us happy each day – a smile on a loved one’s face, the warm sun, a pretty picture, a song… It’s like the picture Danielle’s student made (I love that one). You make happiness yourself.

  3. Dear Danielle,
    I loved the quote by mother Theresa. I think it’s the most important lesson in life we can learn. To forgive, be kind, be honest, find happiness, to do good and to give the world the best we have. In the end, and in the beginning (:D), it’s between ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. We feel good when we are good, and mostly to other people.
    When we stand strong for the things that are important to us personally, there is nothing and no one that can change that.. We an only truly live at peace with ourselves if we are honest with ourselves.
    Keep standing for the things that matter to you!

    Dear Charlene,
    The questions that you wrote, are maybe the most important questions we have to ask ourselves. This kind of questions re the questions I love to ask myself and others. Because they lead us right to the core of our being. Our bare soul, without any fuss, honest, authentic and truthful. This is probably the most important reason why I read and post on Danielle’s blog. For me, it’s about the things in live that truly matter.
    Of course I thought about the questions, some were easier to answer than others
    – The joy that death does not have the power to destroy is LOVE. Even when the people we love die, we keep loving them, they will always be loved. We ourselves are loves by the people around us, and they will keep loving us.
    Another important love is the love for nature, the world (the whole universe) around us. We keep loving and caring for the world (and the universe) everything around us. When we die, we will become the same atoms and elements from which we originated. The same elements of which the whole universe is made. So when we die, we truly become stardust, we will become part of the world and universe around us. In that way, that love will never die.

    – I think it’s very hard not to let the conditions of our mind and heart be determined by the external conditions around us. We are constantly stimulated by everything around us. Noises, smells, the things we see, the things that happen to us, the things that happen to people around us (people we love).
    Personally it’s almost impossible for me not to be affected by the world around me, there are simply too much sensations. Less sensations and stimulations means less affect on me. But even then, in silence, my mind doesn’t stop wandering. I think I just try to accept the fact that my mind and heart are affected, and let it be.

    – The happiness that is not dependant on external conditions is for me personally PEACE OF MIND. I am truly happy and relaxed when my mind is at peace with itself. It doesn’t happen often, mostly in quiet and peaceful moments when I’m surrounded by nature, when I’m just all by myself.
    I realise that even those are external conditions (it has to be quiet, there ha to be nature around me and no other people).
    I think that the moments of peace of mind are the moments when we are truly connected with our inner selves. But it’s hard to reach that connections, because of all the sensations and stimulations around us.

    I have been thinking a lot about the sparkle(s) of (our) life recently. The things that make us smile, make us feel joyful, happy. The things that ignite the fire within us. The beauty of it is that the moments when that happens, are the moments we are truly the person we are deep inside. And when that sparkle involves other people, the spark can be passed on.
    I love to explore and discover the things and the people that ignite my sparkle, because it emphasises the connection there is at that moment. I gain strength from the moments when other people are ignited by my personal sparkle. Because it teaches me that I truly do matter in the world.

    That brings me to say something to you Danielle. In a reaction (“thoughts”) to Taya (on your blog post “Light”, date 22-11-2015) you wrote that it has been your goal for a long time to become Light to help the world to be a brighter place. That you feel you still have a long way to go to develop your Greatness.
    What I want to say to you, is that you ARE already a light that helps the world to be a better place. You already have developed your greatness. Of course there are always new things to learn, new experiences to live through. But don’t forget that it’s not about the destination you want to reach, it’s about the journey you make, and who is with you on that journey.
    I recently discovered myself that there is no way in which I can reach the ultimate goal, to become my true self. I already AM! And during my life there will be changes, new insights. But I AM already my true self and I have to try to stay true to that Self.
    In other words, realize (as Taya mentioned on more than one occasion :D), you ARE already a beautiful sparkle of life that brings love, insights and care to the world around you, to the people who meet you.
    Don’t forget that! And let this thought make you feel good, warm and loved.

    Love you all!

    • Dear Yvonne, thank you always for your loving reminders 🙂 We can always grow more, expand more, shine more. because we are infinite. The process that the little bud of life takes to blossom into a fully bloomed flower is such a beautiful and precious thing. We are all those flowers! Let’s celebrate each part of the journey ~ 🙂

  4. Right after I posted my message yesterday, I came across two beautiful quotes. Those two quotes involved exactly the same “we are stardust” explanation as my message.
    I love it when coincidence (OR NOT… 🌟) happens!

    The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff. ~ Carl Sagan

    You are the same age as the universe because matter can never be created or destroyed. ~ @SpaceVerseTM (on Twitter)
    ❤️✨ Yvonne

  5. Thank you for your thoughtful reflections. I agree that all three questions asked are basically the same. As mentioned, one must dive deep into the interior life to experience the Source of Life. Sometimes I think that I all I can ultimately do is make myself available and open through meditation and other practices. The experience itself is difficult to describe and is fleeting. I believe our receiving of it is grace and gift. It is not in our power to create it, but we can only thirst for it in our hearts,”as a deer longs for running waters, so I thirst for you my God” So I keep thirsting, questing. exploring, and try to remain faithful to the journey.

    • I understand this thirst. I agree with you – staying open is important. I also believe that our devotion is an important part. Our devotion to the quest – going deep to access our deepest, purest, most sincere wish and longing. Heaven will be moved by that sincerity.

  6. I’ve never seen this quote before, but I really love it. I’m a firm believer that other people’s actions have nothing to do with me. It doesn’t matter how they act, I need to be a good person no matter what. Beautiful quote.

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