Joy to the World

Today was a happy day.

We gathered together at the Memorial Stadium in Seattle, right next to the Space Needle, to build a human banner!

The event was hosted by ECO (Earth Citizen Organization), and was put together by some of our local students who wanted to bring people together to create JOY ~ literally 🙂

Approximately 50 people sat and lied down on the ground, bundled in their winter coats and hats, while a drone flew overhead snapping shots of them.

I was blessed to be asked to lead a short meditation, so I got to see the whole thing from the press box!  When I clicked on the microphone to speak, I was almost in tears feeling the sincere hearts of all the participants who had come out into the cold afternoon in the name of something big and beautiful.  I could feel that everyone who was there, was there because they had a dream in their hearts. A dream to really truly create a joyful world.

In our meditation I guided them to open themselves up and feel themselves as part of nature – to feel the wind and the trees, to smell the earth.  And then to further open their hearts and let their love and light spread out across the planet to people everywhere, of all nations, races & religions.  Finally, they ended with a group hug, then burst into a mini dance party.  It was definitely a joyful day all around 🙂

I am thankful to ECO for having such a Great Cause under which we could make such a unique event.

I am thankful to Brianna Sieberg who was the captain of it all, and put in a huge amount of effort to make it all happen.  It began as a wish in her heart and she made it happen in reality, and I am proud of her for that.

I am thankful to Seattle Yoga News for taking interest and coming to take a bunch of pictures, and to Benny the DJ for rockin’ the house.

And most of all I am thankful to the bright and pure spirits who created JOY together! I am sure that their good vibrations reverberated around the globe!!!

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  1. Something I am thankful for and totally in awe of is my twin sister who is a Paralympian was recently part of a Documentary on Everyday Heroes. She is very modest and humble. She doesn’t like to think of herself as a hero, but she truly is. She motivates others with disabilities to not give up on their dreams. At the end of the video, you will see her in a victory pose. That was after her second place finish at the Paralympics semifinals. Anyone who watches this Mini-Doculentary ends up with chills down their spine.

      • When I saw it, I cried as did many others who were glued to the screen in awe of her accomplishments. When she was nominated by a friend of ours, she was like “Me? An Everyday Hero? I don’t think so.” But she still accepted the honor and did the interview. We have been raised to be humble, rather than conceited or narcissistic. You probably saw photos of me in there as well. 🙂

  2. Dear Danielle, Taya, Charlene and Robin,
    I wanted to share some Holiday feelings and a little message with you, but I don’t have all your emailadresses. So that’s the reason I’m posting my little message on Danielle’s blog. I will also send it to you via Facebook personal message.
    Love Yvonne

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