One More Circle Around the Sun

I hope that you are all enjoying your New Year’s Eve.

It’s a quiet, reflective night for me.  I still feel that I am processing all that took place in 2015 and wrapping my mind around the year ahead.  What obstacles am I facing and how will I overcome them?  What would I like to challenge myself with in 2016?  What would I like to change? And what would I like to achieve?

There is much to consider and much to feel hopeful for.  After all, I am the creator of my life and I am proud of the choices that I have been making.  I can say that honestly as I conclude this year, and that feels good.  I am blessed in so many ways and I truly feel hope that we are moving towards a brighter world – we are building that world together – despite what the current circumstances may sometimes look like.

Without a doubt, Body & Brain Yoga, The Earth Citizen Organization, The International Brain Education Association, Tao Fellowship, and Power Brain Education – all the organizations that I support and love – will continue to charge forward to bring true health, happiness and peace to this planet.  So, what better moment is there than this one?

There is a musician who I really love.  Have you heard of Peter Mayer?  His music is sweet and full of feeling, and his lyrics always stir deep places in my heart.  I wanted to finish this year with sharing one of his songs with you.  I dedicate it to all of us 🙂

Let’s breathe out 2015 with a smile and welcome in 2016 with open, joyful arms.

Happy New Year ~ !

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  1. Happy New Year, my dearest, Danielle! I hope to be able to celebrate many more New Year’s celebrations with you all even from elsewhere in the world. Love you!

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