Thank you!

Thank you so much to any and all who took part in the process of supporting me to win the Seattle Yoga Teacher of the Year for 2015!

It was a surprise and an honor to receive it!!

I began 2015 by calling it the year of “New Beginnings” and it truly has been.  It started with this blog and has wound it’s way all the way to this award.  Along the road I met many wonderful new people, developed bright relationships, and was met with many gifts and unexpected delights along the way.  It feels as though it was truly a year of opportunity and the start of something new.

I feel like Heaven itself was winking at me this year, as I had finished the year 2014 with an explosive crash, and a bruised heart to show for it.  It seems like we really have to hit the bottom sometimes to jump up up up!

Every day, every moment, is a chance to begin again.  I declare to myself today that 2015 is the year of new beginnings that marks the start of a life lived with new beginnings at every turn.

Why not ?! 😀

Below are two links: one is to my video interview on Seattle Yoga News. They are doing such great work for the Seattle Yoga Community so I wanted to share it with you all too!

The other is a song that I love.  It lights up my heart every time I hear it and I hope that you find inspiration from it as well!

3 Thoughts.

  1. No, thank YOU, Danielle nim! Your students know someone deserving of the award and title when they see it and that is why they voted for you and why I did. We love you so much.

    As promised, here are the two versions of O Holy Night. I know how you said that your mom loved that hymn and that any time you hear it, you feel her so strongly and vividly. I’m sure she is proud of everything you have achieved and what you have become.

    • Dear Taya, thank you so much ~ I love you too.
      My mom died December 16th, 2013. Almost exactly two years ago. Thank you for this wonderful gift that celebrates her in my heart. I know that she is smiling, wherever she may be.

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