A Book

Hello All!

I would like to ask you, my readers, your opinions about something…

I am tossing around the idea of turing this blog into a book.  Several people have recommended me to do so and I am putting it on my list of things to focus on for the year.

My question is, if it were a book, what do you think are the important focal points here?  Is it the messages on Self-Development?  The spiritual aspect?  Body & Brain and Ilchi Lee?My personal story?  Adoption?  My inner journey?  All?  🙂

I have some ideas myself but would love to hear some of yours.  If it were a book, what would you want to hear more about?  What themes most interest you and resonate?  What themes do you feel that more people might also resonate with?

I so appreciate your thoughts.

With Love & Gratitude ~


Retraining My Brain

In a recent blog I mentioned that I am “retraining my brain,” and I was asked to speak a little more on that.  So, here I go 🙂

I have been practicing Body & Brain Yoga since January 2000, so it is 16 years this month.  I took my Master-In-Training course in December 2002, so I have been teaching classes, leading workshops, running centers, and doing private energy work with people for 13 years.  In all of this, at this moment where I stand with my practice and my experience, I can honestly say that retraining my brain is the single most important thing that I am focusing on, and I believe it is the essence of everything.

Everything begins with our Information.  The Information in our brain. I’m capitalizing it here to show that I am not just referring to information in the way that we usually think of it, but instead to consider just about everything as Information.  The things people told you when you were young, as well as all through your entire life and everyday, this is Information.  It includes what family members and friends, teachers, lovers, and enemies have said, as well as the news in all of it’s forms, social media, astrology readings, you name it. Information.  It also includes the Information you receive from everything you see and feel.  Aren’t there tiny little messages downloading in your mind when you look at a flower? Messages that have no words but come from a feeling.  Or when you look at a dead animal on the side of the road?  It is different Information than a flower, right? Or how about if you smell poop?  Or if you have a beautiful encounter with your Soul?  These are all different forms of stimulation, but they all produce some kind of Information.

Most importantly perhaps is the Information that you give to yourself.  How are you speaking to yourself on a daily basis, with all the many thoughts flickering around inside your head?  Those thoughts are also Information.  And whatever Information that you “accept” , whether consciously or unconsciously, will produce emotion.  That emotion will produce more thoughts and around it goes. Those thoughts end up dictating how we act and react, and how we respond to our world.  We come to realize that our Information is basically controlling our lives.

So what can we do?  The good news is that we have a brain 🙂  An amazing brain.  A brain that has a great power to choose and create.  A brain that has the ability to accept OR refuse Information according to what helps me, the owner of my brain, to achieve my goals.  A brain that can actually take old Information that is unhealthy and limiting and change it into a more positive, peaceful and productive Information.  It is a wonderful, liberating thing and I believe that this is one of the reason’s why Ilchi Lee often says, “Why worry when you have a brain?”

The work that we need to do is to become aware of what kind of Information we are taking in, listening to, reacting and following on any day, at any given moment.  This is what I am referring to as retraining my brain.  I am working on becoming more aware more often of how I manage my Information, because for most of my life, my Information just managed me.  However, I am more than just an accumulation of my life of Information.  I exist beyond it, as the purest form of Information – as consciousness itself.  Therefore, I can create my Information.

This has not always been easy for me and I work hard at it everyday.  The process to do this is Brain Education, which has 5 steps:

  1. Brain Sensitizing – Stimulate your body to wake up all of the senses of the body, which will eventually  lead to awakening the energy body and the spiritual body.  The energy & spiritual bodies are where we are storing our emotion and Information.
  2. Brain Versatilizing –  Develop a more flexible relationship to your body, mind & spirit by developing the power to observe yourself and your habits without judgement.
  3. Brain Refreshing – Purify all negative emotions and painful memories trapped inside that are hurting your body & mind in any way. When you purify the emotion attached with the Information, the Information itself has less power.
  4. Brain Integrating – Re-Integrate your body, mind & spirit in a healthier way by establishing a goal for your greatest self, then making choices and taking actions that align with your highest potential.
  5. Brain Mastering – Repeat steps 1-4 over and over again and through this process become the creator of your life.

This is my own personal explanation of Brain Education for the purpose of this post, but it is a highly effective program being utilized all over the world and especially for children.  If you want to  know more, you can go to powerbraineducation.com or ibreafoundation.org.

Body & Brain Yoga generally falls into the category of Brain Eduation step one and two, but if one takes more advanced workshops and programs, one can experience all five of the steps.

This is a lot of “information” on retraining the brain 🙂 But as I said earlier, I think it is the most important thing. I too am actively observing my own Information and its impact.  I am discovering that I have a lot of Information that has caused me to act and re-act in certain ways throughout my whole life, some of which I have described in other posts.  This Information has affected my emotional and physical well-being at times and has prevented me from achieving all of my goals and dreams.  I am actually so happy to discover it, because upon the moment of discovery I become free to choose something new.  And when I do that, I begin to create a different day, week and life for myself.

Louise Hay’s affirmations are very similar.  They are about implanting a new Information into your brain instead of just listening to the negative stream of consciousness rant that the brain habitually follows.  Ilchi Lee calls this “creating good news.” We need to give our brains good news! I have come to realize that I have spent a lot of time making false meaning out of things, often negative, and then I react accordingly.  But now I know that I can choose to create a different meaning –  a meaning that actually helps me, instead of hinders me.  My teacher would say, “Take back your brain!”

Although I am now working much more diligently on this process day to day and moment to moment, I discovered it long ago when I first began my journey.  So I would like to finish here with one story that exemplifies it.  A story that I can’t remember if I told you or not so I will tell it again 🙂

When I was at the 1st term Healer School program in 2001, we did an exercise called “Water Healing”.  We were given a glass of water and told that we would be turning it into healing water.  We were instructed to first choose the person who we wanted to make this water for.  Before even thinking about it, what popped instantly into my mind was, “my mother, of course!”  The exercise was for us to hold the glass of water with two hands in front of our heart chakra while sitting in half lotus posture for 40 minutes.  We were to spend the entire time in prayer for that person, while looking at the water.  What unfolded inside of me transformed my life….

From the very first moment I was alarmed at how quickly I had chosen to dedicate this to my mother.  I realized that the desire to heal her was programmed deep into my brain, as I had been living my entire life with that goal being my deepest wish.  “How can I heal my mother? How can I make her happy?”  So for one hour I just reviewed my life with my mother, with tears streaming down my cheeks.  I saw how tormented my heart was over witnessing her battle with her mental illness and found that I had created a belief, a pattern, in my brain that went like this: my mother was mentally ill –> it was so painful to me –> that’s why I am depressed and life is hard.  But as time passed on I saw more closely how that very illness had inspired me to seek true happiness for myself and led me to find my Soul. It had brought me to the exact place where I was sitting, doing what I felt was what I now wanted most – to live a life healing myself, others and the world.  A life that my Soul desired.  So I changed my Information!  The pattern literally rerouted in my brain and became a new belief: my mother was mentally ill –> it was so painful to me –> so I sought to awaken my Soul –> and now I can be a great healer –> my mother helped me to become the person I truly want to be. –> I am so grateful.  From that moment on, my relationship with my mother completely changed. I felt lightness about the past, where before there had been so much heaviness and darkness.  I realized that I had written a new story.  One that suited me and my life much better.  By just changing my Information, I was liberated.

Who is to say what is true or false, right or wrong?  Why do we hold on to things the way we do?  Why do we hurt ourselves in such a way? We can make our lives as we want to make them.  Nowadays, Ilchi Lee is talking about how the future completely depends on what kind of Information humanity creates at this time.  What we choose now will become tomorrow and the next day and 5 years from now.  What we choose now will become our world and our children’s world.  So for the good of our Souls and for the good of our Mother Earth, I hope that we can all become creators of bright, healing Information.  I hope that we can all take back our brains!


Everything Is Ok

I have often felt that if Heaven could talk, then this is what it would say:

“Everything is Ok.”

How powerful those strange little letters are. O and K. I’m not sure how they came to be put together to create a word that has come to have such great meaning and impact for me.

I suppose these words are so precious to me because when I was young I saw things that scared me, and found myself in a perpetual state of fear where I mostly felt that everything was definitely not ok. I told myself that, unconsciously, for so long that I really stressed out my nervous system.  The brain is a powerful thing.  You feed it information and it sends that message to all of your cells.  It makes that information more and more real for you.

This is why managing our information is so important.  As I begin 2016 I am reminding myself that this year will be as I create it, based on the information that I feed to my brain and allow myself to believe as true.

I think that “Everything is Ok” is very healing information.  It eases the heart, calms the mind and soothes the spirit.

After I discovered myself the great wisdom in this little word, I began to find others around me were also in agreement.  I found a poem in Seventy Stories for a Healthy Soul, by Jeongeun Son, that says what I feel so perfectly:

It’s Okay

“It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay.”

Looking directly into my eyes, God says, “It’s okay!”

Holding my hands, God says, “It’s okay!”

While holding my heart, God says, “It’s okay!”

God! I am okay.

I am okay since you are with me. I am okay.

I am okay.


I was so delighted the day I found this simple poem.  “Yes! I totally agree!” I thought.  It was so nice to know that someone else out there had felt exactly as I did.  I took a picture of it and kept it in my phone so that I could read it anytime I needed a reminder.

Everything is okay. Everything is truly ok.  No matter what, it’s really ok.

When I can re-train my brain to believe this and send the message out to every last cell, then nothing in this world can steal my peace from me.

Isn’t it such a beautiful thing? If it weren’t for the hardships that caused me to feel a deep not-okayness, then I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to realize with awe a magnificent truth, that Everything Is OK.

Life is full of blessings.