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Hello All!

I would like to ask you, my readers, your opinions about something…

I am tossing around the idea of turing this blog into a book.  Several people have recommended me to do so and I am putting it on my list of things to focus on for the year.

My question is, if it were a book, what do you think are the important focal points here?  Is it the messages on Self-Development?  The spiritual aspect?  Body & Brain and Ilchi Lee?My personal story?  Adoption?  My inner journey?  All?  🙂

I have some ideas myself but would love to hear some of yours.  If it were a book, what would you want to hear more about?  What themes most interest you and resonate?  What themes do you feel that more people might also resonate with?

I so appreciate your thoughts.

With Love & Gratitude ~


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  1. How about two books? LOL

    The thing is, your personal story would encompass more than Body & Brain and Ilchi Lee. It would start before you had learned these guiding principles and it would include learning these principles and it would include after you had learned these things. It would include people that don’t necessarily have anything to do with Dahn yoga, like your mom. So it would be a book all in itself.

    At the same time, I think that as a healer you have a lot to offer, a lot to teach. And, I think, explaining these things to someone like myself – someone who is so new to these ideas – would be a completely different focus. It might include stories that happened to you in your life or realizations that occurred at a certain point in your life, but the focus would be more on teaching.

    As a writer myself (fanfiction, children’s educational material, stuff like that), I can tell you that if you try to include too much together, it becomes overwhelming. It’s easier to separate out ideas, almost as if they are different entities, and write them that way. It’s also easier to write to a certain person or to a group of people. When you write about Dahn yoga, Ilchi Lee, Body and Brain centers, you will be writing to a certain group of people interested in that. When you write your life’s story, you’re writing to an entirely different group – to your mother, perhaps; to fans of your birth mother who would like to know more about you; to clients of Body and Brain who would like to know more about one of their teachers, maybe even to yourself… It’s just a different group, if that makes any sense.

    • It does make sense Kathy, thank you 🙂

      I am really looking for the way to comfortably merge them into one book. Kind of like this blog. Perhaps a series of vignettes? Or perhaps a memoir of an adopted child? I would really like to provide insight and support for others who are adopted or have adopted family members. That is something that really speaks to my heart.

      I’m happy for all thoughts and ideas. I’ll just be bouncing with them for a while 🙂

  2. Well, as you know, I do have an interest in all things relating to adoption because of my kids. It was your birth mother’s book which sent me looking for you. I had read years ago about a daughter she had given up for adoption and I always wondered what happened to that little girl. When I read in her book that she had found her, it made me wonder more and I went looking for you. I am an adoptive mom, with adopted kids, and it’s an open adoption so I have their birth mom in my life. Getting other people’s viewpoints and insights does help me.

    But, as you also know, that’s ultimately *not* why I stayed. I discovered a fellow healer in you, one that knows a very different kind of healing that I’ve never encountered before, and I wanted to learn more. And that more than anything is why I keep coming back. Cause you keep teaching me. And you make me think and sometimes re-think about things. And I love that.

    You’re an eloquent writer, Danielle. You draw people in with your stories because they’re so relatable, so poignant, so moving. And then you use those stories to teach. I know that whatever you end up doing, however you end up writing it – it’s going to be amazing. And it’s going to help a lot of people.

  3. Several thoughts come to mind regarding a book. The first idea is that you should write about what you feel passionate about. I could imagine a book with different chapters or vignettes about any the following: the inner journey, healing, spirituality, my teacher, my students, Dahn yoga, the soul, adoption, mothers. In other words, each chapter could have a theme but the content would be personal revelation.
    What I believe hooks readers is the personal story and the parts of it that are universal: suffering, growth, relationships, spirituality,etc. I am always attracted to read about someones inner journey. I don’t think writing only about the teachings of Dahn yoga would attract a broader audience. These teachings can be found in other places but your personal story is unique and quite fascinating. You writings are moving and stir the soul. The world is yearning for such inspiration and healing.
    Lastly, I would hate to see the discontinuation of this blog for many reasons. It occurs in real time and provides a place where ideas can be exchanged, where conversations occur which is not possible in a book. You have a lot to teach and offer on an ongoing basis, in real time, as you continue on this fascinating path. Blessings Danielle as you explore this new endeavor!
    Ever fondly, Charlene

    • Thank you Charlene that is very helpful – I really appreciate to see your perspective. Yes, perhaps I will try a vignette style to start with the different themes….and no worries, I don’t plan to discontinue the blog 🙂 I too love this open forum and healing community that we have here. I know that I will have much to share long after a book would be published!

  4. Danielle Nim,
    I think you should write about your experience as an adopted child, perhaps about your life, your spiritual and inner journey. That would attract more than just one group, as Kathy and Charlene mentioned before. Maybe even your life up to this point. You could mention the people you have met along your journey, including us if you like.

    • Thank you Taya! Yes my instinct is that it begins with the adoption and then follows the journey of my life: my mother’s illness, meeting Kate, discovering my path, my spiritual awakenings. I’m so thankful for all of your feedback!!

  5. Dear Danielle,
    First of all, I think your plan is marvelous! As Kathy once mentioned, the blog already reads like a book. And I agree totally with the post of Charlene.
    In order to give you a complete and useful answer, I have been reading your “old” blog posts again, as the emails we exchanged.

    The first thing that comes to mind is the word: journey.
    It started even before you were born, through all your experiences with the people around you, through the re connection with your past (and weaving this experience into your life), through the enormous load you carried during the sickness of you mother (braided with an endless love and care for her), to the point you are now.
    Personally I think that this journey (outside and inside!), with all the experiences, feelings and thoughts are the most interesting to read.
    People search for something to relate to when reading. Nothing describes that better than a honest personal story. Preferably with the difficult and “nasty” feelings and thoughts included. (Because that’s what most of us try to escape..).
    I think it’s very important that the book is about YOU. Your journey, your thoughts and feelings, how you see and experience the world. The reason is quite simple: for a very long time your life has been about the people in your life, and not about YOU. So, take the center stage and tell YOUR story.

    Choose the themes YOU want to tell about, which are important to YOU. The themes that made you the person you are today.

    One of the most compelling words you used in your blog were the following:

    “My will to look deep inside, beyond all of the emotions and wrong beliefs, to the truth and heart of myself, and then see again – my life, my world, and the people in it – with those wide and embracing eyes.”

    “So at the end of this dynamic trip I was reminded again that everything is choice. And I choose Love. And, I love you my life; my journey, my story, my struggles, my memories my perseverance, my heartache, my possibility, my path, my truth, my hope, my dream, my road ahead.”

    Personally, I would be interested to voraciously read anything that gives me the opportunity to really get to know you. (I like to dig deep into a mind and heart, of people I love, like or admire. And of course my own mind and heart). I’m looking forward to it. As soon as it’s published (I know, I’m jumping to conclusions *big grin*) I will order it in the US.

    Because in the end, it’s all about our own journey and the path we take. To quote a wise woman *grin* …
    “It’s a crooked path, but it’s mine and I have to take it” ~ KM

    Sending you love and peace of mind across the globe,


    • Thank you for sharing all of your thoughts and love Yvonne 🙂 It helps me to organize my brain on where to begin. And thank you for the reminder that the blog reads like a book. I think if I am transform the blog into a book I need to simply organize the themes and flow of it all as well as to flush it out with more information and more experiences. Now to just simply begin that process….. Thank you again!

  6. Hi Danielle,

    I know I am coming into the conversation just short of five months late, but I just wanted to jump in and agree by saying that I think writing the book in vignettes is a nice way to go about it. I recently discovered your site and am still getting to know you through your posts. I am not familiar with your adoption story, yet, but based on what I have read in the comments, this experience naturally affected your life significantly. From what I have read about you, I can tell you are a FASCINATING woman. I am nineteen years old, so I have only been a member of the “adult” world a little over a year. You don’t know me, but I had never felt like I had had an adult understand me and my perspective on things until I started reading your posts. It’s as though you are articulating all of the jumbled up thoughts that are in my head. I find myself having many “Aha!” moments as I read through your posts and the comments made by such lovely people. I am intrigued by your story. I want to know more. I want to know where you come from, what your struggles have been, and what you have done to cope. You are a deeply feeling person, and there are many people like that on this Earth. I am the type of person who is attracted by people’s stories. I always have been. I am a people person. Nothing makes me feel the oneness of humanity you speak of more than being able to connect with another citizen of this Earth. I love looking back and revisiting things that speak to me and that I can relate to. If your book is made up of vignettes, it can make it easier for your audience to revisit sections that speak to them or that that give them a boost when needed. You talk a lot about focusing your energy on specific parts of your body in your physical exercises. I think that same idea of focusing your energy on a certain topic in individual vignettes would be an excellent reflection of a theme that is very present in your life as well. That parallel on the focusing of energy in both your life and in your book, through vignettes, will allow the connection between you and your audience to be more intimate, I think. I am sending you love and positive energy as you write your book. I am sure it will be just as amazing as you are! 🙂


    • Thank you so much for your suggestion and encouragement, Jessica. My book has been on a temporary hiatus – mostly because I have been quite busy at my center these days and the process to create a book requires a different gear in my brain that I have not been in 🙂 Having said that, I am just now getting ready to turn my focus in that direction and an opportunity has arisen which I hope will help me to make it a reality sooner than later. So, your comment is timely and I will certainly consider your vignette recommendation.

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