Everything Is Ok

I have often felt that if Heaven could talk, then this is what it would say:

“Everything is Ok.”

How powerful those strange little letters are. O and K. I’m not sure how they came to be put together to create a word that has come to have such great meaning and impact for me.

I suppose these words are so precious to me because when I was young I saw things that scared me, and found myself in a perpetual state of fear where I mostly felt that everything was definitely not ok. I told myself that, unconsciously, for so long that I really stressed out my nervous system.  The brain is a powerful thing.  You feed it information and it sends that message to all of your cells.  It makes that information more and more real for you.

This is why managing our information is so important.  As I begin 2016 I am reminding myself that this year will be as I create it, based on the information that I feed to my brain and allow myself to believe as true.

I think that “Everything is Ok” is very healing information.  It eases the heart, calms the mind and soothes the spirit.

After I discovered myself the great wisdom in this little word, I began to find others around me were also in agreement.  I found a poem in Seventy Stories for a Healthy Soul, by Jeongeun Son, that says what I feel so perfectly:

It’s Okay

“It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay.”

Looking directly into my eyes, God says, “It’s okay!”

Holding my hands, God says, “It’s okay!”

While holding my heart, God says, “It’s okay!”

God! I am okay.

I am okay since you are with me. I am okay.

I am okay.


I was so delighted the day I found this simple poem.  “Yes! I totally agree!” I thought.  It was so nice to know that someone else out there had felt exactly as I did.  I took a picture of it and kept it in my phone so that I could read it anytime I needed a reminder.

Everything is okay. Everything is truly ok.  No matter what, it’s really ok.

When I can re-train my brain to believe this and send the message out to every last cell, then nothing in this world can steal my peace from me.

Isn’t it such a beautiful thing? If it weren’t for the hardships that caused me to feel a deep not-okayness, then I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to realize with awe a magnificent truth, that Everything Is OK.

Life is full of blessings.

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  1. Sometimes it amazes me how synchronicity brings us exactly what we need at a particular time. Such is the case with the poem “it’s OK”. When I first read the poem I misunderstood it’s message. I thought it was saying that everything, such as it is, is. OK. I know that I have experienced and witnessed sufferings and events that were not OK. But this is not what the problem is saying. It is saying that I am OK going through these experiences because God is with me always. God holds my hand and heart no matter what I am going through Ah, I am not alone. Everything is ok. Now I understand and delightfully agree.
    Many blessings for a happy new year. Thank you for sharing the poem, I really needed to be reminded of this truth.
    Love, Charlene.
    PS. Would love to hear more about your retraining of the brain!

    • I agree because the world really is falling apart and bad things do happen, but without God it truly would *not* be okay. Who else would hold our hand and help us through the rough times? Who else would help us to *not* feel alone? Who else would be there to say, ‘It’s okay, I got this’?

      • Yes, my post was not to say that the horrible things of the world are ok. I agree with you both.

        It was a much bigger okay-ness that I was speaking of. One that can only be known in the heart.

  2. I love this poem, Danielle. It reminds me of the happiness picture that your student sent you. I think a lot of times it’s really our focus in life that determines whether we are happy or sad, whether we have peace or angst, whether we find fulfillment or lack of purpose… We have to choose to see the good and the positive in our life and make that our focus. And it helps to know that God is there to hold our hand and help us walk our life’s path.

  3. Hi Danielle,

    This post made me think about the connection between spirituality and religion. The two are obviously connected, but do you think one can exist without the other? Can you be a spiritual person without being religious? My family is Catholic, but I feel as though I follow tradition more than I follow religion. Growing up, I was Baptized, I received my First Communion, and my Confirmation. However, aside from those events, I find my family only going to Church for weddings and funerals. When I go I feel a deep respect for the people there and the religion, but I don’t find myself feeling attached to Catholicism the way I was when I was younger. I went to a quite liberal school 6th through 12th grade, and that greatly affected my perspective. I find religions in general fascinating and intriguing. I have a great respect for them and I want to learn about them, but I do not find myself attaching to any of them. At some point in the past year, my mother accepted my agnostic state in terms of religion. However, she told me that I needed to believe in something in order to feel whole. That’s not to say that I do not believe in God. I am open to the idea that there is a God. I just don’t know which God. Now, in reference to what my mother said, I DO believe in something. I believe in nature. I believe in Mother Earth. I believe in the sacredness of relationships between people, animals, and Earth. I believe in the importance of connecting with others. I believe in spiritual connections. I believe in the importance of accepting love and giving love. I think all of this makes me a spiritual person, but who knows, maybe I have my terms mixed up. Do you think this makes me just spiritual, or religious, or both?


    • Dear Jessica, yes I believe that spirituality and religion can exist separately – that you can be spiritual but not religious. You sound like a spiritual person to me and I feel that within all of the things you have listed that you DO believe in, God is there within all of them 🙂
      I say trust yourself. Follow your heart. Enjoy your exploration. I am certain that if you do it from your most sincere heart at mind that it will lead you to truth*

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