Join the Movement!

It is an exciting time!

We are building a wave to form a critical mass, so that we can create a consciousness shift in humanity.  Did I ever tell you about the story of 100 monkeys?

In 1950, Scientists did an experiment on a couple of islands off the coast of Japan.  They farmed potatoes and fed them to monkeys.  One day, (this is a very rough version of the story but you will understand the point :)) one of the monkeys went into the ocean to wash off his potato.  He found the taste quite enjoyable, since he could get the dirt off as well as add sea salt to his meal.  So, he continued to do this each day.  Soon, other monkeys began to follow him – monkey see, monkey do – and in no time many monkeys were doing the same thing.

At some point the number reached to 100 monkeys washing their potatoes in the ocean! And from that time, suddenly, without any direct communication, monkeys on another island who were part of this experiment and still eating the dirty potatoes, began to go into the ocean to wash theirs off as well!

What does this show us? Once a critical mass of monkeys were doing one thing on an isolated island, that information actually jumped to another island.  It didn’t require any visual or verbal communication – there was no monkey who called up his monkey friends to tell them about his new discovery.  It was just knowing.   This is consciousness.  It is invisible and in some ways immeasurable, but once it gathers into a critical mass then it jumps and has the possibility to spread far and wide.  The larger the gathering, the farther the ripple will reach.

We can see this in our world today.  Our consciousness is certainly collective.  Unfortunately it leans towards the negative where there seems to be widespread fear and angst, as the collective consciousness is more and more disconnected from its true self, and more and more influenced by selfishness, power and greed.  Thus, we have the current state of humanity – chaotic and causing harm to itself and the Earth.

However, as we know, people are waking up and coming together. It is time!  We are calling this the Earth Citizen Movement.  ECO, the Earth Citizen Organization, seeks to gather the like-minded people who want to build something brighter together, in the name of love for humanity and love for the Earth.  When we simply gather enough hearts and minds, we can create a critical mass, and there will be a shift in the collective consciousness. A shift from darkness to light, from Ego to True Self, from chaos to clarity, from killing to healing, from despair to peace.

This hope lives in my heart and though it might seem naive to some, I believe it can happen…it is happening…right now as we live and breathe.

So, I am inviting all of you who may be reading this to join the Earth Citizen Movement. Since we are living and breathing we might as well put our hearts together and try to create a miracle that the world has never seen!  ECO has just launched a new website where you can learn all about this and see the coming together of nations here who are getting involved.  I hope that all of you too will participate at, where with just a $10 donation you can be a part of a great gathering of consciousness and hope for our future.

As I write this blog I feel so happy to know that there are people from across the globe coming together here in the name of something healing and something good.  In my heart, we are a mini Earth Citizen Movement 🙂  I hope that we can join our small tributary to a bigger stream and eventually swim out into the ocean of consciousness.  The time for change in our world has really come.

Thank you!  I love you!

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