Checking Ourselves

It’s the beginning of April.  1/4th of our 2016 has passed.  How have you been living this year so far?  Have you been achieving the things you set out to do?

I was never one for making yearly goals but since doing so was such a transformative experience in 2015, I set out to do the same thing this year.  In fact, I even decided to name my year!  Last year was called “New Beginnings,”  which it really turned out to be in so many ways!  And this year I have titled “Breakthrough”.  So far, my 2016 has brought some breakthroughs, some hardships, and some things that I still need to improve.  Some goals are being met and some need a little more attention.  I am learning how to evaluate myself in a neutral way without being too hard or judgmental towards myself- just taking an inventory of where I’ve been, where I am and where I’d like to go.  This helps me to improve my use of the precious time this life has given to me.  Again, all new things to me.  In that way, it really is a year of breakthroughs!

So, let’s have courage to evaluate ourselves honestly and lovingly!  I’m sure we will have an even more fulfilling year if we do so!

I found one poem from Mahn Whol Dae Sunsa Nim (Jeongeun Son) that I thought was perfect for my Breakthrough year.  She writes so simply and sweetly, it always lightens my heart to read her things.  I was planning on posting some of my heavy adoption thoughts today (since I have my head in two books these days and have been processing a lot!) but for today it was resonating much more to greet you lightly and with hope.

Cheers to a bright year!


Courageous Soul

Starting today, I’m going to be a courageous soul.

Without fear, like the rising sun

Without making a sound, like the shining moon.


Just like that

I’m going to live as a courageous soul.


I won’t be surprised even when the world changes.

I will love everyone

Even when I am given the most difficult challenges

I’m going to accept them as a courageous soul.


I am alive,

I am living with courage

I am proud of myself.


And I won’t forget why I am living as a courageous soul

until the day I die.




13 Thoughts.

  1. I absolutely love this poem. It was like a tonic that was well needed by me right now. I am wondering about the last sentence in the poem: “and I won’t forget why I am living as a courageous soul until the day I die “. My question is why do you think the writer is choosing to live as a courageous soul and why would she forget when she dies? Do you know where I can find more of her poetry to read ?

    • I believe she is choosing to live as a courageous soul because she has a mission and dream. She knows she has to be courageous to live an enlightened life and a life for the betterment of the world, not just a small life for her own happiness. I don’t think she feels her Soul needs courage as a Soul itself, but as a Soul living in this world on the path she has chosen. That’s my feeling about it. She is a very amazing master who lives in Korea. Her writing is simple and her wisdom is massive. When I have had the privilege to be in her presence I felt pure love, and tears just kept rolling down my cheeks. Her name is Jeongeun Son and this little book of sweet poems is called “Seventy Stories for a Healthy Soul”. I hope that’s all helpful info for you, Charlene 🙂

  2. Thanks, Danielle for your helpful interpretation and information.
    I was able to get the book on Amazon, only available on Kindle.
    That is the beautiful thing about poetry, that the interpretation of the reader mirrors their own soul. After multiple readings, I think mine might be different than yours, but therein lies the richness of the poetry. .

  3. No particular 2016 goals for me, other than what are already my goals – to keep eating healthy and to get out and exercise; to keep helping my kids to overcome their past abuse and grow up to become healthy, happy people; and to keep doing kind things for others. But – I don’t know if this counts – I did discover a really fun thing to do and I want to do it all year – there is thing called geocaching. I just discovered it. It’s like a grown up version of treasure hunting. There are 3 million geocaches in the world. No matter where you go, there are going to be some hidden caches nearby. Not only is it fun to look for these, but it’s great exercise and it’s something I can do with the kids. Yesterday, there was one near some railroad tracks, near a Trader Joe’s. My daughter and I looked for about 15 minutes and couldn’t find it and we got too hot and gave up. But we’re going to be back over in the area again today, so we’re going to go looking for it again. And when we figure out where it is, it will make my 20th find. (I’ve only been doing this for 2 weeks, so 20 finds isn’t bad.) I’m going to Florida this month (husband needs surgery) and I’m going to go geocaching there too. ☺

  4. Dear Danielle,
    I loved the poem. And as Charlene said, we all read something different, though the words are the same.
    It’s said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it’s more accurate to say that beauty is in the mind and the soul of the beholder.
    Deep down we all are already courageous souls. And be our true self is the most courageous we can be.
    For me courage is the fire that burns inside and wants to ignite me, my dreams, hopes and my love. It is being connected with the person I was, I am and I will become.

    Kathy, may 2016 become your year of joyful adventure. By going on this adventure with your kids, they get the chance of making new beautiful, peaceful and strong memories.
    Maybe their pain and worries won’t demise, but they learn to make a strong new (second) fundament to build their life on.

    My word(s) of 2016: confidence and trust in taking chances

    • Beautiful Yvonne! I love your words of 2016 and I’m so glad that you have them 🙂 I am sure you will find them manifesting at every turn as you keep checking in with yourself! I am amazed myself how it works…if you choose it, it really will happen!!

      • As I lately explained to my mum..
        I can’t climb down all the way, when facing a cliff.
        If I want to experience, feel, hear and taste the water
        there is a point of no return
        I just have to trust myself
        And jump
        (It’s scary as h***, but I am absolutely positive it is worth it)
        For fear has only one purpose, to be conquered
        (not by force, but by love)
        I have to ease the pain and sadness of the past, allow myself to feel it.
        Forgive myself the pain, sadness and rage I caused myself.
        Allow myself to be loved, helped and cared for.

        And the more I allow myself to open up en reach out to people (and most important: allow myself the time I need!) the more positive energy and love comes back to me.
        ~What has to be, will be.


    I wanted to share this picture(link above) with y’all because to me it depicts a woman of courage. Her staff indicates that she is on a journey. She is at the edge of a cliff and her foot is ready to step into a place that is not visible to her. She must trust that the step ladder will be there to hold her foot without seeing it. This first step into the unknown calls for great courage and bravery. . I read the words of women of courage on this blog

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