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earth hands

When you look at the above picture, what do you feel?  When you gaze at this beautiful blue jewel, can you feel her in your heart?

What I feel is: Love.  It’s amazing how much love I feel.

Our souls are connected to the soul of Mother Earth.  So, perhaps it is my own soul’s love that I am also feeling that fills me.  I also feel inspired to be my greatest self, to love more, and to help her.  Ilchi Lee often says, “We came to the Earth because the 21st-century Earth desperately needed us.”

I got such a big compliment on Friday.  My uncle called me in the morning – we do not speak all that frequently.  Perhaps he calls me once or twice a year.  He said, “I saw on Facebook that today is Earth Day.  And, well, that just makes me think of you.  So I wanted to call you to say ‘Happy Earth Day.'”

To know that when my uncle thinks of the Earth, he thinks of me, and when he thinks of me, he thinks of the Earth, made me feel that I am doing my job well 🙂

In order to share in this great love with our Mother Earth, I feel it is critical for us to love ourselves more and more truly.  If I cannot allow love for my own self into my heart, if I am always insulting and accusing myself, then there is no way that I can really commune with the majesty of Life that breathes within every fiber of this planet.  So, in celebration of Earth Day, let’s celebrate ourselves. Let’s love ourselves just a little bit more.  Let’s look into our own eyes in the mirror and say, “I love you so much.”  Why not?  The Earth, our Mother, our Home, needs us to have such courage.

On that note, I will conclude this post with a passage from the Living Tao book that I find to be incredibly beautiful and healing.  I hope you do too.  Thank you to all of you who are reading this and sharing this Earth with me at this time.  My fellow earth citizens, I love you.


“No matter how hard you try, you can never fill your empty heart solely with the energy received through external recognition or success, for these are but temporary comforts. They are not eternal. You can discover within yourself a wellspring of eternal energy. That energy will start to spring forth when you acknowledge and love yourself. The joy you feel from acknowledging yourself is so great that it cannot be compared with the joy you feel from getting recognition from others. This is a matter of being recognized by your conscience and the heaven within you.

You don’t acknowledge and love yourself just by thinking about it. You must encounter the life energy within you. Slowly place your hands on your chest, one over the other. Now say this to yourself: ‘ Yes, I have myself. I have myself, who always watches over me, the one who is always on my side no matter what may come. It’s my soul and my true self. It is my eternally unchanging life.’  If you speak to yourself with sincerity, you’ll be able to feel the energy of the soul inside of you, the energy of life, reviving.

Those who know the true self within them are never lonely, no matter what may come. Their hearts are filled to overflowing with energy from the feeling of oneness with themselves, as if they possess the whole world. The tree of life, your soul, will grow strong, bloom with beautiful flowers, and bear good fruit to the extent it gets your interest, love, and recognition.”

~ Ilchi Lee

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  1. Hello, Danielle nim

    In orde to “love myself a bit more” as you put it, I have to let go of things. So I am posting my cover of a song that is directed at my ex fiance who has wanted me back after hurting me. The only way to love myself, I suppose, is to let go and to tell him in my own way that I cannot and will not take him back, as he throws people he claims to love under the bus and wonders why we turn away and why his relationships never last.

          • Dear Taya,
            You have such a lovely voice!
            Vulnarable and strong in one.
            Keep singing, especially if it helps and comforts you!

          • Thank you for your feedback. I sing because I always have, both solo, in choirs or in vocal training with a coach/teacher. However, even if my voice has risen from a 3 octave soprano to what I would call a light 5, There are so many people who are better than myself. I chose this song because with my ex, he wanted me back even after he had mauled meafter I had lashed out to get free. SO he wondered why people he had known since 7 were turning away from him. He only realizes what he has done wrong when we take the steps needed to turn away from him and he comes crawling back, begging for forgiveness. He looks so vulnerable being in both a wheelchair and using a walker, but he’s not. He doesn;t realize that he’s pushing friends away by doing what he does. I’m not trying to derail the thread here, but I wanted to explain why I needed to sing this.

  2. Just wanted to share this prayer(author unknown) that we said for Earth Day:

    Hover over me God with the grace of gratitude for my life. I know some days will be dark and difficult. I don’t want to appreciate my life only when it is easy and filled with love. So grant me the grace to endure the dark nights of my life as well as the bright days, for one always comes with the other. Bless this wondrous work of creation and all I share my journey with. I bow in gratitude to you that I am a part of it. Help me to walk humbly upon Mother Earth, who sustains me while I am here. Amen.

  3. The beauty of the word and the meaning of love is different to all of us. And meanwhile it’s one and the same for all of us.
    It’s about us loving the world and the people around us, but also loving ourselves. For me, that’s the most important kind of love. If I can’t love the person that I am, I will never be able to truly love someone else.
    I always knew myself as a deeply loving person. But to be honest, I tend to hold back. Especially in the the love for myself, but also in my love for others. I rarely surrender to it. In a way, I keep others from loving me deeply.
    With little steps I learn to love myself more, and be gentle with me. I hope in time I will succeed in tearing those walls down, and be vulnerable in letting myself be loved. By people who are free to love me, unconditionally.

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