Seattle Sunset

One of the things I have most enjoyed here in Seattle is the sunset.

I forgot about that during the long dark winter, when the sky did nothing but make me wet for the last 9 months ūüôā

But here we are at the end of May when spring is springing and the days are getting longer and longer, and around 8 pm the sky light is something to truly see.

I feel like it calls to me, as I am driving home at the end of the day. ¬†It lures me from behind the pines. ¬†I find it to be a holy moment when I have the opportunity to stand in my backyard and admire the peace and the majesty of such a sweet moment. ¬†The clouds and colors stretch out above the trees so quietly. ¬†Even the birds can’t help but to fly straight into the soft orange light. ¬†Although we are approaching summer, it almost always feels like it just rained here in Seattle – whether it did or didn’t – and that after-rain feeling makes the moment that much more beautiful. ¬†Pure and delightful. I can smell it, I can feel it, I can take in that last bit of sunlight for today straight to my heart.

That light feels like God to me Рlike Heaven itself embracing me, including me as part of this sacred moment.  Thank you, dear sky, for refreshing my Soul.


Is nothing sacred?

Recently I re-watched the movie  Avatar.  

What struck me most this time was the stark contrast between the mind of the beautiful blue native Na’vi characters of the movie, and that of the humans. ¬†The Na’vi connected and communicated with animals and trees, lived in great respect of the land and of each other, recognizing the life-light in each other as they greeted with “I see you.” ¬†The intruding earthlings, on the other hand, were endlessly wrought with their own selfish desires for science, research, survival, revenge, money and power – and they were willing to fight with and even kill each other to get such things.

As the movie went on I found myself wincing every time this was revealed on deeper and more corrupt and disgusting levels. ¬†The single word that stood out was: Sacredness. ¬†I began to ask myself, “Why has humanity lost it’s sense of the sacred?” ¬†Only days before watching this movie¬†I watched the documentary The 11th Hour and that, unfortunately, was not a hollywood movie. ¬†It was a real-life depiction of what we have done and continue to do to our world.

I want to recover the sacred. ¬†It has to begin within our hearts. ¬†It’s time to feel our Oneness again and treat each other accordingly. ¬†The hope is in the hands of the people who feel this. ¬†Perhaps it begins with gratitude. ¬†A little more gratitude than yesterday. ¬†A little more love – towards myself and others.

I want to live in a world that honors what is sacred. ¬† What can be more sacred than pure life? ¬†Nature is beautiful. The Earth is magnificent. ¬†But what touches me even more sometimes is human beings love for that beauty. ¬†The fact that human beings love nature and think the Earth is beautiful – I believe that’s where we can see the recognition of the sacredness in all people – across all races and religions.

Ilchi Lee often talks about recovering “spirit”. There is an aliveness sleeping inside us. ¬†We have allowed it to sleep for too long. ¬†I feel a longing in my heart to wake it up. ¬†I believe that Brain Education is the practice that can wake up the sense of the sacredness inside of people. ¬†Brain Education is about being 100% alive. ¬†It’s about turning your emotion into sensibility — being able to feel yourself and others and therefore recover the natural healing power that flows between us. ¬†That is the same power that gives us joy and fills our heart with love and our eyes with sparkles.

I hope that this post can be food for reflection for anyone who comes across it ūüôā