Belly Button!

Nowadays, Ilchi Lee is proactively sharing the power of belly button healing with many people around the world.

Aside from how beneficial I find it to be to stimulate, massage and breathe with my own belly button, this new focus feels kind of dear to my heart.  There is a simple reason for it:

Belly Button is my childhood nickname 🙂

I know, I know, it seems really funny, right?  And maybe kind of odd?  But in actuality, my family members have been calling me “Belly Button” for so long and so often that I almost don’t even notice it anymore.  To this day, my sister, cousin and aunt still call me Belly Button, or some variation of the word like “Belly” or “Bell.”

I’m not sure how this all came to be.  I think that when I was small my mother called me “Danielly” sometimes, which was just a cute way to tenderly call a little girl.  And then that developed into “Danielly Belly,”  which then led to “Belly Button”.  Yes, I think this is the science of my nickname!  Here, allow me to introduce you to Belly Button…



So now, whenever my teacher uses the term ‘Belly Button Healing’ I just imagine healing life particles flowing to my inner child, that little “Belly Button.” It has become a spiritual healing for me as well as a physical one 😉

Having said all of that, I am very happy to find more tools for gut health – something that is important for everyone. I may speak more on the topic of how to actually heal your belly button in future posts, but for now I am just adding a recent blog post by Ilchi Lee from Enjoy!


The Belly Button Is the Key to Vibrant Health
The Belly Button Is the Key to Vibrant Health

Totally Kate

It’s been over one year now since Kate’s book, “Born With Teeth” came out, and she was in Seattle for the book tour.  There is a funny Youtube video from the evening of the talk that a student of mine shared with me on Facebook. It makes me laugh every time I watch it….

I really enjoyed being able to sit next to Kate and answer questions about our relationship that night. I found it to be very healing for me.  With Kate, it’s such a  sensitive relationship.  It’s a short distance to feeling a huge kind of healing that I cannot explain in words, and it is also a short distance to feeling hurt in a way that no one else can trigger. That is the mini-minefield that we are always navigating our way through when we see each other.

I think we do it pretty well 🙂

We had the opportunity to do it again a couple of weeks ago. It was my first visit with her since the night of this book talk.  She visited me here in Seattle and we had a day and half of cozy relaxation and catch-up time.  She turned to me at dinner on the last night of the visit and said, “You’re not unlike me. You like a good talk, a good kiss, a good movie, a good glass of wine…” In my head I fully agreed with her and added to the list, “and a good dinner, a good bath, a good nap, a good cup of tea…”

What can we say? Although we are different in so many ways, we are Tauruses.  And I’m really glad that when Kate comes to visit me, that she can take time amidst her super busy schedule to really Taurus it up.

Of course, there was some mine-field navigating going on as well, but it’s getting easier the more I heal my relationship with myself.  After all, that is the key to healing any relationship, isn’t it?  One has to first come to deeply understand oneself, and then everything begins to change.  Although I have dedicated my life to this kind of inner work, I continue to develop it and upgrade it all the time. In fact, I often have the feeling that I have just begun!  In the last year, I have done a tremendous amount of work on my inner wounds relative to my adoption and have made significant headway.  It showed up so clearly again when I was with Kate this time and I left feeling so very proud of myself.

Because, in the end, neither me or Kate ever want to cause hurt to each other. We love each other very much.  And we wish to make each other happy.  But we have our own perspectives, our own lives, our stories, memories and wounds hiding within us that don’t always allow what we want to happen to be manifest in reality.  The more I come to accept mine (perspectives, stories, memories, wounds), the more I accept hers.  Judgement then turns into compassion, and this is the key of healing.  One just simply needs to pay attention to see it as it’s happening….so that we don’t accidentally fall into the hole in our sidewalks 🙂

This takes endless practice and this last visit I could see once again how practice really pays off.  I am committed more than ever to keep practicing, keep healing and keep being patiently grateful for the process.