Belly Button!

Nowadays, Ilchi Lee is proactively sharing the power of belly button healing with many people around the world.

Aside from how beneficial I find it to be to stimulate, massage and breathe with my own belly button, this new focus feels kind of dear to my heart.  There is a simple reason for it:

Belly Button is my childhood nickname 🙂

I know, I know, it seems really funny, right?  And maybe kind of odd?  But in actuality, my family members have been calling me “Belly Button” for so long and so often that I almost don’t even notice it anymore.  To this day, my sister, cousin and aunt still call me Belly Button, or some variation of the word like “Belly” or “Bell.”

I’m not sure how this all came to be.  I think that when I was small my mother called me “Danielly” sometimes, which was just a cute way to tenderly call a little girl.  And then that developed into “Danielly Belly,”  which then led to “Belly Button”.  Yes, I think this is the science of my nickname!  Here, allow me to introduce you to Belly Button…



So now, whenever my teacher uses the term ‘Belly Button Healing’ I just imagine healing life particles flowing to my inner child, that little “Belly Button.” It has become a spiritual healing for me as well as a physical one 😉

Having said all of that, I am very happy to find more tools for gut health – something that is important for everyone. I may speak more on the topic of how to actually heal your belly button in future posts, but for now I am just adding a recent blog post by Ilchi Lee from Enjoy!


The Belly Button Is the Key to Vibrant Health
The Belly Button Is the Key to Vibrant Health

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  1. Funny story: A childhood friend of my named Chantal was known affectionately as “Chantally-Belly” by her own mother because of how her name was pronounced. Any girl name with the ending -elle or similar sounding has had “Belly” tacked on. Even stranger, a friend of mine whom I used to race against in Track and Field on the Canadian National team, Danielle Gnemmi was known as “ielly” (pronounced yelly) by her own mom so I can see how your mother Bev could come up with Danielly/Danielly-Belly,etc.

    In all seriousness though, what is Belly Button Healing and how is it done?

      • Thank you Taya! Belly Button healing is really simple, it’s just as it sounds….through massaging the tense areas around the belly button, through stimulating it and breathing with it, you can achieve many things such as improved overall gut health and a more relaxed state of mind. That’s just a general answer to your question. I think I will have to write a whole bog to explain it more fully 🙂 I will do that in the future!! Thanks for your interest!! Love ~~

  2. This is so sweet! 🙂 Learning where your nickname comes from is really nice. Aww, and you were such a cute little girl! I completely agree with Taya’s PS comment :). I also think Ilchi Lee’s post and video are great. I thought it was so interesting when he said many people think of the belly button as a “worthless vestige.” It’s a very true statement, unfortunately, so I loved it when he said that the belly button is our connection to life. I had never thought of that in that way, and I think it’s amazing that he points that out. The idea kind of blew my mind when I realized how right he is. So many of us (myself included) miss not only our belly buttons but so many other parts of our bodies that we don’t think about. We don’t focus our energy on different parts of our bodies sometimes leading us to forget they are even there. This is a great reminder that all parts of our bodies are important and should be paid attention to. It’s attention to the little things that can go a long way! 🙂

    • I’m really so glad to hear that you became awakened to your belly button Jessica!! That’s great 🙂 And you’re right ~ listen to your body well!!!

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