Healing Life

Last night I had a very deep experience with Belly Button Healing.

I have to make a note here. I am finding myself uninspired to write a technical post on the details of Belly Button Healing.  Instead, I have decided to just share my reflections and experiences with you from time to time and if you’d like more info you can go to www.bellybuttonhealing.com 🙂

I was in a special training last night where we did a lot of stimulation to our belly buttons with this tool.


I know it’s strange looking, but I love it so much! I have been using it everyday and it makes my abdomen so relaxed and warm, helps me sleep deeply, helps my digestion, and it helped me to have a profound realization.

After stimulating the belly button for a while in our training, we began breathing.  We were guided to breathe in and out through our belly buttons and receive cosmic energy.  As I breathed, suddenly I saw the Earth floating in space in front of me.  She was covered in a field of golden light.  The light that wrapped around the Earth was also funneling from her into my belly button and I felt myself becoming filled up with golden light.

At that moment, the trainer instructed us to feel the connection from our belly buttons, through our umbilical chord, to our mother’s womb. Suddenly, I was catapulted right back there. Floating inside my birth mother’s womb, rather than feeling warm and cozy, I found it to be an extremely uncomfortable place. I felt myself surrounded completely with angst and confusion, sadness, fear and all kinds of sensations that a person who just made a life-altering mistake might feel.  It was like being in a loud, dark cave where I had to tense up to protect myself from all that noisy emotion.  That is the victimized feeling that often comes up when I do these kind of deep meditations with my birth mother.  However, this time a clear message came to me.  The message was from Mother Earth.  She told me, “Although you received pain in there, you also received the force of life. Feel the golden life that you received from your mother.” And suddenly I could feel this pure, sparkling hot life, Life itself, flowing like lava from my mother’s body into mine, through the umbilical chord.

I can’t express in words how precious and healing it was for me to feel this.  So healing.  As an adoptee, it feels like the most important thing that I need to heal my primal wound — I need to feel the pure life that I received. That life does not belong to me, nor does it belong to my mother – it is life itself. But it came to me through her body, and regardless of whatever else I received at that time, I certainly received this most precious gift of life.

Feeling that life just naturally made my victimized thoughts disappear, and they were replaced with deep love.  Love for myself, and love for my birth mother. I wept tears of gratitude in feeling this. The tears just kept pouring out of my heart as I understood the deep meaning of this Healing Life tool.

And I went on to realize how critical it is for me, as an adoptee, to do a lot of healing for my belly button.  That healing goes far beyond improved digestion and other health benefits of the physical body. That is a spiritual healing – a healing of my deepest wound.

Once again, I feel so grateful and blessed for my path, my practice, my teacher, my life. From the deepest suffering, the most beautiful flower can truly blossom. I wish for all of humanity to heal their deepest wounds.  There could be no flower more beautiful than that.