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Last night I had a very deep experience with Belly Button Healing.

I have to make a note here. I am finding myself uninspired to write a technical post on the details of Belly Button Healing.  Instead, I have decided to just share my reflections and experiences with you from time to time and if you’d like more info you can go to www.bellybuttonhealing.com 🙂

I was in a special training last night where we did a lot of stimulation to our belly buttons with this tool.


I know it’s strange looking, but I love it so much! I have been using it everyday and it makes my abdomen so relaxed and warm, helps me sleep deeply, helps my digestion, and it helped me to have a profound realization.

After stimulating the belly button for a while in our training, we began breathing.  We were guided to breathe in and out through our belly buttons and receive cosmic energy.  As I breathed, suddenly I saw the Earth floating in space in front of me.  She was covered in a field of golden light.  The light that wrapped around the Earth was also funneling from her into my belly button and I felt myself becoming filled up with golden light.

At that moment, the trainer instructed us to feel the connection from our belly buttons, through our umbilical chord, to our mother’s womb. Suddenly, I was catapulted right back there. Floating inside my birth mother’s womb, rather than feeling warm and cozy, I found it to be an extremely uncomfortable place. I felt myself surrounded completely with angst and confusion, sadness, fear and all kinds of sensations that a person who just made a life-altering mistake might feel.  It was like being in a loud, dark cave where I had to tense up to protect myself from all that noisy emotion.  That is the victimized feeling that often comes up when I do these kind of deep meditations with my birth mother.  However, this time a clear message came to me.  The message was from Mother Earth.  She told me, “Although you received pain in there, you also received the force of life. Feel the golden life that you received from your mother.” And suddenly I could feel this pure, sparkling hot life, Life itself, flowing like lava from my mother’s body into mine, through the umbilical chord.

I can’t express in words how precious and healing it was for me to feel this.  So healing.  As an adoptee, it feels like the most important thing that I need to heal my primal wound — I need to feel the pure life that I received. That life does not belong to me, nor does it belong to my mother – it is life itself. But it came to me through her body, and regardless of whatever else I received at that time, I certainly received this most precious gift of life.

Feeling that life just naturally made my victimized thoughts disappear, and they were replaced with deep love.  Love for myself, and love for my birth mother. I wept tears of gratitude in feeling this. The tears just kept pouring out of my heart as I understood the deep meaning of this Healing Life tool.

And I went on to realize how critical it is for me, as an adoptee, to do a lot of healing for my belly button.  That healing goes far beyond improved digestion and other health benefits of the physical body. That is a spiritual healing – a healing of my deepest wound.

Once again, I feel so grateful and blessed for my path, my practice, my teacher, my life. From the deepest suffering, the most beautiful flower can truly blossom. I wish for all of humanity to heal their deepest wounds.  There could be no flower more beautiful than that.



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  1. I really enjoyed your post and will have to look into Belly button healing myself. Its a special thing to have glimpses into other people’s experiences and I was deeply moved by what you wrote and your willingness to share with others. I practice a number of holistic methods and have carved out my own spiritual path which bizarrely the powers that be seem to have helped along the way by placing various markers which I have stumbled upon during the course of my life. Would you be able to recommend other blogs to follow? I have been scouring WordPress for like minded bloggers for some soulful reading. I highly recommend getting yourself a nice piece of rose quartz for healing and reflection and if you ever get the chance head to Glastonbury town in the UK.. It’s deeply historical set within a landscape of vast archaeological importance and there are soooo many crystal and holistic shops! The Chalice well is situated here and it’s one of the most healing places I have ever been! Blessed be )O(

    • Hello governedbythemoon (I love this name, by the way :))

      Thank you for your comment and I am very happy to know that you were touched by my sharing. It was a deeply touching experience for me and I’m glad that could be somewhat delivered through words. In terms of other blogs, I actually don’t know where to direct you, I’m sorry! In my organization I believe there are some blogs accessible through changeyourenergy.com, ilchi.com and a woman named Rebecca Tinkle writes on Huffington Post (I think she is still doing that but I’m actually not 100% sure).

      Good luck in your search ~!

      And thank you for your suggestion – I have some rose quartz at home and it always soothes my heart!

      PS. Do you live in the UK?


      • Ah, and there is also Yvonne’s blog! Yvonne are you out there? Would you like to give governedbythemoon direction to your blog??

      • Thanks for the suggestions I will have a read on those sites. In regards to the name, I was scratching my head in regards to what to call my blog. I believe that we are all part of the earth and the mother, the earth it’s frequencies, orbit and light cycles, tides are governed in part by the moon. That was literally a glimpse into my thought process when coming up with a name 🙂 I live in Wales. One of the last strongholds of my Celtic ancestors when the Romans rocked up to the British Isles. That was probably too much info, I tend to babble 😀

        • Haha ~ no thanks for sharing! I’m pretty sure that I have Celtic ancestors too 🙂 It’s a part of me that I’m not too familiar with but have been hearing more about in recent years from my birth mother and half brother 🙂

  2. As suggested, I am posting what I sent to you, edited slightly for the blog. Seeing what you experienced with the belly button healing and the simple command of feeling like you were back in the womb, you mentioned about having to heal your primal wound and deepest wound. Today, coincidentally, I found myself talking to a neighbor in my building. We were talking about adoption and birth parents and I mentioned you being a mentor and a very special friend and soul sister to me. She explained that she was adopted right out of the hospital, like you. But unlike you, she never knew her birth parents nor got to know them, just that she was adopted. I explained about how my birth mother’s death brought forth unexpected feelings of anger and resentment that my birth mother had not taken responsibility for her actions which caused the events of my traumatic premature birth, brain injury, adoption and early life and that she had died before she could do that. not that she ever would have taken full responsibility for it. She had seemed to be in denial. I explained about my birth mother findinng me on social media and what was revealed as well as what ended up happening for us to part ways. I suppose that this is one of my deepest wounds that I need to heal in some way. I wanted to email this to you privately because I didn’t want to derail the blog post. Are there ways to do belly button healing and meditation without the tool? You already have told me what to do but for the other blog viewers it would be useful as you stated.

    • Dear and lovely Taya,
      I agree with Danielle, it’s a good thing for you to post this part of your story, your experience on this blog. First and foremost because the sharing itself can help you. Your story is out and with that realisation you acknowledge to yourself what happened. Second, by sharing, we get the chance to help you, to acknowledge your story, to send back love to you.
      Don’t worry about derailing this blog, because I think the way Danielle’s blog is currently used, is the way she probably meant it to be. So: take this stage and realise there is a place for you in and on this blog (Danielle, I hope I’m not too blunt or “intrusive” with this comment)
      Sending l

    • Dear Taya, thank you for sharing 🙂 And yes, as I had told you, you can simply begin with using your fingers and I recommend doing it with breathing in your case, rather than using any kind of stimulation. Just make sure that you do it over your clothes – place your two middle fingers on your belly button and focus on following your natural breathing rhythm. As you breathe, imagine that the air is coming in and out of your belly button. That is what I recommend for starters!! And thank you again for sharing your story ~~~

      • I must admit I have a lot of resentment towards my birthmother. The mere fact that we had to be taken from her because of things and not given up willingly by her choice to protect us from , dare I say it, abuse (meaning that she didn’t come up with the idea to protect us as a mother should but did it by force from the Children’s Aid Society) is nothing noble. And for a refresher, we parted ways after she found us on facebook because she did so without permission and not the legal way in a closed adoption which was either with our consent by a prior discussion and reunion thusly, or the way that you and Kate did it by filling out forms to find your match and then being contacted by the appropriate parties, but after my sister blocked her on facebook, she emailed her and so I had to put my foot down and basically tell her to cease and desist. If she did not listen, then we would have been forced to contact the police both in our province and hers (by our police then contacting hers) and have a verbal restraining order issued. What made things worst was after we blocked her on one account, she had more. So yes, that was my first primal wound and one of my deepest wounds.

          • Our sister who was adopted by our birthmother’s adoptive cousins and her family contacted and reunited with us the proper way, but because of our one sister then adding us on facebook, after we had given her permission to, that is how our birthmother then found us. Our birthmother had been an adoptee herself so one would have thought she would be more understanding with adoption and would have made a real effort to keep us. Our birthfather, the one who had originally abused us because he couldn’t handle premature babies at the age of 17, redeemed himself and stepped up as a father to his children and he never contacted us. He just saw my sister on television for Paralympic stuff and said that it was her and people had to tell him they weren’t sure but he knew in his heart who it was. He respects our wishes to not be contacted and only would if we asked, but we do not wish it.

        • Taya,
          my heart goes out to you. My Birth Mother is a mean, bitter woman, and I spent years with hurt, anger, resentment. The true things that have helped me, are knowing that she was a VESSEL used to get me here, but that my life was designated, ordained by something far greater than an act of sex 🙂 I also know that no one in this world will ever care for or pray for my Bio Mother, but I will….even when I do not want to, and I am thankful for LIFE! I don’t want to miss one moment of why I am here, and for some reason, she was used to get me here, and for that, I am so thankful.

          The sperm and egg did not have to connect…. they did on purpose. You have a purpose, regardless of DNA!

          Love and light.

          • That’s the funny thing about biological parents. Some are brilliant, kind, loving and want the best for us. Others just don’t try. We become grateful for the family that raises us and the family-of choice that we choose to associate with (like Danielle). But sometimes, people get the chance to get to know their birth parents, as Danielle did with her birth mother. But To truly have a relationship, you have to want to do the work and be completely honest with each other.

  3. To Governed by the moon: Here are some possible Places for blogs/podcasts that explore the sacred : Pema Chodron, Deepak Chopra, Oprah super soul Sunday has interviews with spiritual seekers, Richard Rohr (contemplative living )has daily blog. Happy hunting!

  4. Awww, Danielle. I felt so touched and loved with you mentioning my blog ❤️
    Haven’t written for a long time, but it’s still “out there”.. Hope to pick it up soon (been thinking about it)
    Dear Governedbythemoon, my blog is: explorersbow.wordpress.com.
    Danielle, your experience deeply touched me. Mostly because you “rose above” your pain, and in return felt deep love. We can’t change the past (and it has made us who we are) but we can change the way we think and FEEL about life. The hardest thing is to let go of our attachment to our own pain (it hurts, but it’s something familiar) and open our hearts to other possibilities, other people and the love of other people (even if it scares us deeply). Open up and give others the chance to love you (as hard as it is..)
    Love, Yvonne
    (My name is derived from te old Germanic and means “from the yew tree” )

  5. Dearest Danielle,

    you are quickly and unexpectdely becoming one of my favorite people 🙂 First and foremost, please continue to write! Your openess and vulnerability are appreciated so much. The topic of adoption, reunion and Bio Mother’s is one I have tried to avoid the past few years. Not because I hate the topic, but because I felt like I had moved forward from this and did not need to focus on this as something major in my life; ironic, or mere stupidity when we try and convince ourselves we don’t need to go deeper!? 🙂 (and then the universe says, Hey Jen, this is Danielle! ) 🙂
    When I first read this post, I thought, ( I’m writing personally not profesionally or academically here) WOW! Everytime I read something of yours, my soul is touched deeply. It actually drives me bonkers because I always end up crying LOL, but I presume that, it is a healing cry… an thus, your mission in this life is a huge success!
    Tonight, my Bio cousin posted on Facebook a cute little meme about being an Aunt and how wonderful it is etc. My Bio Uncles wife responded on that post by saying, OH and I love all my nieces across the country on the East Coast etc….and I sat here thinking, OH thanks! Once again, we (my daughter and myself), aren’t even considered, thought of as family etc. I INSTANTLY thought of this post you wrote and thought… ah ha! That good ole Primal Wound! LOL. The point is, I read this blog and was so moved, and even told you I wanted to respond for the simple fact that it is so profound, but I had a really busy few days and didn’t get to this. Tonight, after reading the post on FB and realizing it DID affect me, I was able to reflect on this post, take the time to write and come back to a place of healing and peace and knowing, that my life on this earth is not to be accepted by every single person I am related to! My mission, if you will, is one of healing, and growth, (myself and others) and I take tonight as an opportunity to progress and move into a deep place of healing and knowledge of my own emotions. I wouldn’t have done that had I not read your blog prior! As we have said, there are no coincidnences, and I am thankful for the magical way in which spirits connect and hearts collide. You are such a blessing. I will probably end every post or every email with; KEEP WRITING DANIELLE! LOL.

    • Dear Jen, thank you for your encouragement and I am so glad that this post has touched your Soul. We can always go deeper, we can always heal more, we should love this marvelous journey. I look forward to meeting you soon 🙂

  6. Taya,

    you certainly nailed this one on the head! I am sorry; I know this horrible pain and rejection…. and I LOVE the family I chose 🙂 They came my way and never left 🙂 We have to stick together. My heart truly is with you.

    • Again, as I said, some birth parents don’t give up their children out of force or reject their children, but some do and those children are fortunate to have the adoptive family and family-of choice to make up for the birth family. I think this is the blog post with the most comments because it does tie in to the pain that some adoptees may feel in regards to their birth parents. Danielle, you were fortunate to be privileged enough to reunite with Kate. Not many people are able to have that opportunity. Not many people are able to reunite with any biological family. I did but with it came bad things. That isn’t always the case. And Kate did not give you up by force to CPS. She made the conscious choice though she wanted to be able to provide for you, she knew that without her family’s support, she did not have enough money yet to be able to provide for herself and a child. You were lucky in a way for her to have given you up and for you to have found the family you have because they love you and they raised you well. I know your adoptive mother is proud of what you have become. I do not wish to derail the subject once more but my birth mother was forced to give us up because she did not listen to warnings of “if this happens again, we will step in” as CAS had issued. So when they did step in and she ended up having to give us to family to start, she did not expect it. In that case and in the case of us being taken in the night by CAS from the family members because the cousin got sick and placed in mainstream foster care, we were not “ripped from her arms” as she had claimed and made herself believe. We know this because we have the documentation from CAS itself. I know what was written by the workers. As Jen said, our family and family of choice came our way and never left. That includes you. I ahve only know you since last year but in that time, you have become my mentor, my teacher, a role model and soul sister/ sister-of-choice. My twin sister has her own soul sisters- sisters-of-choice. Soul families just come when we need them the most.

  7. Just wanted to say to all of you, I regard the people I talk with (and to) on this blog as kind of a chosen family. This is a place to be loved and cherished and to pour your heart out. To reach out to each other, to listen and to love.
    And most important, to know that you are in the heart of all of us. As I have a lot of love to share, please take some!

    • It’s so nice to see you here on the blog Jodi 🙂 Thank you for your comment! I hope this post can help your someone-very-special in some way. Much love and light to you both!

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