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Hello! It’s been a while!

Some of you asked about me because I hadn’t written in a while…thank you for all of your sweet hearts and loving minds!  I am actually doing very well. 2016 has been a special year in my life.  It sort of feels like flowers are finally blooming in a garden that I have been tilling for a long long long time without much reward and with a lot of hardships.  It is truly joyful to see those flowers appearing!  And as I know the great transience of life, I know that this time will not last forever, so I am trying to enjoy it and embrace it fully while it is here.  Although I don’t always get a chance to write, this blog and my readers are always in my heart.  You, too, are flowers in my garden 🙂

I’d like to try to offer an online class again for any of you who are interested in working with me.  It may come as no surprise, but in this class we will feature belly button healing and all of it’s amazing benefits.  I literally spent all of July talking about belly button healing, reading about it, watching videos about it, practicing it myself and teaching others how to do it…I have come to have great conviction and understanding about the Healing Life tool and all it can do for our body, mind and spirit.   Then recently I thought, “I would like to be sharing this information and practice with my blog friends and all of the people who cannot go to Body & Brain Centers!  It’s finally time to begin a class again!”

In this class I will offer 10 sessions.  According to who joins the class I will try to find the best time that fits us all, but I am thinking Monday nights at 6pm – the same as I did for the Solar Body class.   I will go over many of the benefits of belly button healing and teach various ways of how to use it.  The class will consist of each individuals sharing, some education and some practice.

In order to participate, everyone will need a Healing Life tool.   This comes in a kit with a book, a pouch and access to an online class.  The total cost is approx. $108.  You can order the Healing Life tool at

I am also thinking that leading this class through will be an easier way to do it than through Skype group chat, as we did previously.  So, in order to take the class, you will also need to have a membership there to access the online room.  If that’s too difficult for you all, then we can rearrange it, but I believe it is really the easiest way.

Ultimately, I am offering this because I have found the Healing Life to be a truly powerful yet simple tool that connects people to their bodies. I have grown to really be amazed by it’s benefits and I want to share it with all of you.

Please contact me by email or by Facebook or by leaving a comment here to let me know if you are interested in participating.  It will take some time for the tools to arrive to you so we will not be able to get started until the beginning of September.  I will be waiting eagerly to hear from you!

With Love ~ Danielle

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  1. This is wonderful. I am happy to hear you are well. Yes, enjoy the bloom and all it’s beauty. I, too, have realized that there really is a beautiful bloom and a beautiful rainbow after the worst of storms. I have been spending a GREAT deal of time reflecting and trying to figure out where I fit in this life. I am so happy to see your post. I missed you! Your posts always help make my days extra special. Thank you for all you do. I am sending love your way, sweet Danielle. <3


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