Belly Button Healing News

I have been so amazed recently as I have heard a flood of positive testimonials coming in regarding the result of belly button healing!  I wanted to share some of it with you.

Mostly, I want to share it because I find it incredibly difficult to keep describing and “convincing” people of why Belly Button Healing is good for them.  In fact, “convincing” in general is something I find entirely exhausting.  I kind of gave up on it long ago.

I found that human beings, and especially Americans, are so bombarded with information that they have become kind of numb to it.  In addition, they are often lacking the sense of their own inside – the place where their body and mind is giving them the healing information and answers that they need. Therefore, they just bounce around from one doubtful, fearful, analytic thought to another.  And to make matters worse, society these days does not always give us reason to trust one another – especially those we don’t know very well. So, putting all of this together is the reason why I have found that trying to “convince” anyone of anything really doesn’t work.  And it’s not where I want to put my energy.

Instead, I prefer to share what I am passionate about.  The flames that flicker in my heart – I like to express those things to anyone who wants to listen 🙂  Those of you who have ever taken a workshop with me or have spent time with me know this to be true!

So, back to belly button healing……trying to tell people why it’s good for them was bringing me down.  And what was making my heart even heavier was knowing how good it is for people.  Not just good, but truly essential.  So, I decided to take a step back and breathe. I continued practicing belly button healing with the Healing Life tool on myself, and observed those around me who were also practicing diligently.  Then, something truly wonderful happened….

A lot of good news and positive stories of healing began to appear, breathing a new wind of hope and joy into my heart!  All of this good news has really energized me and inspired me to share with you here.  So, that’s what I’m going to do!

The first most impressive story that came out among my students at the Ravenna Park Body & Brain Yoga center was from a woman who I will call Marge.  Marge has diabetes type 2, however it had escalated so much in recent years that she needed to take insulin from time to time to manage it.  The insulin had made her incredibly puffy and I remember her telling me how concerned she was about all of this when I met her a year ago.

For the past 3-4 months Marge has been working on herself diligently with the Belly Button Healing Life tool.  The first benefit she discovered was that the puffiness dramatically reduced!  In addition, she changed her diet naturally because she felt more in touch with her body. She began to drop the excessive sugar and lose weight.  And then the best news of all came when she visited her doctor and discovered that her blood sugar count has dropped one whole number!  She was very happy about this because previously it was just increasing and increasing, and nothing was stopping it. Not even the medication was helping. But now her health has taken a positive turn and she is headed in a much better direction!  I too felt very grateful for this.

The next person I want to share about I will call Paula.  Paula was hugely opposed to the Healing Life tool when it first came out because she felt a lot of discomfort – physically and emotionally – whenever she stimulated her abdomen.  So she was avoiding it like the plague.  However, her husband, who is also a member at the center, had bought a tool himself and brought it to their house.

Due to certain life circumstances, Paula began to find herself having anxiety and panic attacks.  She would feel the center of her chest constrict, followed by heart palpitations, and she would not be able to calm herself down.  One day, in a moment of desperation, she picked up the Healing Life tool at her house and began pressing around the various acupressure points in her belly button.  Suddenly, she found one particular point that sent  an energetic sensation surging through her abdomen, straight up to her chest and releasing the constriction that she had felt.  When that happened, the anxiety diminished and the panic attack went away.  She was so amazed to discover this that she started practicing with it all the time and sharing about it to the other students in the class.  I was so proud of her that she researched her own body and found a solution for herself, instead of having to turn to medication.

I love these two examples because they exemplify how the Healing Life tool is showing great results for issues of both the body and mind.  Ilchi Lee once said that having one tool in your house is equivalent to having two doctors!   Now I can begin to see how right he was!!

And lastly, there have been many great video testimonials coming out from all around the country and even the world.  So I am going to finish today’s post by attaching my favorites. There’s a whole bunch!  Please enjoy, and if you’re interested in having this amazing tool to practice with yourself, you can order it at:

Have a wonderful day ~!!!!!

Kidney Healing Succes Story:

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Back and Shoulder Pain Relief from a Nurse Practitioner:

On High Blood Pressure and Insomnia from Dr. Alan Friedman, Nephrologist:

For Stress Management:


Tree of Love

When I was in New Zealand back in February, one the most impressive things to me was the Kauri Tree that I saw in the Waitakare forest.

The New Zealand trip was a meditation tour, so we visited many natural sites and meditated at them.  My meditation at the Kauri tree was one of the most profound.

They call these trees ‘King Kauri” because they are massive and they are ancient.  They are the largest rainforest trees in the world.  The particular one that we visited was 1000 years old.  As I sat there, I could feel it’s great Life Force emanating from it.  It’s bark was a kind of whitish color, standing tall amidst a sea of greenery. As I looked up up up she seemed to be housing so many plants and habitats for different creatures.  I felt like her spirit was reaching up to the sky, arms wide open with love, welcoming all to come and participate in her bounty.  I was in awe of her greatness and I remember having the thought, “I want to be like you.”

img_2330 kauri-2

Then, just yesterday, as I was driving down the street, it suddenly occurred to me that this blog, Healing Tree, is like a great Kauri tree.

As I receive so many lovely comments here and see people sharing their stories, their hearts and their hope, I felt that it’s like a tree itself, where many can come to perch for a while.  Some can take refuge, some just sit quietly and observe, while others chirp away. Someone might take a little nibble of something and be on his way, while another may return again and again to keep drinking from its source. My hope is for all visitors to receive healing nutrients for the Soul from this Tree of Love, so that they can fly off and spread that Love around their lives.

And at the same time, all the little creatures bring nutrients back to the Healing Tree, giving it Life and allowing it to blossom.  All who partake, bring love and beauty back to this tree, amplifying its strength and light.

As I had this thought, I felt tears of gratitude for this beautiful online ecosystem welling up in my eyes.  At that moment, the joy of sharing love and light filled my heart.  I truly believe that we human beings were born to share such a heart, and this Healing Tree community is needed in the world now more than ever.  Perhaps all of the Healing Trees existing in the forest of our global society can someday reach out and connect their branches, creating a web of love and light that vibrates across the planet.

With that, I’d like to end today’s blog post with one of my favorite messages from Ilchi Lee’s “Calligraphic Meditation Book.”  It’s quite possible that I have shared it before, but I figure that it doesn’t hurt to share it once more 🙂  It is the message of Indra’s Net:

Indra’s Net

Nothing in this world exists in isolation. All life on the planet is connected through heaven, earth, and the empty space in between. From this knowledge emerges a heart of hongik, which seeks the good of all life.

Raise your right hand and look at your fingers. At first you’ll see only your hand. Gradually move your eyes to your arm, shoulder, trunk and entire body. Feel your body, which connects your limbs as one.

Now expand your field of vision to feel the empty space surrounding your body. Taking it further, try to feel the people, buildings, and nature around you in the same space.

The stars in the sky seem to be separated from each other, but they’re connected as one through the void.

The maple and fig trees in my front yard are far enough from each other that the small leaves of one don’t even brush against the big leaves of the other, but deep underground their roots are touching the same streams of water.

There is a very beautiful metaphor in the Hwaeom school of Buddhism.  It is said that an endlessly wide, infinite and transparent net, Indra’s net, is spread out in the palace of Jeseokchun, the land of the Buddha. Hanging from each knot of this net is a transparent jewel, and these jewels reflect clearly everything in the universe. Each jewel also reflects all other jewels, so that a wave arising in anyone spreads to all the others, and a sound coming from just one reverberates among all of the jewels hanging from the net.

In a world of beings interconnected like Indra’s Net, there is nothing unrelated to me.  Each life is different from all others in all sorts of ways, but, in their essence, they are all interconnected.

In their source, all are one. People create differences from that one. And they end up confronting each other because of those differences. Since you and I are different, since you are not on my side, goes the insane logic they create, it’s OK for me to harm you.

From knowing that all are one comes a heart of love for all.



On the Topic of Hurt and Value

Recently, I came across a small passage by my teacher, Ilchi Lee, on the subject of being ‘hurt.’

I found it intriguing because hurts and wounds are things that I have had to deal with for most of my life.  From one perspective, I can say that I am a person who has experienced many hurts and I tend to get hurt easily.  I feel like I have spent A LOT of time climbing out of that hole.  At some point in the climb, my attitude changed from,“Poor me, life gives a lot of hurts to me” to, “I’m tired of victimizing myself all the time – NO MORE!”  The empowerment that I experienced when I made the switch of mind fuels me as I continue to work with this aspect of myself in pursuit of creating a healthier and happier me and a healthier and happier life!

Having said all of that, I’d like to share Ilchi Lee’s passage with you:

Having been hurt greatly, many people think only and constantly of those hurts.  Holding onto your hurt doesn’t heal it.  The past has passed, the future is yet to come. Those who know Absolute Value laugh out loud.  ‘It rained on me,’ they say with a laugh, and shrug it off.  It’s not always raining. Sooner or later the rain stops, and, eventually, the sun comes out again. Those who know Absolute Value can create their lives anew.

Be grateful for your reality. If you’ve been hurt, just think of it as a hurt you once gave to someone else. Whether that hurt is great or small, it’s a process those living in this material world will have to go through.

This little passage made me feel so many things when I read it!  First of all, I love where he says, If you’ve been hurt, just think of it as a hurt you once gave to someone else.  That is so humbling to me. I feel it’s really true and when I think like that, there is no space to stay in victim consciousness.

Second of all, what is Absolute Value?  To use the above scenario, the sun would be the Absolute Value.  It is always shining in the sky, it’s just that clouds come and temporarily cover it, or the Earth turns and temporarily hide it from us.  However, it’s always there, quietly shining and waiting.  It doesn’t get sad or upset when it’s covered. It just shines in it’s Being-ness.

What’s even more important is knowing that we are like the sun.  Our True Nature shines like that – unbreakable and unending.  It just gets covered from time to time with the stormy weather of our hearts, but it is always there.  So when I can remember that this is my value – not the rain or wind of my thoughts, emotions, and wounds – but this eternally shining Light, then I can let such hurts roll off of me.  It’s all about what we identify ourselves as.

These days I often remind myself, “I don’t exist.”  It might sound strange, but I want to keep remembering that the small “I” who I have been identifying myself as – who is a cultivation of stories and beliefs and memories – actually doesn’t really exist.  She only exists as much as I hold onto her existence.  But if that “me” is causing me great suffering, then why keep holding on?  It would be a wiser choice to breathe out and let the stormy weather pass, reclaim myself as the great sun that shines brightly at all times, then re-create my moment again.  What’s most amazing to me is that I have actually begun to truly experience this and live my life this way – after longing for it for so many years.  And it is quite refreshing!

Am I pain free?  No way.  Which is why I love the last sentence of this passage maybe most of all — that this is a process we all have to go through.  Because we have bodies, because we live on the planet inside of a material world – we just have to accept this process of growth and development that we are going through.  The process of polishing the Divine Light within us until we can really see ourselves and our lives clearly.  The process of slowly coming out of the illusion, into the Sun- Light again.  Embracing it all as a process makes the journey much more joyful.  Think about it: Without the many years of grinding in the oyster, the shiny little pearl would never be born!

Let’s become the brilliant pearls of humanity together 🙂