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I have been so amazed recently as I have heard a flood of positive testimonials coming in regarding the result of belly button healing!  I wanted to share some of it with you.

Mostly, I want to share it because I find it incredibly difficult to keep describing and “convincing” people of why Belly Button Healing is good for them.  In fact, “convincing” in general is something I find entirely exhausting.  I kind of gave up on it long ago.

I found that human beings, and especially Americans, are so bombarded with information that they have become kind of numb to it.  In addition, they are often lacking the sense of their own inside – the place where their body and mind is giving them the healing information and answers that they need. Therefore, they just bounce around from one doubtful, fearful, analytic thought to another.  And to make matters worse, society these days does not always give us reason to trust one another – especially those we don’t know very well. So, putting all of this together is the reason why I have found that trying to “convince” anyone of anything really doesn’t work.  And it’s not where I want to put my energy.

Instead, I prefer to share what I am passionate about.  The flames that flicker in my heart – I like to express those things to anyone who wants to listen 🙂  Those of you who have ever taken a workshop with me or have spent time with me know this to be true!

So, back to belly button healing……trying to tell people why it’s good for them was bringing me down.  And what was making my heart even heavier was knowing how good it is for people.  Not just good, but truly essential.  So, I decided to take a step back and breathe. I continued practicing belly button healing with the Healing Life tool on myself, and observed those around me who were also practicing diligently.  Then, something truly wonderful happened….

A lot of good news and positive stories of healing began to appear, breathing a new wind of hope and joy into my heart!  All of this good news has really energized me and inspired me to share with you here.  So, that’s what I’m going to do!

The first most impressive story that came out among my students at the Ravenna Park Body & Brain Yoga center was from a woman who I will call Marge.  Marge has diabetes type 2, however it had escalated so much in recent years that she needed to take insulin from time to time to manage it.  The insulin had made her incredibly puffy and I remember her telling me how concerned she was about all of this when I met her a year ago.

For the past 3-4 months Marge has been working on herself diligently with the Belly Button Healing Life tool.  The first benefit she discovered was that the puffiness dramatically reduced!  In addition, she changed her diet naturally because she felt more in touch with her body. She began to drop the excessive sugar and lose weight.  And then the best news of all came when she visited her doctor and discovered that her blood sugar count has dropped one whole number!  She was very happy about this because previously it was just increasing and increasing, and nothing was stopping it. Not even the medication was helping. But now her health has taken a positive turn and she is headed in a much better direction!  I too felt very grateful for this.

The next person I want to share about I will call Paula.  Paula was hugely opposed to the Healing Life tool when it first came out because she felt a lot of discomfort – physically and emotionally – whenever she stimulated her abdomen.  So she was avoiding it like the plague.  However, her husband, who is also a member at the center, had bought a tool himself and brought it to their house.

Due to certain life circumstances, Paula began to find herself having anxiety and panic attacks.  She would feel the center of her chest constrict, followed by heart palpitations, and she would not be able to calm herself down.  One day, in a moment of desperation, she picked up the Healing Life tool at her house and began pressing around the various acupressure points in her belly button.  Suddenly, she found one particular point that sent  an energetic sensation surging through her abdomen, straight up to her chest and releasing the constriction that she had felt.  When that happened, the anxiety diminished and the panic attack went away.  She was so amazed to discover this that she started practicing with it all the time and sharing about it to the other students in the class.  I was so proud of her that she researched her own body and found a solution for herself, instead of having to turn to medication.

I love these two examples because they exemplify how the Healing Life tool is showing great results for issues of both the body and mind.  Ilchi Lee once said that having one tool in your house is equivalent to having two doctors!   Now I can begin to see how right he was!!

And lastly, there have been many great video testimonials coming out from all around the country and even the world.  So I am going to finish today’s post by attaching my favorites. There’s a whole bunch!  Please enjoy, and if you’re interested in having this amazing tool to practice with yourself, you can order it at:

Have a wonderful day ~!!!!!

Kidney Healing Succes Story:

Weight Loss Success Story:

Back and Shoulder Pain Relief from a Nurse Practitioner:

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For Stress Management:


8 Thoughts.

  1. Perhaps the reason why my blood pressure is in the normal range is because of the belly button tool?
    My long-time sciatica has definitely disappeared. Have to keep using the tool to keep it gone.

    • That’s such great news Paul nim! Thank you for sharing it here 🙂 I’m so happy to see you practicing regularly and taking care of yourself well ~ 🙂

  2. I started using the Belly Button tool with a lot of skepticism and actually felt annoyance toward it. To be honest I thought the whole idea was whacko.
    To my amazement, those feelings have disappeared and I actually like it now. There is no big dramatic change to report, it is extremely subtle for me. I find it soothing. especially the going round the clock exercise and holding pressure in each area steady. Fascinating and surprising. I am trying now to use it at night before bedtime to see if it can work its magic on insomnia.

    • I’m really really really happy to hear that Carlene! That soothing feeling is your consciousness returning to your body, your brain waves calming down, your blood circulating better and the serotonin from your gut kicking in. It’s really great that you are experiencing! I’m so glad that you have kept at it – your practice is paying off! Thanks for the sharing!! 🙂

  3. I have *never* heard of this before, Danielle. A couple weeks ago, when you first posted this, I briefly browsed the email that had the belly button post in it, thought it was really strange (lol), and then, not having the time to really sit down and look into this new idea, off I went. But I kept thinking about it. And so tonight I sat down and I watched the first video (and it was so fascinating), read through your post, and then watched all the rest of the videos. I’m so surprised to learn of all of this – that it is necessary to help improve circulation of intestinal fluids, blood and lymph circulation, and to aid serotonin levels. This whole thing is rather mind opening, like, how did I not hear of this before? And, of course, not having that special tool, I went and fetched a bird perch (lol) and started in right away. My the belly button is sensitive! But I’m going to keep at it on a daily basis because I want to see what health benefits I may derive from this. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this information. I’m really excited to have learned about it.


    • I’m so glad that you recognized the importance Kathy!!! Yes, the belly button can be sensitive at first. For best results I recommend 15min, 3x per day. But beginning with even just 5 min. several times a day is a great start. And I have to say, I do really recommend that you consider investing in the kit. The tool is designed ergonomically, so you can really get at the 8 acupressure points around the inner wall of the belly button, as well around the outside of the belly button. In fact, it’s like a giant acupressure tool and has many benefits with all the different ends and nubs on it. And the kit comes with a book and an online course that gives more guidelines on the many different ways to do it and how to do it correctly. I recommend looking into all of that for getting the most benefit. Keep me posted if you have any questions Kathy!! Enjoy your belly button!!!

  4. Thank you. I found the kit on Amazon for $99. Looks like that’s the normal price. (But, oh my goodness, be careful what you type in the search bar there when looking for this particular item. The things that appear in the search – lol.) I am definitely going to invest in one. ☺

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