Self Mastery Online

I have decided to begin an Online Self-Mastery Class that I will run for the entire year of 2017.

This is a class that I have offered at many centers where I have worked – including Seattle, Albuquerque and Bayridge, Brooklyn.   In it, I pull together all of the principles and practices that I have acquired over the year from my teacher, Ilchi Lee, as well as many other mentors that I have met along the way.  The course is designed to help the student increase self-awareness and gain tools to overcome negative habits of body and mind. We use very simple repetitive exercises to bring the mind into the body.

Self-Mastery is not something that you “learn”. It’s something that you must practice over and over again repeatedly in order to “master”yourself.  The class will also provide you with some structure for practicing at home and deepening your understanding of the energy principles.  In the Body & Brain Center, members take Self-Mastery continuously for years.  In those who practice continuously, I always see amazing results in terms of awakenings and transformation.

Ultimately, most people want to live in alignment with their best, truest, purest, highest self.  The reason why we cannot do that is because of all of our unconscious habits.  The Self-Mastery course will help you to unravel all of this little by little.

This is how it will work:

I will begin Monday, January 9th at 6pm PST.

The class will run for 1 hour at the Kirkland room on  Therefore, if you would like to join, then you will additionally need a premium membership to  This membership can be attained on a monthly basis and cancelled anytime as needed.

The class structure will include sharing, lecture and training.  All sharing will be done via the chat box for time management purposes.  From time to time I may ask a question directly to a participant and at that time we will use the audio.

You can sign up for classes 10 sessions at a time.  You can use your sessions as you choose – if you miss a week of class you won’t lose your classes.  Therefore, it is possible to stretch the 10 classes out over a long period of time.  However, I highly recommend that you use them continuously to get the maximum benefit out of the course.

When your 10 classes run out, you can always decide if you want to continue or not.

Again, the more you do and the more consistently, the more awakenings you will have.  So, even if you do private work with me as well, I still recommend the class because you will see even more changes/improvements.

10 classes = $100

I am offering 20% off for December registration.  So that = $80 for 10 classes.

Also, everyone who joins must have a Healing Life tool. Tools are $108.50.  You can order them at

This class is designed for me to share the principles that I deliver in my classes and workshops at the Body & Brain Center, as well as those found in the blog, to those of you who are far and don’t have centers nearby.  It is slightly more advanced training than you can typically find in our videos.  However, I did teach a 5 week mini-course online through  Those sessions are now archived there, if you would like to check them out further to understand the kind of work that we will be doing.

If you are interested in signing up for this, then please contact me via my email.  Also, you can reach out to me there or on Facebook if you have further questions.  You can also place them in the comment box here and I will answer as best as I can 🙂

Even if you cannot sign up at this time, you can join in at anytime this year.  Registration will be rolling.  As long as I have students, I will maintain the class for one year.  It will be a great year of growth!

I teach this class because I want to help this world.  I believe that as each of us get closer to being the masters of our own bodies and emotions, we become brighter lights on the Earth.

I look forward to seeing you there ~~~

Sweet Poetry

Today I want to share some sweet little poems with you.

They are written by a woman named Jeongeun Son, but I know her as Mahn Whol Dae Sunsa Nim.  “Mahn Whol” is her spiritual nim and it means “Full Moon.”  Dae Sunsa is a title given to very high level masters in our organization.  It signifies that this person has reached a certain level of enlightenment.

The first time I ever met Mahn Whol Dae Sunsa Nim I was moved to tears.  Literally, waterfalls of tears were pouring out of my eyes. I didn’t know why, but it felt like some well of purity opened in the center of my heart.  And, as I sat in her presence, the tears just flowed.  I remember she said, with tears also in her eyes, “I love human beings,” as she came around and hugged each and every one of us who were in attendance at her lecture. She is an extraordinary person.

Her book, “Seventy Stories for a Healthy Soul,” is a light, lovely and refreshing book of poetry.  The poems are so simple that one cannot help to become simple when reading them, and that is why I love them. I believe that I have shared some of them before here on this blog.  There are some days when I feel I just need to open it up and read a handful of pages – to give me a shot of pure energy, change my mood, re-connect me with my own simple heart and Soul.  Today was one of those days.

I hope that you enjoy ~


Just As I Expected

Negative thinking breeds worry

Worry calls forth negative energy

That negative energy, in the end, will create unhappiness.


Positive thoughts breed wisdom

Wisdom calls forth positive energy

That energy, in the end, will create happiness.


Desire and Attachment

Desire is the size of the negative mind

Attachment is the depth of the negative mind.


The greater the desire

The greater the pain

If an attachment becomes stronger

It becomes harder to get away from negative feelings.


Reducing the size of your greed, makes your heart light,

Moving away slightly from the object of your attachment,

I hope you will adapt a point of view that allows you to see all.



We cannot always smile,

But we can always try to smile.


We cannot always be happy,

But we can feel our own existence.


Things may not always be as you like.

But you can trust that heaven is always with you.


We can always love.



Is it hard to express your thoughts?

Is it difficult to speak your mind?

If you only let go of desire

Both will seem easy.


For Each Other

We want to be someone special for each other.


We want to be needed

We want to be meaningful


We want to be valuable to others.

To become a person who is needed by someone

You have to be close to them.

To become significant to someone

You have to be in harmony with your surroundings.


To be needed is to exist simply to be useful

To be meaningful is to exist simply to shine brightly.