Emotions Are A Bear!

I want to start today’s post with a story.

This is a true story that Ron, one of the regular practitioners at my center, told me recently.

Ron came in on a Monday morning, sharing with me about his short camping trip that he took over the weekend.  An avid camper, he had gone by himself to enjoy a quiet overnight in nature.  As evening approached, he began to cook some dinner for himself.  There was a picnic table at his campsite, so he laid out some of the food, a fork, a plate, and went over to the fire to tend to the remainder of his meal.  When he turned around he was surprised to see what he called “a teenager” bear standing on the picnic table eating his dinner!!  He described it as a “teenager” because of his light brown color and medium size.  Nonetheless, it was a bear!

Ron said, “I was taken aback for a moment, but then I don’t know what came over me.  You know me, I never yell, but I picked up the metal walking stick near me and I just charged at that bear shouting ‘RAAAAARRRR’!!!!” He said, “It was just my instinct to try to scare him. And it worked! I startled the guy so much that he dropped my food and tumbled off the picnic table.  Then he ran back into the brush and watched me from behind the trees.”

As I listened to his story I was totally terrified and hanging on the edge of my seat so I said, “Then what happened?!  Did you leave?”

And he said, ‘Oh no, of course not.  I enjoyed my meal.  He eventually went away.”

Well.  The story kept playing over and over in my mind because I was truly amazed by Ron’s bravery.  I certainly would not have behaved with such courage.  And I’m sure that I would have ended up the one hiding in the trees while that teenager bear feasted on my dinner!

It wasn’t until later when I realized this story is a perfect analogy of our relationship with our emotions, and Ron’s actions are a perfect example of how to take control of them!

Our emotions are like a big, scary, unwanted visitor to the campsite of our brains and hearts.  They just waltz right in and begin feasting on our minds, behaving like they own the place because they have fangs and claws and growl really loudly.   Most of us behave they way I described myself above – we quiver and shrink back and allow them to just take over.  Suddenly, we are the frightened guests of our own brain! And the hairy beasts of our emotions are the careless bullies, knocking things over and making a mess.

What we all need to do is to become like Ron.  We have to take back our rightful ownership of our territory.  There is an owner inside of each of us – a conscious awareness, or what we can call a “true self” – that is the proper master of our brains.  The problem is that we have not been aware of this self for most of our lives so it has grown weak, and the emotions seem so much stronger (just like a bear!). However, this self actually has infinite power and we can only discover it if we begin to exercise it.  When uninvited emotions come bounding in, we need to have the strength to shout at them …..”No!  You are my emotion!  You are not the true me!  You stay over there!  I am the owner of this brain, not you!”  We have to take back the control and mastership of our brains and hearts this way.  Because if we don’t, we will always be a frightened, quivering slave of the roaring waves of our emotions, living as if they are the master.  But they are not the masters!  Those emotions are not the true you, so how sad it is to just spend our lives being prisoners of them.   This single thought deeply haunts me sometimes, and is one of the reasons why I work so hard on my inner world management each and every day.

Ilchi Lee always says, “Take back your brain!”  The above story is a great example of that.  Just as Ron took back his campsite, let’s take back our brains!  Re-awaken the true owner within you, so that you can pick up your stick and order all of the beasts who are sitting at the table of your heart to go back to their rightful places.  It doesn’t mean that they will be gone forever – we simply need to put them into their place.  Just like Ron did – I sit here, at the head of my table.  You go over there, back to the forest from where you came and where you belong.

Without that order, we have chaos within.  We all know how that feels.  The next time you are feeling that way, just realize that you have lost leadership of your own mind.  It’s like having a dog that’s so big that when you take her for a walk, she’s the one dragging you around.  It’s not supposed to be that way.  You need to be the leader of your mind.  So the next time you see an emotional bear creeping in, just give it a loud shout, “Hey! You are not me!  You are mine!  This is my heart! This is my brain!” and watch that emotional bear lose it’s footing and begin to step back.  Begin to take back your power.  Your true power. You may or may not feel an immediate difference, but if you keep practicing to take the lead, over time your relationship with your emotions will totally change.  You will come to feel the great power that lives deep within you, and taste the freedom that is your birthright.


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  1. My god, what a brave man Ron is! I believe I would have immediately hotfooted it back into town before the teenagers parents came along too! But, yes, a perfect analogy for how most of us are so subservient to our emotions that we’re oblivious to the liberation from them which is ours to take, should we choose to… If we realise we can choose to, which is a choice Healing Tree enabled me to see. Thanks so much for sharing, I hope Ron has many more wonderful adventures in the woods! x

    • I agree Ruth! He’s VERY brave!!! I’m glad you enjoyed the analogy and so so glad to hear of the “choice Healing Tree enabled you to see.” Wonderful!

      • So brave! I still cower from spiders the size of my fingernails! Regarding sight, yesterday, on your recommendation, I just finished reading The Secret of Mago Castle… For me, its stand-out message was (pg 240) “Most importantly [health is] spending time alone to nurture and develop yourself, as if you were God creating a great human being.” What a captivating thought! (Even with my notes – haha) I still can’t find the blog page where you listed several books you read regarding ‘Enlightenment’ (you said you read these early on in your discovery of Taoism), for some reason, TSoMC was the only book I had noted down. Do you remember the names of these books you read before/ would you recommend them? Are there any other books you would recommend – I’ll soon be purchasing Solar Body too. I’m trying to fill my mind with positive “information” you see 😉 ! Thank you x

        • Hi Ruth! I don’t remember exactly what I said before either 🙂 . But these are some books that I’d recommend:

          Ilchi Lee’s “Living Tao”, “Calligraphic Meditations”, and “The Call of Sedona” (along with ‘Solar Body’); Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” ; Eckhart Tolle’s, “The Power of Now”, and “A New Earth”; Dan Millman’s, “The Peaceful Warrior” ; Anita Moorjani’s “Dying to Be Me” ; Neale Donald Walsh’s “Conversation With God” books…any of them … and “The Celestine Prophecy” (I don’t remember the author.)

          That’s a long list! I hope it’s a useful beginning! They are not listed in any special order. You can pick and choose according to what moves you….enjoy 🙂

          • 🙂 Thank you, Danielle. I really wish the world could catch wind of these texts and teachings too. I’ve just been reading over older posts, and your descriptions of egos clashing with egos in our Fear World (Ego Contemplations) rings so true, plus your quote from Pema Chodron, “If we want there to be peace in the world, then we have to take responsibility when our own hearts and minds harden and close” really made my mind focus, and I felt so guilty about the negativity I have added to the world. But I’m changing, and I hope for the sake of humanity, that others do too. Your determined soul really does have a great mission on this planet, Danielle, I’m just so pleased that I am one of those blessed souls who can be guided by it.

          • Thank you Ruth! I am ver VERY happy to hear the determination of your spirit as well!!! Let’s do our best for the good of ourselves and all. it’s not always easy, but we can try and try again! Good luck!!

  2. What a great analogy, and an excellent follow- up to ‘I am enough’. So very easy to allow
    events, both internal and external, to invade our thoughts and take hold and even define us, especially when feeling vulnerable. After several years of dealing with extreme anger towards some unscrupulous family members, I eventually realized that that anger was simply poisoning me; why would I allow such dreadful people to dominate my thoughts and prevent me from being the human I strive to be? I am finally learning to channel negativity for a more positive outcome, and to recognize ‘teenage bears’ before they crash my campsite! Thank you for your positivity, it’s an inspiration!

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