The Journey Continues

Wow ~ I am just looking at my blog now and realized that I have not written in well over a month!  As I was living my life and doing my ‘study’, I did not realize that time was flying by.

Life has kind of pushed me into a corner these days and is forcing me to go deeper within.  I feel like all obstacles and challenges are an opportunity for greater growth and development, and they are a blessing.  Habits are hard to change, even when we so desperately want to change them, but when you get so many messages repeatedly from the Universe, you start to feel like, “Ok, ok, I get it!” and you begin to change.

When the caterpillar goes into the cocoon it can be a quiet time.  Sometimes it looks like nothing is happening there.  Or, it can look like total disaster is happening there – annihilation of the caterpillar!  Nonetheless, transformation is taking place.

Everything is as you choose it to be.  Falling apart, growing, changing, healing, awakening, struggling…aren’t they all the same thing?  It will be determined by your perspective.

The new world needs new humans.  The new human must choose to have the perspective of hope, in order to successfully shift this planet into a brighter consciousness.  Hope is needed during these chaotic times where the change is taking place.  In a time where light and darkness are both increasing rapidly, those of the light must keep choosing the light.

As I tell you this, I tell myself this too. As I tell myself this, I am in the midst of discovering small truths: That it is a deeply healing and replenishing thing to just breathe and feel the body, be here and now, accept all that here and now has to offer.   I am discovering that it simply feels better to not fight against life, to love and listen, to praise myself and others too.  It also feels much better to simplify things – to not add meaning to every little thing, to just embrace the moment for what it presents, even if it presents physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain.

I have known these things and spoken of them for a while now but as I said, life asks me to go deeper.  I’m so grateful for that. I’ve never been one who is satisfied with only the surface of things.

I truly feel love in my heart for all of you who are on this planet with me at this time.  I feel like we can create something great together.  I pray that you are all gathering your hope and light and truth and strength, wherever you may be, during these times of change.  In my mind’s eye, I smile to imagine that we are holding hands and leaping together into a brighter world.

Whether you are opening your eyes to transformation, or in the middle of your cocoon, or feeling transformed, or all of the above, I hope that you know how important and precious your choices and actions are. With each and every one of them, we are co-creating.  We either creating light or darkness, fear or love, truth or illusion.  Let’s keep making the BEST choices that we know how.  I believe that our higher selves are standing by, cheering us on, as we step forward creating tomorrow together.