I know that I’m a couple weeks late but….Happy New Year!

Have you created your 2018 goals yet?  I hope that you have, and that you are joyfully and consciously moving towards them.  Depending on the depth of your sincerity, I’m sure that the Universe will provide many great ups and downs to help you achieve them 🙂 . Remember that everything is your choice.  You can take every single one of your hardships and turn it into a precious blessing.  Or, you can just suffer repeatedly with a victimized mentality.  Always check yourself to see what you are choosing.

Everything that I recommend for you, I am also always practicing myself.  I have found that the more I work towards my goals without letting go of them, the more I am truly able to develop my brain.  I realized that in the first part of my life I did not take care of my brain well – I did not manage it properly, I did not train it to help me.  Instead, I let my mental and emotional habits become like over-sized pets that drag their owners around, instead of vice versa.  Then, one day I began the journey to change this trajectory – to let my emotions and habits know that in fact they are NOT the owner of me.  That journey has bloomed many beautiful flowers of awakening over the past 18 years, but I can say that it is only now that it is truly blossoming the flower of brain management. I love it when I have the feeling like, “Ah ~ now I am at the beginning!”

So, I enter 2018 walking on a tight rope, balancing the ability to see the insanity of my habits and illusions even more clearly than ever, with a much expanded ability to return to my center, to remember who I am, to challenge myself physically, emotionally and spiritually for my continued growth.  It’s a unique place to be internally – one I have not experienced yet – and I feel grateful.

I mentioned briefly in my last post that I have been doing a lot of one minute exercises and reading the book “I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years.”  Honestly, I feel like I am walking that tight rope with these tools in each of my hands.  The one minute exercises started with the One Minute App that I talked about (www.changeyourenergy.com/1minchange/ravennapark) but then expanded into me making it a daily habit to do muscle training and exercises to make me sweat for even just 10 minutes every day.   This has been extremely empowering for me.  I have never been a person to have strong muscles 🙂 In fact, when I was young I never even played any sports.  So, purposefully working on myself this way has me feeling like I have a whole new body! And it’s true ~ along with changing my diet in a couple of different ways, I have lost about 20 lbs and I feel stronger physically then ever before.  How this affects me spiritually is that it gives me more power to 1.  Face myself, 2. Plow through obstacles and 3. Purify myself when I do my training.  I have been able to feel what Ilchi Lee means when he says “Physical power is Life!”

And the 120 years book is like a holy scripture of wisdom for me!  In fact, I have been really wanting to share with you one of the dozens of passages from it that I love so much. Here it is:

You must understand the relationship between yourself and your emotions: emotions are not you, but yours. Emotions are merely a variable environment that affects you like any other surrounding that you experience.  You can choose to walk away from an emotion the same way that you choose to walk out of a room. You can change your emotions because they are only your internal environment, not the essence of who you are.

No matter how much you try to control your mind through meditation and training, however, negative emotions will arise within you. You’ll be lonely, sad or angry at times. That is normal. As long as we live entangled in countless people and events, such emotions will arise. Because we live in many external and internal environments, emotions are bound to arise according to changes in those environments – just as our days are not always sunny but sometimes cloudy, windy or rainy. Holding your center allows you to calmly watch such changes.

It’s important not to get bogged down by negative emotions. It’s natural for emotions to arise but you must guard against getting stuck in those feelings and being led around by them.  Flailing about in a quicksand of negative emotions for a long time saps your strength and makes you feel lonely, afraid and unhappy.  Such emotions bring your energy down, making it darker and heavier.

To avoid getting stuck in negative emotions, you need to be aware of your emotional state and to develop the strength to escape from it.  That’s the power of the soul. Nothing but the brightness of consciousness, the power of the soul, can calm the rolling waves of emotion.  Once the power of your soul is awake, you can watch your feelings transform and renew your consciousness. And you become able to use your environment as you wish instead of being controlled by it.  You think of your environment, whether good or difficult, as a problem that has been given to you for the growth of your soul, and you explore ways to achieve your soul’s growth through it.  Will you get stuck in your environment, becoming it’s slave, or will you master your environment, putting it to good use?  You must choose.  Only then can you create happiness and become the true master of your life.  ~ Ilchi Lee


This passage brings much clarity and even as I write it here I can feel parts of it penetrating my brain and giving me a sense of hope and eagerness for my own growth and the path ahead.  It’s a great passage to read many time sover, absorbing the key points deeper and deeper, and resetting your brain with this healthy understanding.

I hope that all of US grow our LIGHT 2X and 10X and 100X in 2018!!!  Let’s make a fierce bonfire of consciousness that crosses the planet, illuminating the dark corners and giving birth to a brighter and better humanity.  The world is waiting.  WE ARE ALL SO IMPORTANT.  I love you~