Breathe well!

I have been reading the “I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years” book and I came across a great passage on breathing that I really wanted to share with you.  This passage can be used as a meditative exercise, or it can be used to simply receive the comfort and hope of it’s wise message.  Here it is:

Close your eyes and slowly inhale and exhale. Now focus your mind on your chest and heart. Imagine breathing life energy into the soul in your heart.

Feel your breath gradually deepening as your body and mind relax. Forget special breathing methods and just breathe however your soul wants. You’ll find a rhythm for your breathing after a while.  As you inhale, imagine the life energy of the cosmos entering your body, awakening the energy of your soul in your chest.  You’ll feel your heart gradually filling with warmth and peace — the pure energy in your heart, the feeling of your soul.  Feeling the soul is never difficult.  Just let yourself be breath itself.

Breathing is a time for fully feeling your life, a time for being one with pure energy.   Whenever you feel that you’re mired in thought and emotion, when you feel that your life has somehow lost its center and direction, balance yourself through breathing.  The goal of a spiritual life is to remain  centered in your soul and to develop the strength of your soul. ~~ Ilchi Lee

In the past, I have also talked about using breathing as a form of acceptance.  Through breathing we can let go of our heavy thoughts and judgements and settle into the present moment.  We can feel the Great Okayness of nature and the universe, of who and what we truly are. We can restore ourselves with the life energy that is always there for us when we take time to simply focus and feel.

What a gift!  Let’s not overlook a tool so simple and so accessible, given to us with this human body ~ reminding us of where we came from.  As I write this to you, I remind myself…. let’s breathe well!

(I included a link for the 120 book in case you want to read more!)


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this passage, Danielle. I like the spiritual approach for connecting breath with balance. The instructor for the Mind-Body Coaching Tools course that I’m taking supports The Quiet Power-Centered Presence Meditation (Stuart Heller) which incorporates a body scan and the use of pausing. This approach doesn’t totally resonate with me as a way to promote calmness and relieve tension, but may work with some clients.

    In “The Mindful Brain”, Daniel Siegel includes the following statement about breathing:
    “Breath is a fundamental part of life. Breathing is initiated by deep brainstem structures and is impacted directly by our emotional states. Yet breath can also be intentional. And for all those reasons, breath awareness brings us to the heart of our lives. We come to the border between automatic and effortful, between body and mind. Perhaps for each of these reasons, pathways toward health include the mindful focus on the breath as a starting point in the journey.”

    I find this to be more comprehensive for developing a “body mindset” and would be interested in your thoughts/comments.

    All the best,

    • Yes, I agree with you. What’s most important I think is to really feel it in your body and your whole being. Are you practicing it Alice? Are you experiencing the power of breath for the health of your body and mind? Practice whatever way works for you. Whatever way allows you to go within and feel yourself.

  2. Hi Danielle, it’s been great reading about your start to the year, New Zealand sounds so beautiful and indeed a perfect location for an exercise such as the 120 steps…What a superb way to demonstrate how emotional reactions can be literally crippling, and also how it is possible to leave them in the past where they belong; meditations such as this provide a structured environment in which to confront the most turbulent of emotions, it is an example of a positive routine which can replace negative ones, obsessive-compulsive thinking and wallowing comes immediately to mind in my case! Thank you so much for sharing. I actually find myself under the care of an NHS psychologist, whom, in my ignorance and stubbornness, I have tried to shake off a few times- the fates have elected I stay with her, however, and to my great surprise and relief, she has provided a structured environment for me to confront my own past, and present, slowly untangling my thoughts. I told her about how an American girl’s blog started me down the process of addressing my past calmly, and gave me ways to measure my own emotional responses, helping me to dissipate the storm in my mind…:) Best wishes x

    • Good luck to you Ruth!!!! I’m sending lots of life particles for your healing journey***
      And I’m honored to be known in some part of the world as “an American girl’s blog” 😉

  3. Thank you! And I know you must know I wasn’t belittling Healing Tree by referring to it so generally <3 … It's not every day we hear any good news coming from the US, though Britain, sadly, has little good news to give the world either… (ahh, it's a good thing we're not a spacefaring species as we'd just mess up another planet)

    • Of course! I didn’t think it was meant to be belittling at all 🙂 I know ~ all of us human beings have to raise up our consciousness for Mother Earth!!!

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