I have updated a new cover picture to Healing Tree!  Do you like it? Someone asked me if that was me…Yes, it’s me 🙂

I am in the Earth Village in New Zealand, doing a “Self-Declaration,” overlooking a huge valley of forest that looks much like the one you see behind me.  Because where we were was so very quiet and remote,  our declarations echoed back to us, leaving us feeling invigorated and empowered.

As I stood in front of the vast landscape,  I felt my heart beating passionately before Mother Earth.   I asked my heart what it wanted to declare before this Great expanse of Life.  I was feeling very small, humbled, and grateful – in a good way 🙂 .  What came out from my soul was: I AM FREE!

Free from the illusory prison of my thoughts, my beliefs, my emotions.  My fears and my stories.   My judgements and reactions.  Free.

Free from my desires to control and be safe.  Free from any moment when I forget that I am already Love Itself and Life Itself.  Free.

Free to be who I truly am.  Free to live as I choose.  Free from the construct of my own Egoic Mind and from the sickness of society’s collective Egoic Mind and unhealthy information field.  Free.

Free to live joyfully and peacefully as a daughter of Heaven and Earth.  Free to Love.  Free to be Brave.

Free to create my dream and do my very best for this planet and this humanity while I live and breathe this life.


I was feeling all of those things as I shouted loudly in the Earth Village that day. I love this picture, because it takes me back to that moment, when my heart was full of courage and my soul’s wish was singing, and for a moment in time there was nothing else inside of me but that.  And the trees listened with stillness, but I knew that they heard me and they felt me.  In that sacred time and space, all was truly well.

I am deeply thankful for all that I received from the Earth Village.  Indescribable gifts of understanding, acceptance, support and embrace.   I pray that with my life I can give back to our Mother Earth even 1/10th of what she has given to me.

Thank you Mago (Ancient Mother, Mother Earth).  I love you.




4 Thoughts.

  1. Wow, Danielle, that’s a very powerful picture! And… I can really feel the energy of freedom and joy of life in your words. Of being pure consciousness. This blog seems like an energy bomb. A very positive one.
    I hope you will return to reading this yourself, in moments when this feeling seems less prominent than you wish. It’s a beautiful anchor for this state of being. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Danielle,
    It has been great reading about your experiences in New Zealand, I remember you sharing with us upon your return from your previous trip when i was at the center. I love and admire your connection with Mother Nature and the way you connect with the Earth. Just reading some of your past posts the words that stuck out to me while you were describing your feelings were: happiness, belonging, warmth, humbled, grateful, and free. Working and being out on the ocean makes me feel similar ways. Looking out at the horizon into this vast world brings such humility to my heart. It is so humbling to feel so small in the universe and for my problems or obstacles that i face to feel even smaller. I often think how grateful I am to look out over the side of the ship and get that reminder multiple times a day, it grounds me. With that wholeness,center, and gratitude comes those immense feelings of happiness and belonging. I would often find myself running to the beaches in New England when i was in high school and college to walk, looking out to the horizon and trying to find some answers and clear my head about the stresses I faced in life. Have you always found these feelings in your heart when you were surrounded by Mother Nature, or did you find them through your journey through Dahnhak? I personally feel that connection i share with the sea has always been in my soul, but the more i learn about myself, look inward, and become aware of my thoughts, emotions, and feelings the stronger that connection has grown.

    • Hi Steph! It’s good to hear from you ~ thank you for your sharing! I think that your connection to the ocean – and how it connects you to your True Self – is so beautifully. For me, yes I always loved to be around trees since I was young but that love as well as my concern for Mother Earth really grew very big and very deep when I was in college. That’s why when I discovered Dahnhak, right out of college, I felt that it so perfectly gave me an opportunity to take action for something that I cared so much about but was uncertain what to do. Thank you for your question. Love & Life Particles to you!

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