Today’s Reflections

Hello World,

How are you?  Are you feeling bright and hopeful these days?  Or do many concerns of your life and your world weigh you down?

It’s been a long time for me to write.  I have been missing Healingtree. I have been so deeply immersed in my own process that it’s been difficult for me to come up for air to write.

Today’s Reflections:

My true value is the sky and the trees.  Therefore, I must always stand tall with a shining spirit in order to protect that value.  I must, with great courage, let go of my “self” who blocks that value, but who is not really me.  It’s so easy, yet so complicated.  It seems that the ego would do everything in it’s power to distract me from the very truth of my existence.  However, maybe if I just let that ego of mine run its wheels long enough, it will lose it’s steam and finally surrender.  I must stay positive and awake.

Love is medicine.  To know my value is true love for myself and only when I do that can I truly love others. Because loving others is seeing their value, isn’t it? And when I see my value, I can see their value.  And vice versa.  Because we are one.

It’s all very beautiful.  Even suffering and failure can be beautiful.  And we must do even those things – suffer and fail- with bravery.

I hope that my reflections are useful to you who is reading this!  I would love to hear your reflections too.

I hope to share more often.  Sharing my heart makes me feel alive 🙂

Thank you for listening!

Love to all ~

2 Thoughts.

  1. Good to hear your absence from writing has been a time of healing and deep reflection. We all wrestle with our Gremlins but noticing and acknowledging is the first step! I attended a wonderful Pilates Retreat in lovely East Hampton, LI a few weeks ago. This provided some much-needed relaxation, regrouping and renewal shared with like-minded women. The weather was picture perfect and all the meals were cooked with fresh foods from the local markets. I’ve been feeling a bit weighed down since my return to the hectic city, but it was a great reminder of the beauty of nature that’s always at arms reach.

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