Poem #1

Recently, my brother Ian was encouraging me to write poetry.ย  He always reminds me that he loved the poetry I wrote when I was younger and urges me to continue doing it.ย  However, sometimes there’s just nothing there, you know?ย  It’s not that I don’t have things to write about because I am always filled with feelings, awarenesses and reflections, but sometimes those synapses are just not firing when I look at the paper.

So I told him on that day, “Ok, how about this? You text me a word or a sentence to stimulate my brain and I’ll bounce off of it by creating a poem.”

Now here I am, sharing what we came up with!

Ian sent me a quote written by a man named Hayden White, from “The Historical Text as Literary Artifact”, as follows:

“It is frequently forgotten or, when remembered, denied that no given set of events attested by the historical record comprises a story manifestly finished and complete. This is as true as the events that comprise the life of an individual as it is of an institution, a nation, or a whole people.ย  We do not live stories, even if we give our lives meaning by retrospectively casting them in the form of stories.”

To which I concocted the following poem, that has no name, so I just call it Poem #1:

I want to live

In the reality.

I desperately want it.

I long for it I pray for it

How silly I am!

Longing for something that I already am, longing for a place where I already am.

The story that is the reality where I live….exhausts me….

What a strange existence.

If I have to live and die like this, I’m not sure if I can forgive myself.

But to think like that, fuels my story even more….

Can I surrender my precious pitiful empty story?

Can I be brave enough to face the vast loneliness that unveils when that story is peeled away?

A great teacher once said, “if you can watch your loneliness, you can be enlightened.”

Perhaps it is true of all of history, of the entire human race – we are all just bunnies running away from the tiger of loneliness, not realizing that it’s just a paper tiger, after all.


It felt good to write that poem! I just put the pen down, not knowing where it would lead, and a bunch of different things that were processing inside of me organized themselves and came out ๐Ÿ™‚

Ian’s response was:ย  Loneliness!

Interestingly, just a week ago I was invited by Linda Yoonjin of Change TV to do a podcast with her, chatting on the topic of ‘loneliness.’ย  I will be posting that podcast here as soon as it comes out for the public.ย  So, more on the topic of loneliness to come….

Thank you Ian for knocking on the dusty door of my inner poet once again and inspiring her into action!


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  1. What a beautiful poem, Danielle! And what a precious gift for you, that your brother inspires you with words and quotes to write what wants to be written.
    I couldn’t help thinking with a little bit of compassion about that feared paper tiger of loneliness. What if he’s secretly desperately longing to be no longer made out of paper? Like the tin man longing to have a heart. What would happen if those bunnies would embrace him, just ignoring their fear. How wonderful would it be if he, once acknowledged as a being with the right to exist, would no longer feel the need to growl and in stead turn out to be the friend the bunnies were actually looking for.
    Well, just a few of my thoughts, triggered by your words. That’s what real poems do, right? They resonate with other peopleโ€™s minds, evoking associations. Maybe associations that differ from what you meant with your text, so I hope you don’t mind I wrote them down ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for your inspiration.

    • Thank you Manon for your reflections ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad to know that the words in the poem stirred your mind and heart!

  2. Lonely maybe…but definitely not alone. You have a powerful story to tell and share with others. Prose, poetry prayer, podcast or any other permutation; just as long as it’s pure. Ian has reignited your inner poet, so perhaps it’s time to awaken your inner artist and use the colors in your palette like Alec!

  3. Thank you for sharing this! This resides within DEEP waters! ๐Ÿ™‚ I read this a few times prior to responding. I kept thinking of you, your journey and loneliness. I never would have identified that adjective with Danielle….as you are certainly never alone… all of your teachings, training, spiritual awakenings, enlightenment etc reside within your mind and soul and they are always with you. Loneliness… so many are with you in spirit! I realize we are but human and need the tangible, but you share such much with an entire UNIVERSE! Nevertheless, I love that your Brother stirred this in you… that you were even willing to tap into this… you know I can refuse those things LOL, and the creativity shared among you and your Brothers is astounding. KEEP GOING!!!!! <3

  4. Dear Danielle,
    I am so happy for you that you have this kind of bond with your brother! It is so good to have people around you who will knock on doors and windows within you every now and then. Fresh air, new inspiration and the realisation there are people who truely SEE you.

    Wanted to share a poem from. Arita Baaijens (a Dutch female explorer). I translated it quite litarally. So maybe a part part of the poetic beauty is “lost in translation” ~
    Not only before birth and after death, are we part of nature.
    But also during life.
    We are made of the same parts of the world around us.
    But we humans give a name to every separate thing around us.
    The sun doesn’t call itself “sun”.
    As soon as the mind and thinking is silent, everything is truely one.

    I love her poems so much. She has traveled a lot alone. Through deserts and barren land. The way she reflects on being human and the fact that we are just a little part of the immense universe around us. It’s humbling, reassuring and sometimes eases some unnecessary anxiety. It describes the feeling of just feeling and being one with nature.
    It inspired me to write the folowing poem ~
    The moon doesn’t shine,
    a diamond doesn’t sparkle,
    a rainbow is not visisble
    without light.
    Light is energy
    Without effort
    you can’t continue, you’re getting nowhere
    I am energy
    I am the rainbow
    I am a diamond
    I am the moon

  5. I like the style you used in this poem. Since Dr. Frederika in Philosophy of Man at University of Dallas discussed how man “talks” in his inner conversation by conceptual shorthand when thinking, I came to believe, in light of historical noted poets, that it is the very essence of building a poem. We think like “car, down street, not long, store”, when ,perhaps getting set to go out for something.
    The essence, you know (?). I think trimming fat is the best style for the poet. Strike at the real, to allow the illumination upon the subject. Truth, beauty, justice, fortitude, courage.
    Keep writing poems on your site when you have something you like. I enjoy your robust spirit. Unbridled delve into the core. Thanks

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