Letting Go

I have been reading the book “Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender” by Dr. David Hawkins.  I highly recommend it.

The technique for letting go that he speaks about is very much what we practice in Brain Education Step 2. Versitilizing (making your brain flexible) and Step 3. Refreshing (releasing the negative memories and emotions).

Whenever we hear words such as “releasing” or “letting go”, it often times feels like a very difficult thing to do.  In fact, at the sound of such words, we might even find ourselves grasping on all the more tightly! What I have come to realize is that the more we TRY to release and let go (of our negative thoughts, emotions, habits, beliefs, memories and relationships) the further we push that possibility away.

It’s not about trying.  It’s about increasing your power to observe yourself, without becoming immersed and entangled in the thoughts and emotions that arise.  Observing.  Watching without judgement.  Witnessing them, identifying them very clearly and accurately, but not reacting to them. Very very tricky.

This process takes practice and time.  This is why we continuously work on Brain Education Step 1. Sensitizing – awakening our senses again and again through energy training so that we can have better awareness of ourselves.

We all need self-awareness.  Without it, we might hurt others without realizing it.  We might hurt ourselves. We might make our bodies sick. We might make our Earth sick.

Self-awareness is the beginning of healing.  It is the beginning of changing ourselves from an unconscious person, to a conscious one.

Yes, it can be a tedious process to awaken this sense and yes it might also bring new burdens upon you when you realize about your own habits so clearly as if you are looking into a pristine mirror.  This can be a painful process at times!  But, it is such a necessary process.  So that we can all take ownership of our own bodies, minds and spirits.  So that we can become truly harmonious beings who co-create Earth Peace.

And although it is painful at times, on the other side of that valley, there is freedom.  What more could we ask for?  There is nothing in this world that comes for free.  We must put in the work, and then reap the rewards.


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    • yes, I agree ~~~ they are a great band 🙂 I heard they just won a bunch of awards internationally too… I feel their message is unique among other pop stars

  1. So I distinctly remember you being the first person to bring this concept to my attention back when I was at the center in Seattle; Observing yourself without passing judgment. I did a mental double take, and went WOW, so simple but so incredibly difficult. It is something that has stayed with me and a method of thinking that I try to apply to myself and the world around me whenever possible. To try and make a statement without all the negative or positive self-talk that would normally go with it…. Such a great tool in evaluating self behavior. Thank you!

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