Today I want to give a shout out for BETV, a new youtube channel featuring Brain Education!

For those who don’t know, Brain Education is the essence of Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi. It is the practice which I have been training in, teaching others and sharing to all of you for the last 19 years. In fact, I joined the Body & Brain center myself back in Waltham, Massachusetts in January 2000, so I am literally celebrating my 19th year anniversary this month! That’s why it’s not an exaggeration to say that I have dedicated nearly half of my life so far to this amazing training method.

Why have I done that?

Well, Brain Education is rich with energy exercises and universal principles that guide us back to who we truly are. It has been incredibly healing and indescribably beautiful for me to meet with that original nature. It has opened my eyes to new perspectives and brought me to expanded levels of consciousness.

Brain Education is about discovering your greatness through becoming the master of your body, brain and life. It has been liberating for me to realize that I am in fact the creator of my life, not the victim, and that there are concrete tools to help me navigate through the chaos of my mind as well as the world around me. Diligent practice has time and again brought me back to a reality that is not ONLY drenched in ego, negativity, selfishness and materialism. A reality where my soul can grow and my spirit can breathe, stretch and shine. I believe that this reality is where we are all meant to live.

And this is just the tip of the ice berg. It’s nearly impossible for me to put it all down in words what Brain Education has done for me and hundreds of fellow practitioners that I have met along this path. This is why I’m so happy that it now has it’s own official youtube station! I look forward to seeing it reach a wider audience online, and pray that it will illuminate more lives with hope, as it has illuminated mine.

One thing that I think is really neat about the station is that it will be hosted by Linda and Gabi, two young women who actually grew up doing Brain Education as children/teenagers. They both have mothers who are long-time practitioners, who introduced them at a young age. I think these bright lovely women have much to share and attest to as now-adults who were once BE Kids.

If you’d like to hop on the BE Good News Train, in a world that can so often bring us down and leave us feeling lost and confused, please check it out and subscribe. My wish is to share every tool that I know to make this Earth a healthier, happier and more peaceful place to live. It starts with each of us (but you already knew that, because I tell you all the time!)

Here’s the link ~Enjoy!

Oh ~ and one more thing….if you check this out you will also find Dr. Reed Tuckson’s Podcast. I have been invited to be interviewed by Dr. Tuckson for this podcast on January 28th. I am not completely sure when it will be aired but the subject will be “How Can I Enhance My Spiritual Life and Well-Being”. Stay Tuned……

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