People of Light

Happy 2019!

I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to begin my day with deep training. I felt bright light entering my body and stretching out like twists of golden DNA through my arms and legs. I felt that energy was coming down to me from the center of the Universe, reminding me of who I truly am. In my heart, I felt a deep longing that such a light could be born onto this Earth. I was reminded that only the People of Light will create a World of Light.

I am happy to be able to start off the year with such a pure message of light that stirred my soul. Following on the heels of a very up and down 2018, where I shrunk many times and many ways, it is so healing and hopeful to feel myself expanding. And I set a clear intention that 2019 will be a year of letting go, and loving big.

I hope that you all set your intention for 2019 as well. Even if the details are yet to come, I encourage you to have a general focus for yourself this year, and watch how you and life bends to make that intention come into reality.

My training experience this morning reminded me of Ilchi Lee’s message from his Calligraphic Meditation book entitled, “People of Light”. I thought that I would take time to share it with you, in hopes that we all together become people of a brighter light in 2019….a light that chases away the darkness and chaos…until we can see a world that is sparkling with healing, golden light …. The following message reminds us how to become such a person πŸ™‚

People of Light

The seven jewels of light in your body, your chakras, come alive. Delight arises from deep within your mind. Its energy spreads to your whole face, making it bright and cheerful. Your hands float, moving on their own as they do a dance of the soul. O people of light, you are beautiful!

There is no reason to have a cheerful expression on your face. You’re not wearing a cheerful expression because you feel good. You just do it unconditionally.

Let the light in your eyes be bright, peaceful and overflowing with love and confidence. Let it be the greatest light you can create. Control the light of your eyes with the power of your brain.

You can create peace and love in your brain. Emit that peace and love with your whole face. Let your eyes shine with positive energy. Create a light in your eyes and an expression on your face so cheerful that it makes those around you wonder, why is that person so happy?

Straighten your lower back and open your chest. Let all seven chakras open up and gush the energy of infinite life. Make your posture confident, bold and proud.

Plant a beautiful dream in your brain. Create for yourself positive energy, making the light of your eyes gentle and peaceful.

Create good news each and every day. Good news makes good brains. Live always in positive thinking. Positive thoughts create miracles.

There is no hope in despair. There is no hope in conflict. Don’t choose despair or conflict, choose hope in every situation. Hope is a choice.

Those who have hope and those who give hope are beautiful. Life is accompanied by much pain, but it shines in the moment you have hope.

Hope does not make the suffering of life itself disappear, but suffering has meaning when we have hope. Great hope makes even suffering beautiful.

-Ilchi Lee

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  1. Happy 2019 to you too, Danielle!
    This morning I did a guided meditation to clear some inner beliefs. Part of that meditation is: asking the Universe for a sign that I made contact with a greater field of consciousness. This has to be an unexpected sign, one that one can’t think of in advance. It has to be surprising. But I do have to recognize it of course, because of its synchronicity with the meditation.
    So, in the meditation – which I’m doing for two weeks now – for the first time I saw (with my eyes closed) light that was shining through every part of my body. This was accompanied with an all over feeling of clearness. It was as if something was enlightening me from the inside out. It only lasted for a minute or so, but it made a great impression on me. I ended the meditation, made a cup of tea and started checking my e-mails.
    Since I am subscribed to your newsletter, I saw you had written a new blog. My eyes widened when I read the first lines. There it was: my sign! And what a beautiful blog, thank you so much for sharing. I hope you will have a wonderful new year with lots of love and light.

  2. Happy New Year, Danielle!
    Coincidentally, my 2019 Instagram message to others was “Hope Your New Year is Lit” so this is the beginning of my quest towards a World of Light. Thanks for the reminder of the steps towards becoming a Person of Light to guide me through this journey. I don’t make New Years resolutions, per se, but I am in the process of setting my intentions. One of them is to become more of a “hopeaholic” in the words of Gloria Steinem. The rest will unfold as I gain a clearer vision throughout the year.
    ~Wishing you peace

  3. Such common ground here.
    My continual prayer over the past few weeks has been:
    “Inner Light, do not let my darkness speak to me;
    Inner Light, help me to welcome your Love”

  4. Dear Danielle. Thank you for sharing your insightful thoughts. It’s refreshing to see your perspective and beautiful to see the language you use to convey it. Letting go and loving big are two sides of the same coin. I suspect if we target one side, then the other side will be fulfilled also …

    Happy happy 2019

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