Never Give Up

As I do my practice and live my life, I can see that all of the spiritual principles that I have been learning and trying to apply over the last 19 years are slowly integrating. So, I guess the message is to never give up. It’s a message that we transform slowly over long periods of time, incrementally. This requires a great deal of devotion, sincerity, patience and self-forgiveness.

I think that I always wished in my heart that suddenly one day…boom! I would be fully awake. I think it is probably that wish that left me so frustrated and disappointed with myself so many times. I am learning through living that if we are able to take a good look at all of the desires and expectations that our ego has put onto life, and accept that it was just our own egoic lens that was causing so much suffering, and that life is what it is and that’s ok, that a deeper peace is accessible. And then the power to truly make conscious choices arises. But when we continuously live as the victim of each circumstance, relationship, feeling because things are not working out the way we wanted them to….we are prey to our endless thoughts, emotions and desires and we are powerless.

I have heard Ilchi Lee say that “suddenly one day” comes after a long period of effort and devotion. What I take from that perspective is that there is no “suddenly one day.” Everything in this universe is a fair trade, what we put in is what we get out. Therefore, what is truly important is our devotion. Our endless attention to our growth and transformation, and our willingness to share and apply each truth that blossoms along the way – this is the beauty of the journey. Then, just like the mountain that is made up of many grains of sand, “one day” something great will be born out of our efforts.

Today’s post is one of encouragement. Never give up. Bloom the beautiful flower of your heart.

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  1. Hi Danielle,
    Interesting that you bring up the theme of “Never Give Up” related to your continuous journey. I just purchased a necklace with the words “Never Quit” engraved on it. This is an affirmation and mindset that I share with a friend of mine, as we forge ahead in the pursuit of our dreams and aspirations. I find these words to be empowering and appreciate your encouragement in the struggle to remain positive, resilient, and grateful. Thank you!!

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