Life, YouTube, Flowers

Long time no blog!

Although I have not written for a while, the inner journey continues. I had wanted for a long time to try to communicate and interact about the subjects I have addressed here through YouTube. This year, I was happy that the Body & Brain Youtube channel invited me to do a show on motional management. I’m attaching a link here, and I would love to interact with all of you through that show! I feel like when we recognize our likeness and support each other in the process of inner growth and healing, it gives us the strength and courage to keep doing the work. And why do we need to keep doing the work? Because we are transforming into our greatest selves and the more we let our light shine, the more we change this world.

Here’s a clip of my introduction below. I want to design this show so that every other week we can have a Q & A session for the topics discussed. I hope you will participate!

Beyond that, my life continues on with the theme I set for it this year, the theme of “Letting Go”. I have been discovering how to utilize my body to help me let go in many ways and it has been very liberating and rewarding for me. Rewarding, I suppose, because I have tried unsuccessfully for so long to let go on deeper levels, and now it feels I am actually moving in the direction that I want to go.

I have found that letting go requires being brave, trusting myself and forgiving myself. It requires believing in the truth of my soul, more than the lies that my ego tries to tell me. Straightening my spine tall in front of those lies definitely requires some grit. I have found that challenging life experiences that don’t kill us are the best to cultivate such grit 🙂

As painful as it can be, the human journey is beautiful. We do our best to cultivate ourselves each day and suddenly we find our flower is blossoming.

We humans are the multi-colored flowers of this tree of life on Earth. Let’s share our fragrance far and wide.